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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. thecansmancan
    For everyone on the matrix m stage massdrop buy, it looks like the amps are finally on there way. Theres apparently no tracking yet, but some of them have started getting shipped to their owners. They should be here after the holidays...
  2. saxophone
    DT 860 NEW 155 through Amazon
  3. thecansmancan
    many thanks my friend, i jumped on this. I read a few positive reviews, checked camelcamelcamel, checked ebay, and this is a fantastic price. I couldn't pass it up. And you know, if i don't like them i can always sell them back and at least get my money back out of it. Thanks again!
  4. zilch0md
    Well done!
  5. zilch0md
    Yeah Theimpaler, you nailed a great price!  Don't tell a friend of mine who recently paid $327.  
    CamelCamelCamel didn't record that dip in price - they still show Amazon's lowest price for the Pro 900 as $306.80, on December 8, 2011.
  6. RoMee Contributor
    Audiofly AF56 for $40.59 shipped. This is the lowest I've seen it.
    I've always wanted to try these and now the price is right, but I'm broke atm.
  7. nick n
    For western Canadians ( or even order online i think ) London Drugs has the

    Technics Pro DJ Headphones - RPDH1250S

    on for $100 off , so price has dropped to $199. ( BUT the tag i saw was only for today ( Dec 24th ) and may be in store only )
    Same as the older 1200 series i think , far as i know these are to celebrate the ( 40th? )anniversary of their turntables.
    Nujabes knew what was up.[​IMG] He used the older model 1200.



  8. Jabse
    aussies.. pro 2900 $330 shipped.. pretty damn good price
  9. roscoofyore
    Sennheiser 598 for $215, not sure if this is a deal or not but i've seen them for more.
  10. KolonelK
    They've been oscillating between $199 and $230 for the past few days. I just got mine in the mail today after buying them from Amazon on Saturday for $199.
  11. Spiderman

    They were less than 300 on amazon a few days ago.
  12. DemonFox
    Have any of you ever heard of this brand Gemini?? These cans look a lot like Beyers from the headband and metal the connects the ear piece. Amazon has them for $81(retail is $199 but not sure what they normally sale for) and that's a decent price for full sized cans but I have no clue how they sound but on the outside they look great lol. If anyone has any info about these or the brand please share.

    Gemini DJ HSR-1000 - Professional Monitoring Headphones
    Gemini Kaleidoscopes
    $199.95 retail
    $81.77 Sale

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  13. DemonFox

    Nice! Have you tried them out yet? Were you already familiar with Senn's or were these the first pair of Senn's
  14. kobetastic
    It was $76.20 a month ago.
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