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"The Lab"

  1. RedJohn456

    Thanks Tim, a great weekend to you as well. I gotta say that is one heck of a listening room :)  Looks so cozy, I could probably spend all day in there! LED TV is a nice upgrade as well. I need to start getting into speakers and receivers. I have next to little knowledge in this area so will have to start from scratch haha.
  2. Podster

    Yes Alex, my little slice of heaven, mom and the boys get the rest of the house and I'm AOK with that[​IMG]
    It's my decompression chamber[​IMG]
  3. RedJohn456
    Guys check this out. Monk Plus in red :)
  4. Podster
  5. Mr Trev
    Too bad the shipping to Canada cost more than the Monks[​IMG]
    Podster likes this.
  6. HiFiChris Contributor
    I ordered a new ATH-MSR7 (sold & fulfilled by Amazon) and that's what I received - something that has been definitely used before. Grease, fingerprints and dandruff everywhere (my smartphone cam did not cover it well - in reality, it looked worse and was pretty disgusting). Yikes!
    It was sold with a "recyclable packaging" which is nothing but a "frustration-free packaging", which actually means that there is no classical neutral cardboard packaging but the product is shipped with the shipping label stuck directly to the product package (not a clever thing imho, especially as Audio Technica does not seal their product packages).
    Was it already a used product in their warehouse? Did someone in the transport chain take my headphones for a test-drive? Is the story of the mail man who takes the recipient's headphones out to audition actually true? All of these situations could be the case.
    Good thing though, the MSR7 was exchanged and the replacement I received today (with express courier service) was fortunately new and was packed in a neutral cardboard box.
    So in the end, it turned out well. [​IMG] 
  7. twister6 Contributor
    Absolutely love MSR7, still use it daily with my laptop :)
    I think the previous owner of your original pair exchanged it for a supply of dandruff shampoo [​IMG]
  8. Podster

    Man, I can't tell you how mych that stuff annoys me:unamused: if my add says as new then it better be new and in it's iriginal packaging or it goes back:confused: Glad it all worked out:smile:

  9. audio123
    Rose Pudding wonder who have heard them alr?
  10. Joe Bloggs Contributor
  11. nmatheis Contributor

    Rose Pudding (2499 Yuan):

    > Flagship Hybrid Model
    > 4 Balanced Armatures + Single Dynamic Driver
    > Sensitivity: 102dB/mW
    > Impedence: 6Ohm
    > Frequency Response: 8-26800hz

  12. audio123
    :p its an iem haha
  13. Podster

    Great shot Nik, I have the 5 BA model in my cart right now. Moving a couple things before I pull the trigger:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    6ohms? Sounds like they will indeed come out a pudding mess out of most sources :ph34r:
    Hisoundfi likes this.
  15. HiFiChris Contributor
    Got a link?

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