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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. jant71
    This is what my $5.35 shipped got me...

    A good buy. Certainly will protect well and looks good. A nice slightly snug fit that stays put. Clip seems quite sturdy
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  2. bruce1967
    It's a very good looking case. :L3000:
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  3. bruce1967
    Until yesterday I thought the clear audio sounded good but since I turned on the equalizer and adjusted it to my liking I understand what you mean about the sound being artificial with clear audio. I especially notice it now when switching from equalizer to clear audio how unnatural clear audio sounds.
  4. cagas
    I've had a few sony phones, tv and home theatre. So I've heard clear audio implementation on the other devices, and it changes the sound quite abit. I dont prefer it.. but its just personal taste. Any of you using it as a DAC ? Seems quite thin and lack of power when using as a Usb DAC.
  5. Drew2388
    My nw-45 doesn't seem to have any more than 5-8 hours of play. With blue tooth off and mainly MP3 files. Hard to tell because I only listen for a little bit at a time but it doesn't seem anywhere close to what they advertise
  6. cagas
    Hmm.. mine lasts as advertised. I can go for weeks on standby if i listen an hour or so per day on flac files. Maybe get it checked at your local sony center? I switched on the charge protection(forgot the name, charge up to 90%)
  7. Drew2388
    I don't know of any sony center anywhere near me. Is there any other thing to turn on or off that I might have missed? Also I have never let it go until it dies completely. I'll do better about timing it when I charge it next. How many hours of actual play do you get?
  8. cagas
    Honestly im not sure on the actual hours, never paid attention as it lasts long enough. Im probably getting close to the advertised play time on flac. But im also using it as usb dac without charging the device, so that reduces my playtime a bit.
  9. chinerino
    My unit does play FLAC for about 20 hours with Normalizer and DC phase on but i do have the 90% charge protection on all the time. If playing via Portable amp it does play longer for about 2 hours more?
  10. Drew2388
    Do you guys just keep it in sleep mode or do you turn the unit off at the end of the day?
  11. chinerino
    i keep it in sleep mode, and to preserve its battery life, use it when its not charging, if you want to cont using device even if its in low batt, do not charge it till its blinking and do not use it anymore

    dont charge and use at the same time, unplug device when in use
  12. cagas
    Just keep in sleep mode. Drains very little power and starts up fast.
  13. Kingston12
    Do you power it off totally between uses or just leave it on standby? I find that the A45 doesn't last long at all on standby, which is a diassp
    Could you confirm what sleep mode is? If I do a long press of the power button when I have finished listening, it goes into a deep sleep type mode, which preserves battery well, but seems to take quite a long time to start up.

    If I do a short press, the screen goes off and it comes back to life in a second, but the battery doesn't last long like that.

    It is the only real disappointment compared to my A15. With that one, I'd just press pause and the battery would last months. With the A45, it lasts a few days.
  14. Drew2388
    Same problem here. Doesn't seem to last long at all.
  15. cagas
    Hmm.. i just press power button once to go sleep mode. Holding power button and press "ok" is shutting down the device. It lasts for weeks if i barely use it on sleep mode.
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