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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. castleofargh Contributor
    take all I say with a grain of salt because I don't own this model.
    the usual rule of thumb with sony is that each DSP will remove between 30 and up to 60% of battery life. and then if you use several, the effect adds up. of course there is also some part related to what headphone/IEM you're driving and how loud, but if you stick to portable gears that shouldn't be too massive of a difference. how long the screen stays ON will also have some significance in the long run.
    the last aspect is the file being played, you probably have some small information on all that somewhere on a PDF online.
    if you want to check if maybe your battery is defective, go turn off everything you can find, from volume normalizer, clear audio, EQ... play something like mp3 or 16/44 flac, and count how long you last on one charge. otherwise your results won't mean much.
  2. iLFuma
    Very good case, I recommend it :thumbsup:
    bruce1967 likes this.
  3. bruce1967
    I like that case too because unlike the silicone case it doen't get all dusty or linty and provides good protection without being too bulky.
  4. phil108
    I’m planning to get this (A45) DAP, but I’ve come across concerns in recent discussions (within the last few years) about some Sony models not having gapless playback with MP3s. This is something that I had just assumed every DAP would have (I’m coming from using an iPhone). Does the A45 model have gapless playback? My files are primarily 320k MP3, FLAC, and some AAC. Thanks!
  5. kismetsky
    Happy to report that gapless playback works perfectly. It works so well that I was actually surprised by it when listening to some newer albums that I had only heard with audible gaps. Loving this player and the battery life has been stellar.
    bruce1967 likes this.
  6. phil108
    Great - thanks!
  7. Uncle_Leon
    Are you sure this is sleep mode? Like the other user mentioned, it seems to only turn off the screen.
  8. cagas
    From what i know. If no music is playing..and you turn off screen.. it will enter sleep mode. Just my asumption though...because my batt will last long just by doing that. I dont need to switch it off.
  9. Gosod
    This is a good case, genuine leather?
  10. jant71
    For $5 not genuine leather but a good case. The look and even smell is pretty convincing until you look closely. Does it's job well so far.
  11. Gosod
    Yeah, I didn't notice the price.
  12. Uncle_Leon
    I turned on the Sleep Timer in playback settings (30 mins) and turned off Auto Power Off in device settings. I guess this would mean it will go to sleep after 30 mins and won't turn off unless hold the power button. Will see if this is a good solution.
  13. Gosod
    The series a40 has function of saving battery?
  14. Uncle_Leon
    It has a sleep timer and an auto power off function. It also has an option to recharge the battery to maximally 90%.
  15. gimmeheadroom
    I don't get it. Don't Line Out and headphone out use the same jack and cable?
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