1. W

    Replacement for my Superlux HD-681F

    Hello. I use headphones for everything, music, computer games ( there is a lot of music in computer games ), movies ( the same ), etc. I prefer the neutral sound signature, and I like to use open headphones. Tried to use close headphones, not for me. The source which I have right now is a...
  2. Cao Mengde

    CD player or CD transport

    Hello, everyone, have a nice weekend. Currently, I have the Sennheiser HDV820+HD800s combo, and use the USB from PC as my source. Technically, the USB output from PC has a good potential but with so many shortcomings that will affect the quality of sound, like noisy power and poor clock. So...
  3. Musician Audio Pegasus

    Musician Audio Pegasus

    Official Head-Fi Thread Technical highlights Proprietary R2R + DSD structure Really balanced 24BIT R2R + 6BIT DSD (32-step FIR filter) Low noise power supply FIFO buffer Digital signal processing via FPGA DSD1024, PCM1536 support USB and I2S input (Audio source must be compatible with the...
  4. SMSL DP3

    SMSL DP3

    SMSL DP3 HIFI Bluetooth Music Player Balanced Headphone Amplifier DSD256 Apt-X 2.4G/5G Wifi
  5. Thomasl

    Solid music players with 3.5mm trrs port other than Hifiman?

    I thought hifiman should be good but there're many reviews saying it sounds bad, ("sounds like 'radio'" for hifiman 901). Although I don't fully believe that, I would love to have more options for music players I can choose from. Is there any other solid portable players with 3.5mm trrs port...
  6. DSebastiao

    How to mix 4 different sources to 1 output? (Mixer?)

    Hi, So, i have a ps4, xbox, pc, and want to have the sound of these 3 all into one output, if possible i would have another input to connect a bluetooth receiver, but, first question, is this a great ideia in terms of audio quality? Because that's the most important thing for me, if any of this...
  7. klaimzlgd

    Where or how do you guys get songs to your DAPs?

    Hey, was wondering where everyone would generally purchase or download these high quality files from. I used to rip it from CD for my ipod Classic but with the introduction to the music streaming services, I haven't touched my Ipod much since, now I'm looking to purchase a DAP in the future but...
  8. HK_sends

    Head-Fi, isn't it time to separate the components in the "Sources" categories?

    I've been a long time member of Head-Fi and I can understand why the "Sources" categories (e.g. Dedicated Source Components and Portable Source Gear) contained primarily DACs with a smattering of players/transports in the past. The truth is, there just weren't that many player/transports in the...
  9. JuSOCOM

    Qualcomm AQSTIC vs Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?

    Can Integrated DAC like Qualcomm AQSTIC will compensate Dedicated DAC in mobile phone?
  10. BassHeadJim

    A portable player with built in amplifier?

    Hi folks, I'm searching for my next set of headphones, but some of the options I'm looking at need amplification. I really don't want to have to carry around and keep charged an amp (I already have a Fiio E11) as well as my phone and potentially a player too. Is there a portable MP3 player...
  11. bizkid

    Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

    Sony will present the new generation of its DAP line the NW-A40 at the IFA later this year. Some infos are posted here: 2020: NOW OUT! Custom Firmware for the A40 range with better sound and other...