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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. DemonFox
    Here we go again, HD650 for $399 again! Has anyone compared these against the DT990 premium line? I recently bought the 990's for a stupid cheap price but I haven't received them yet so would I be better off with the hd650? I'm very familiar with the DT pro line and I loved how they sounded and how comfy they are but never heard the better Senn's before so this would be a shot in the dark. What do you guys think?

    Oh, and here's the link to the HD650's

  2. talisman42

    too bad there's no $50 gift card deal deal with the Senn
  3. swmtnbiker

    I scored the previous HD650 Amazon deal (with the gift card) and ended up selling my DT990 Premium 250 ohm. The Senn is a better all-around can IMO, and certainly more refined. The Beyer is great for certain genres of music and has a massive soundstage (and that famous bass), but I think the HD650 is in a different class. That being said it all depends on personal preference. I'd get both of them and compare them yourself with your rig. If you decide to keep the Senns just sell the Beyers here. If you like the Beyers better, Amazon has a 30-day no questions asked return policy. Win-win.
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  4. thinh4u2
    Not sure how the DTs are, but I also bought the HD 650 with the giftcard (and was able to stack the infamous 10% on top) so imo I came out with a really great deal.  I totally feel in love with the HD 650, I actually favor it over my old love...the D2000.
    Can't wait til I order the M&M stacks to play with them, so far pretty solid reviews :)
  5. zilch0md
    Yeah, and last year, on 19 December 2011, Amazon sold them for $326.33.  
    It seems they aren't going to drop that low, this year, but Amazon did sell them for $340 in late July of this year.
      “He that can have patience can have what he will."
       Benjamin Franklin
  6. Imur
    This has probably been posted before but I'll say it anyway.
    The Philips Downtowns (and Uptowns probably? Not sure) are still on sale in at least some Winners in Canada, I was able to get a pair for 34$+tax, pretty sweet. I figured they'd be out of stock by now but apparently not. I heard some Sears also sell em but not sure. The prices seem to vary but it should be around 30-40$.
  7. RoMee Contributor
    Koss PortaPro for $24.99 @ Kmart and Sears
    Final prices will be shown at the end of check out.
    I also saw it discounted in store at Sears earlier too if you don't want to wait or pay for shipping.
    I used my SYWR points and got it for about $2
  8. WNBC
    Just in case these deals haven't shown up here lately
    TTVJ Daily Deal
    Hisoundaudio Studio V $250
    Hisoundaudio Rocco-BA $150
    HE-500 $629
  9. thinh4u2
    I bought mine for $399 -10% -$50 GC = around $310 total, so I guess that'll be the best it'll ever get for a BNIB
  10. DankHemingway
    A hell of a lot of reading but worth it! Thanks for the information.
  11. Audius
    Why the spam? Just combine it into 1 post and be done with it. No wonder you have nearly 4,000 posts and you've been here barely 10 months, you spam.
  12. Chadley
    Why does it matter how many posts he has or weather he groups the deals or not. At least he's contributing.
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  13. saxophone

    Some people choose to get an email after every post because checking their email is easier for them. Editting your posts doesn't make for another email, so those people will lose out on deals.
  14. dxanex

    Yeah, man. Chill. There's been some real up-tights here recently...
  15. elwappo99
    No need to be rude. KG jag has contributed quite a bit (especially to this thread). Further, if you had looked at the time these were posted, they were all separated by a chunk of time, implying KG Jag was posting them as they stumbled upon them in their browsings. 
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