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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. fish1050
    No with Sony DAP's HO is through the headphone jack. LO comes from the Sony WMport with a special cable. If you go LO you are bypassing the internal components and the DAP is simply used for storage and the UI
  2. cagas
    Oh.. i thought using LO only bypass the Amp? But im not sure how sony digital amp works. Other daps have separate dac and amp sections.
  3. gimmeheadroom
    Oh, this is quite interesting :) I didn't realize the A45 could be used as a transport. My FiiOs don't have USB out. Are there pics of the cable in this thread somewhere? Is it a normal USB connection on the output side? Thank you.
  4. gimmeheadroom
    Line out is a full blast output for driving devices like power amplifiers. Pre out bypasses the amp. Line out is a fixed-level output. DO NOT TRY PLUGGING IEMs into a line-out jack or while running line-out mode...
  5. Needforspeed
    Hi, has anyone noticed a tiny gap between the screen and bezel?
  6. cagas
    Yup..its there.. i guess the build quality is just so so. Just close your eyes and enjoy the music. Lol :)
  7. vikibeats
    Hello Guys! Who could share information, where you download the hi res music ?
  8. JusOr
    Hi all!

    Has anyone used the NW-A45 with an external amp?

    I'm looking to put all my music on a DAP and link it with my separates. Ordered a Fiio X3iii but when it came it had a small fault on the screen so I returned it. Not discounting the fault I wasn't overly impressed with the screen, UI and scroll wheel function on the Fiio. Probably didn't have it for long enough to be fair.

    Anyway, since then I've been looking at other players and ruled them out for varying reasons. Love the look of the Sony, the touch screen, and having had a Sony NWZ-S639F for a long time I'm guessing the UI will be familiar(ish). The part that worries me is the line out situation. I've read through this thread and the discussions around the subject and would be really interested in the opinion of anyone who has connected this to an external amp.

    Thanks all.
  9. chinerino
    I am using it with the Sony PHA 1A DAC/AMP
  10. JusOr
    Thanks. How do you connect the player to the amp? If not through the WM-Port do you have to have the volume cranked up? How does it compare sound wise to any other sources in your system?

    Thanks again. :)
  11. chinerino
    I believe you have already seen my post in the amp thread, thats how it sounds to me, sounds better with my HD600 though.

    Okay so for A40, amping it its going to be a hassle and probably not its fourte, it only has digital out due to its design and some people in this thread have already point out that no LO options scraps this player out of the list. So the most common way is to bypass its S master chip and use an digital amp that has a digital input, get your cables you need for the WM port to the amp. Often these amps have DACs in them and hence the digital input which by passes the S Master chip in A40 making it as a Transport only which even my Iphone can do.

    of course you can play it with volume cranked up, I power my HD600 with A40 at 105 volume or 110 max which i still dont really hear distortions actually unless its a very bad recording or its an orchestra piece where the frequency range stretches huge. Honestly the WM8790 DAC in the amp should give som insight on its huge and warmish signature that engulfs you which i feel complements the HD600 pretty well for a portable setup.

    Sound wise you should have read in another thread, basically whatever you gonna plug into a DAC/AMP its gonna be the DAC/AMP doing the job and not the source at all. other sources such as IDSD BL Nano would be like a good 20% better than the PHA 1A in terms of sound and a slightly different sound signature but just loses out in its portability
  12. JusOr
    Thanks for the reply. Really grateful.

    Bit of a shame really as it seems like a great player other than the line out issues. Don't really want to bypass the DAC on the player or 'double amp'. Never mind. May have to save up a few more pennies!

    Thanks again.
  13. chinerino
    I think a few thread members here pointed out that there are 3rd party line out cables that uses WM port like FiiO L5 too which im going to try soon!
  14. James McGregor
    I had the same problem as you, lack of a true line out was such a simple oversight but an unacceptable one for me, Sony themselves wouldn't answer if using the wmport actually gives a true line out, so if they can't answer then they don't get my cash. Others in this price range as you know are the x3iii, the cayin n3 and the shanling m2s. The cayin also it seems has a hobbled line out, so I actually went for the fiio x1 ii. Sound wise it's not so different from the X3 to be honest and the line out is simple and effective, and it's cheaper! With the latest firmware it performs a lot better than it did initially, and as you'd expect from a fiio, the sound really is great. I pair with a e17k via line out because I like the bass and treble controls on that amp, just a personal preference. While Sony insist of proprietary design and interface then I won't touch them
    JusOr likes this.
  15. Leetransform25
    Does the ClearAudio+ setting override any of the other DSP features when turned on? (For example, if I have features such as DSEE HX, DC Phase Linearizer, VPT, .etc turned on, will those features still be enabled when I turn on Clearaudio+? Or will I still get the same quality sound as if I had them off in the first place before enabling CA+?) Enabling ClearAudio+ seems to make all the other features inaccessible, so idk if the other settings will make a difference when ClearAudio+ is on. My question might not make much sense, so if you need any further explaning don't hesitate to ask!
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