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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. devhen
    +1. Exactly. KG Jag is a gentleman & a scholar. The amount of time and posts he's put into the recommendations thread alone is insane. I had to give up after a while. So...many...questions... and disrespect & idiocy pretty regularly. haha :)
    KG Jag can post as many times as he wants AFAIC. Those were sweet deals too, too bad they didn't last long.
    ryuworks and saxophone like this.
  2. wje
    Am i too late to hop on the bandwagon?  The way I see it, is that the posts from KG Jag are oftentimes several hours, or days apart.  Putting the deals in one post might mean that a deal or two might be overlooked.  I know, normally, when I visit this thread, I don't scroll back beyond one page or so because by that time, the deals have usually passed on by.
    In any regard, it's a good thread.  Also, when we save a few bucks on a purchase, it's not like we really "save" it, because the money just goes towards some other component or accessory that we've had our eyes on.
  3. elwappo99
    SSSHHHHHHHHHHH shush shush shush! I don't want to hear that [​IMG]
  4. mikek200
    Ahhh-the plot thickens--I see new emo gear coming under the tree
  5. KG Jag

    Thanks for the advice and your 66 posts.
    I post 'em when I find them.  Feel free to ignore them if you don't find them to be helpful
  6. DemonFox
    Chill out bruh... That's not spam if they're actually posting deals. 
    See deals post deals simple as that
  7. grokit
    Hmm over 300 posts behind, looks like I just missed a boring flame war [​IMG]
    Were there any good "end of the world" sales?
  8. Currawong Contributor
    I think they only need to be posted once. Thanks.
  9. siguakiss
    No, that's not the best. Black friday their official website had it on sale for 340+50 itunes gift card. That's the best one ever.
  10. talisman42

    Yeah - that was a great deal. Even if you don't need the iTunes card, you could sell it for close to face value.
  11. Theimpaler
    I just ordered a pair of Ultrasone PRO-900s for 295 +free shipping from Amazon. Think there's another one or 2 left.
    This a good deal?
  12. BGRoberts
  13. DemonFox

    Anything under $300 w/ shipping is a good deal! They're great cans, you'll love em
  14. donedj
    Phiaton MS300
    Cheapest I have ever seen them
  15. KG Jag
    The Beyer T1 is back to floating a bit above and a bit below $1,000 at Amazon through Amazon and third party sellers.
    Merry Christmas!
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