1. NOoneWillknow

    help me choose a dap.

    My family travels quite a lot. I want to use a different device other than my phone. I'm considering these: - Hiby r5 II // r6 II - shanling m3 ultra - fiio m11s Or should i get an Ipod? my majority of listening is on streaming not own files. (Don't want to research myself. :face_palm...
  2. JasonNYC

    Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000T

    A&ultima SP3000T Expanding on the extremely popular SP3000, Astell&Kern combines the best of our current flagship player with the warm sound of tube amplification. The SP3000T features Astell&Kern’s Triple Amp System, first debuted in 2021 with the A&ultima SP2000T, which allows users...
  3. MusicTeck

    Cayin N3Ultra is Open to Pre-Order Now!

    Cayin N3Ultra Vacuum Tube DAP is Open to Pre-Order Now! A True Vacuum Tube DAP— N3Ultra features a Gen3 vacuum tube circuit with dual JAN6418 tubes. Trickle-down Flagship Technology— N3Ultra adopted the technology from Cayin’s flagship DAP N8II, equipped a custom-designed CNC-machined center...
  4. JasonNYC

    Astell&Kern To Debut SP3000T DAP and NOVUS IEMs at CanJam NYC 2024

    Astell&Kern Expands Flagship A&ultima Player Line and Adds A New Collaboration IEM Introducing the A&ultima SP3000T, a Flagship Digital Audio Player with Vacuum Tube Amp and NOVUS, the Second In-Ear Monitor Collaboration with Manufacturer Empire Ears Astell&Kern, a global leader in portable...
  5. phara0hseye

    Astell&Kern Kann Ultra Review Roundup

    https://www.stereocheck.com/test/hifi/astellkern-kann-ultra-review-the-definition-of-hi-res/ https://majorhifi.com/astell-kern-kaan-ultra-review/ https://bloomaudio.com/blogs/articles/ultimate-portable-audio-astell-kern-kann-ultra-review...
  6. TempoTec V3

    TempoTec V3

  7. T

    Help with a portable DAP for Simgot EA1000, please

    Hi everyone, I registered on here because I couldn't get a clear answer/comparison on this anywhere else, so I thought I'd ask the forum I've been reading for a few months now. I recently bought the Fermat and I love the liveliness, clarity and resolution of it. It's perfect out of the box for...
  8. Alexsan

    Tempotec V3 DAP - small, powerful, functional with Hiby OS

    Hiya, this is a general purpose thread for any thoughts, comments or to interact with fellow admirers and users of the Tempotec V3 I originally started this thread to find out more about this DAP. I have already ordered it and am waiting for delivery! 🙂 Feel free to take part in the...
  9. G

    Sub $500 DAP with high microSD capacity!

    Hi all! Been on the deep dive with DAPs lately and I think I’ve narrowed down what I might be looking for. Hope such a thing exists. Requirements: -permits at least a 2tb microSD storage that can exceed 20k tracks. I’ve heard some DAPs (like Hiby) have problems indexing more than 20k...
  10. Xuelin Clear

    Xuelin Clear

    Clear's 9 advantages 1. Pure tone system, the main control power consumption is extremely low, the code is more pure. Have lower jitter and latency than Android system. 2. 5 x Opa1612 + 2 Opal622 Ti flagship OPamps, providing approximately one in 100,000 ultra-low THD. 3. 14 x TQC 107 polymer...
  11. JasonNYC

    Astell&Kern Launches Limited Edition 24K Gold Plated SP3000 Player

    Astell&Kern Launches Limited Edition 24K Gold Plated Flagship Digital Audio Player, the A&ultima SP3000 Gold Astell&Kern, a global leader in high-resolution audio products and accessories, announces the release of a special, limited edition 24K gold plated A&ultima SP3000. The A&ultima SP3000...
  12. O

    New Member, advice request, dap help

    Hello all. I want to buy a new portable dac/amp. I have an iPod touch version 6 for my car. I have an old apple click wheel that works hooked up to an amp, cant rember the name. The click wheel is so old its blocked. So, i still use it but cant add music to it. I cant believe it still runs...
  13. Apos Audio

    FiiO Sale Now Live on Apos Audio

    Hi all, FiiO fans are in for a treat. Right now at Apos, you can save up to 20% on must-have FiiO audio gear. With discounts across every product category, including the FiiO K9, M11s, and the premium M17, there's something for every audiophile! Here are some of what's in store: 1. 10% Off the...
  14. MusicTeck

    Astell & Kern Kann Ultra DAP and HB1 Wired/Bluetooth Dongle Are Now Available at MusicTeck!

    Kann Ultra Order Now and Get Free Overnight Shipping Astell&Kern Kann Ultra Digital Audio Player Is Now Available at MusicTeck with Free Overnight Shipping! Astell&Kern HB1 Portable Wired/Wireless Bluetooth DAC/AMP FAduio Spring Single DD IEMs
  15. MusicTeck

    Luxury & Precision Announced The Newest P-Series Flagship P6Pro Ti99!!!

    Ultimate Selection & Platinum Tuning, the "Pocket HiFi Flagship" L&P P6PRO Ti 99 Limited Edition is released! Two years after the P6PRO was launched, its "ultimate flagship" has finally appeared. Introducing the P6PRO Ti99, which combines the essence of L&P's high-end DAP technology. Only 99...
  16. MoonAudio

    Kann Ultra Music Player DAP

    Kann Ultra Music Player DAP $1,599.00 Learn More Fueling Your Sound The KANN series is adored by audiophiles all over the world for its performance that focuses on ultra-high output and clear sound.KANN ULTRA, the 5th product in the KANN series, continues the success of the KANN series by...
  17. MusicTeck

    HiBy R3II and Shanling M0 Pro Are In Stock Now!

    HiBy R3II--A Small Player That Can Stream! Key Features: 3.2 Inch Touch Screen Supports Tidal And Qobuz Stream with HiBy OS DSD and MQA Supported Hi-Res and Hi-Res Wireless Shanling M0 Pro--The Smallest Hi-Fi Player
  18. Astell & Kern SR35

    Astell & Kern SR35

    Model SR35 Body Color Charcoal Gray Body Material Aluminum Display 3.6inch HD 720 x 1280 touch screen Supported Audio Formats WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE, AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF Sample rate PCM : 8kHz ~ 384kHz (8/16/24/32bits per Sample) DSD Native: DSD64(1bit 2.8MHz), Stereo /...
  19. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling EC Mini - Transportable CD Player & DAP

    Over the past 12 months, we fully embraced our classic Hi-Fi heritage and launched an interesting range of CD Players. We started with a multifunctional EC3, followed by the highly focused ET3 Transport and this summer we launched our low-budget models CD80 and CA80. Now it’s time for our most...
  20. MusicTeck

    The Long Waited N30LE and Amber Pearl Edition Are Now In Stock!

    N30LE Key Features Digital Decoding Dual AK4499EQ, discontinued flagship 32-bit DAC chipset, mono mode, paralleled current outputs Decode PCM up to 32bit/768kHz, DSD up to 1 Bit/22.6MHz (DSD512) Ample 2x2 IV converter network to enhance DAC output Comprehensive digital output option: I2S...
  21. 5

    Good DAP under £200

    Hello Everyone, So I've been recently looking at getting a new DAP for listening to my music on the go as I'm someone who would rather have a dedicated device for doing so. I had an iPod classic a couple of years ago that I loved, but the charging port broke so I was left unable to use it. So...
  22. MusicTeck

    Effect Audio Fusion 1 & EROS S 1st Anniversary Edition are In Stock!

    Effect Audio FUSION 1 SPECIFICATION Selected Premium UP-OCC Material Gold Plated Silver Litz, Pure Silver Litz and Pure Copper Litz Hybrid Proprietary Tri-Strata Layering Fusion Mix 40 Multi-sized Core Bundles with new Solid Core Design Customized Multi-sized Strands Blend 21 AWG 2 Wires EA...
  23. MoonAudio

    Cayin C9 + N7 = Endgame Audiophile Sound | Moon Audio

    Cayin C9 + N7 = Endgame Audiophile Sound | Moon Audio
  24. PhantomDust

    Desktop Dac/Amp Combo Search:

    Looking for a Dac/Amp Combo that will power most headphones and iems. It has to have a pentaconn port. I'd prefer something very revealing while not coloring the sound at all. I have a Focal Clear (Original), Arya Stealth v3 and 64 Audiio U4S iem and the Moondrop Variations. Currently I have...
  25. mczuzu

    hello head-fi enthusiast, a question for everyone

    longtime lurker - first time poster here's a question I've had for a long time, does pairing a chord mojo 2 or any similar DAC to a DAP produce an even better sound or is that just overkill? For example a Fiio M17 + Mojo 2