1. Cao Mengde

    CD player or CD transport

    Hello, everyone, have a nice weekend. Currently, I have the Sennheiser HDV820+HD800s combo, and use the USB from PC as my source. Technically, the USB output from PC has a good potential but with so many shortcomings that will affect the quality of sound, like noisy power and poor clock. So...
  2. Musician Audio Pegasus

    Musician Audio Pegasus

    Official Head-Fi Thread Technical highlights Proprietary R2R + DSD structure Really balanced 24BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD (32-step FIR filter) Low noise power supply FIFO buffer Digital signal processing via FPGA DSD1024, PCM1536 support USB and I2S input (Audio source must be compatible with the...
  3. ScornDefeat

    [SOLD] Near-Mint Topping D70 Balanced DAC w/ Pangea AC-14 Power Cable - $400 PRICE DROP

    Good Afternoon All, I am offering a 9/10 condition (see attached photos) Topping D70 for sale. The Topping D70 was purchased in December 2019 and was not opened/used until March 2020; as it was in my main 2-channel set-up (which I don't use often), it has less than 10 hours of use. The Topping...
  4. ModMax

    [SOLD]: Schiit Bifrost Multibit (Bimby) w/ Gen 5 USB

    I am selling my Schiit Bifrost MB DAC in an effort to downsize my desktop setup to something transportable. It is Multibit + Gen5 USB. This Bifrost looks and operates like new and will include original packaging, manual, and power cord. Price includes shipping to CONUS. PayPal only. Please...
  5. QwertyQmin

    WTB (US-TX): Denafrips Ares I or II

    Hi! I'm looking to overhaul my system and am willing to pay $580 for an Ares I, probably around $650 for an Ares II. Price would include fees but not shipping. If you happen to have one you're looking to let go of, shoot me a PM and let's deal! Thanks for looking!
  6. mikaell

    Bryston BDA-3 - External DAC Black Excellent condition

    The Bryston BDA-3 is an award winning Digital to Analogue converter in wonderful condition. Stereophile's Editors' Choices & many more awards. Black, Very good condition. Very minor marks from using for two years. Used in a no-smoking and pet free environment. See photos below. Price: £2500...
  7. juanix


    Selling my RME ADI-2 DAC FS in excellent, like-new condition. Purchased new on 2/27/19. Comes with all accessories and original box. Can provide Invoice for warranty purposes. Asking $860 shipped which includes PayPal fees.
  8. Giraku

    SOLD: Lotoo PAW Gold Touch Mint in Original Box + Accessories

    For Sale: Lotoo PAW Gold Touch, Mint condition, comes with original box and accessories (leather case + USB cable). It's been carefully and lightly used for ~200 hours. Glass screen protector was applied. Fully functional and no scuff or dent or any cosmetic problem. SOLD!!: $2000 shipped...
  9. Headmate


  10. afreekindazone

    (FS) Sony Xperia XZ2 Liquid Silver 6Gb RAM version

    First Sony flagship of 2018 with Snapdragon 845 and 6Gb RAM (INTERNATIONAL VERSION FACTORY UNLOCK) comes with all audiophile goodies such as DSEE-HX and other DSP two weeks used, still new as day 1 with all accs FREE : Musiland MU-01 DAC/AMP USB-C dongle, (worth $40) it pairs very well with...
  11. Zhanming057

    SOLD: 13 inch Macbook Pro Late 2016 (almost) fully upgraded

    Up for sale is a 13-inch 2016 Touchbar Macbook Pro, with a 3.3 ghz i7, 16Gb of RAM and 512 Gb of storage. The unit recently received a new battery and keyboard from Apple and has seen less than 5 battery cycles since replacement. It's virtually new aside from some small use marks on the bottom...
  12. DimaSebastian

    FS/FT Hiby R6 aluminium black+ifi audio iematch 2.5mm.

    I sell Hiby R6, aluminum good as new. I would trade for a pair of open back headphones, put in the extra cash if needed (PM me with offers). Comes with blue leather case, box and all accessories and ifi iematch. Requested price 400 euros. Open for trades, pm me with what you have and we will...
  13. ksorota

    F/S Dell Inspiron T5675 Ryzen 7 256 SSD

    For sale is a very lightly used PC same to the link below. I originally purchased for home use and to try some gaming. Well, gaming did not suit me so now I want to offload it. I...
  14. theoutsider


    2.5mm balanced output with powerful amp dsd512 32bit 768hz dual DAC decoder chip and circuit i will pay for shipping.
  15. Rhamnetin

    [SOLD] Singxer SU-1 Digital Interface (Silver)

    *****SOLD***** I no longer need the wonderful Singxer SU-1 so I am letting it go. I bought it on Amazon from SHENZENAUDIO and received it on August 3rd of this year, so it is close to new and hasn't even been used for 12 hours. This digital interface takes a USB signal and output either an...
  16. pr0ggy


    Original owner, like-new condition, purchased directly from JDS online store. Black on black, optical and USB inputs. I baby all my gear, not a visible scratch on it. I'm not 100% sure if I have the original box, will have to dig around and see if I can find it. Regardless, it will be...
  17. WilsonT90

    SOLD: Chord mojo poly and case

    I had purchased the mojo poly and case two months ago from a dealership on canuckaudiomart . Still has full warranty. Selling as I have purchased a hugo2. Pp and ship at buyers expense. I am also interested in trading for something like hd800 s or ether flow c. I can add 200 usd with mojo poly...
  18. L

    Price Drop: Centrance MINI-M8 Balanced DAC/Amp In Mint Condition

    Gently used, great sounding portable DAC/amp and I will include a balanced adapter for use with 2.5 mm terminated IEM's. The sound quality improvement paired with an iPhone or Android source verses phone alone is incredible. Plays 24 Bit FLAC and DSD64 perfectly as well. I really loved this...
  19. SMSL DP3

    SMSL DP3

    SMSL DP3 HIFI Bluetooth Music Player Balanced Headphone Amplifier DSD256 Apt-X 2.4G/5G Wifi
  20. Thomasl

    Solid music players with 3.5mm trrs port other than Hifiman?

    I thought hifiman should be good but there're many reviews saying it sounds bad, ("sounds like 'radio'" for hifiman 901). Although I don't fully believe that, I would love to have more options for music players I can choose from. Is there any other solid portable players with 3.5mm trrs port...
  21. DSebastiao

    How to mix 4 different sources to 1 output? (Mixer?)

    Hi, So, i have a ps4, xbox, pc, and want to have the sound of these 3 all into one output, if possible i would have another input to connect a bluetooth receiver, but, first question, is this a great ideia in terms of audio quality? Because that's the most important thing for me, if any of this...
  22. WilsonT90

    Wtb: found

    Hi, I am looking for any of the above products. Thanks for your consideration.
  23. klaimzlgd

    Where or how do you guys get songs to your DAPs?

    Hey, was wondering where everyone would generally purchase or download these high quality files from. I used to rip it from CD for my ipod Classic but with the introduction to the music streaming services, I haven't touched my Ipod much since, now I'm looking to purchase a DAP in the future but...
  24. HK_sends

    Head-Fi, isn't it time to separate the components in the "Sources" categories?

    I've been a long time member of Head-Fi and I can understand why the "Sources" categories (e.g. Dedicated Source Components and Portable Source Gear) contained primarily DACs with a smattering of players/transports in the past. The truth is, there just weren't that many player/transports in the...
  25. JuSOCOM

    Qualcomm AQSTIC vs Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?

    Can Integrated DAC like Qualcomm AQSTIC will compensate Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?