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Not sure this is an amazing deal but the q-jays are £65 at (UK, this is supplied by my memory) with free delivery or you can get them for £70 at My Memory.  This is just over half what you would pay via and other retailers.
Play also have the d-jays for £37.40 at (also supplied by mymemory) 
As these are not sold by play but through the market place (didn't realise this at first) they could be fakes but my mymemory is reputable (4.5/5 for 4,445 reviews), however they can also be bought from mymemory direct from there site.
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MEElec's deal of the day: 68% off M11+ Silver (limit 2). DAILY_DEAL_M11-SL.
Am looking hard at this.
Dec 16, 2010 at 5:32 AM Post #334 of 9,235
It looks like the M11+ silver is oos.
listening to my m11p+ that I got from the M what promotion now. They are pretty good.  gotta finish burning in.   I like how they just disappear in your ears, unlike the TF10 I've been using lately...
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It looks like the M11+ silver is oos.


It's not out of stock when I go there now.  After discount, they are $20.99.  The M11p is out of stock but I don't know if the discount even applied to that one.  If so- I'm bummed.... I was kind of hoping to try those.
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Creative - 30% off everything (not just headphones)
coupon code: 30OFFNOW
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Here's a quote from SoundEarphones.
Holliday Sale!
Purchase the Klipsch Image One or Earsonics SM3 before January 1st 2011 and receive $50 off a second earphone or headphone!
 Use coupon code "BOGO"


Take 15% off your next purchase!

Use coupon code “Site15”

(Offer does not apply to Grado, Shure, or Sennheiser)

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Just bought a pair of BrainWavz ProAlpha for just $14.50 

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Logitech has the Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5 Noise-Isolating Earphones (new, dented box) for $60 with free shipping- with coupon code logi_sf5_121610 [Exp 12/22].  Includes soft silicone ear cushions (S, M, L) and pocket ready hard case.

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