1. Shanling M9

    Shanling M9

    M9 Introduction by Shanling With M9, we are taking a big step forward in the Android platform. Moving to a newer and more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and upgrading to Android 10, which will assure better performance and app compatibility for the foreseeable future. RAM was increased to...
  2. Avatar86

    Analytical DAPs (question)

    What are some of the most analytical sounding DAPs you’ve heared or know of? I’m looking for a hard, tight, cold, exact, snappy sounding DAP. (As opposed to a warm, open, soft sounding player).
  3. Shanling M7

    Shanling M7

    It features the same 5-inch Full-HD screen as our older M8, but in a sleeker “Wave” design body, measuring 129 x 78 x 20 mm at 312g. On the inside, it adopts advancements from the M9, including the single-piece aluminium inner body and the single-board integrated acoustic design. Audio circuit...
  4. Astell&Kern A&futura SE200

    Astell&Kern A&futura SE200

    Model SE200 Body Color Moon Silver Body Material Aluminum Display...
  5. dankthropod

    Help with connecting an ipod to an external amp/dac

    Hello kind people of head-fi! I have been lurking for several months and decided to create an account. But I have a question for all of you ipod lovers in here, I want to make an all-mighty SUPER-POD. I want to basically connect my 5th gen ipod to an ifi xdsd gryphon. How would I do that? Should...
  6. S

    Newbie introduction and needing DAP suggestions

    Hey everyone, i'm totally new to this hobby and want to start getting into DAPs and pairing them with decent IEMs. I have a budget of about 2000€ (for DAP + IEM) and really wanna invest into something portable, since i do travel a lot. Overview of DAPs i looked at: First off the IBasso DX240...
  7. L

    Looking for a DAP with good bluetooth and streaming capabilities

    I currently have a Cayin N3Pro dap. I like the sound but it is a closed os so you cannot add streaming apps and the bluetooth range leaves a lot to be desired. As soon as a walk a few feet away from the dap the bluetooth connection starts having problems. This does not happen when I connect the...
  8. Y

    ASTELL SP1000/Introduction

    Hello Everyone This is my first post. My name is Yousif, very new to the audiophile world. I did not like the way the AK SR25 sounded because I was comparing it to the output from my MDAC+ while using Audrivna/Roon and the HIFIMAN XS headphones. So I decided to upgrade and I saw that AK...
  9. iBasso DX320

    iBasso DX320

  10. G

    Astell&Kern SR25 MKII or Fiio M11 PLUS LTD

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy my first DAP and I need some advice. After looking at these more carefully I know the pros and cons more or less, but what I don't understand is the power output. The Fiio says it has an amp and output of 558mw at 32 ohms, while the SR25 has 4.0 VRSM at 0...
  11. alignJP

    Hi-Res Portable DAPs comparison chart 2022

    Thank you for waiting. The latest "Hi-Res Portable Digital Audio Players(DAPs) comparison chart 2022" is available now. Since the 2021 version below, thank you for many suggestions and contributions! Although it still does not include all of the requests in that thread, I'll update continuously...
  12. J

    Android DAP

    Can anyone recommend an Android DAP? I do not care about analogue output as it would be connected to an ifi iDSD Neo. I don't care about memory as it would mostly be used for streaming. It must be able to run the LG ThinQ app, hence the need for Android.
  13. jdanforth

    WTB a DAP without file or database limit for 100,000+ track collection

    Most of what I have are my old ALAC CD rips but since the mid 2000s I've got a smorgasbord of file types including high-res. My collection is some 75,000 tracks or so and that track limit, irrespective of file sizes, overwhelms my good 'ol iPod 5.5g with a 1TB flash upgrade. I'm ready to...
  14. hoofman

    Organizer on the go for portable gears (IEMs, DAP, headphones, etc.)

    People who bring multiple IEMs, headphones, or DAP on the go, how do you organize your stuff? I normally bring my DAP+Amp combo (NW-A35 + PHA-1A), 1 TWS IEM, 1 wired IEM out with me, occasionally with an extra pair of TWS headphone. It can be tricky to keep them all nicely and safely depends on...
  15. wmischke

    Hidizs AP80 Pro-X

    Does anyone know anything about this? I just happened upon it when visiting the Hidizs website. Kind of strange that I haven't been able to find any info about this at all, other than on their site. Seems like they designed an upgrade model to their flagship DAP and then just posted it for...
  16. S

    Deciding between Shanling Q1 and Hiby R2

    I'm going to buy entry level DAP. I've come across many searching for the right one and these are my favorites. I would like to have Tidal, but since it's only online, i can use it from phone so that doesn't matter. I only need 3.5mm output. And I need to use it as a DAC sometimes which both of...
  17. mediumraresteak

    LCD-XC/DAP Setup 2021?

    Hi, I just purchased the LCD-XC 2021 to use at the office (and home if time allows). I'm looking for a DAP with a budget of $1000. I'm willing to spend a little more if it's noticeable upgrade in sound quality. Based on what I've been able to find, it looks like the list (in order) below is...
  18. lostone88

    What earphone between the two for my iBasso DX220 with a modified Amp Card 8?

    Just got an ibasso DX220 with a modified amp card 8 by Whitigr. the amp card has a Output with a balanced 4.4" TRRS. I have been looking at a FINAL AUDIO B3 or a LZ A7 HIFI Earbud. Which should I choose? The seller recommenced the LZ A7, But I like the look of the FINAL AUDIO B3 Would they take...
  19. N

    Looking for a dap with no wireless connectivity at all and no mic

    I'm looking for a dap with no radio frequencies - no wireless connectivity whatsoever and no mic, work requirements. I'm looking for a dap to run some iems, blessing 2s, and potentially some fiio fhe (the fiio x crinacle) or some other cheaper more disposable headphones like kz or whatever...
  20. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling M9 - High-End Portable Android Player

    New Flagship Portable Player With M9, we are be taking a big step forward in our Android platform. Moving to a newer and more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and upgrading to the Android 10, which will assure better performance and app compatibility for the foreseeable future. RAM was...
  21. ottoborden

    Amp for IEMs?

    Hey, So I'm picking up a set of Thieaudio Monarch MKII. Not my first go round with HiFi but it is my first foray into serious IEMs. I'm wondering if it's appropriate to use a headphone amp (e.g. Schiit Asgard with a 1/4" to 4.4mm adapter) for these or if I should instead get a DAP? What...
  22. Saxon

    OK so now I'm really confused! Can somebody please explain?

    I am a home hi-fi nut who loves good sound and has a pretty good home hi-fi system, however portable audio isn't my area of expertise so I need some answers! Traditionally for portable music I have used a Fiio X3 mk2 with cabled Dunu IEM's and it's served me well. I recently acquired some...
  23. Zayl

    Best bang for the buck $250 DAP, Shanling M2X, Hiby R3? Other?

    Hey all! I listen to lots of different kind of music : electro, metal, hard rock, classical etc... I'm looking for a, best bang for the buck, $250 DAP, to pair with my 1MORE H1707 over-ear headphones. I've been struggling with these four models : - Shanling M2X - Hiby R3 - Hiby R3 Pro - Hiby R3...
  24. T

    Campfire Andromeda S Dap and Cable recommendations

    Hello People!!! New to this forum and also the world of iems and it seems i’ve jumped headfirst into the hobbie by making my second iem purchase a used andromeda s!!! ( first iem was legacy 5 ) I’ve been trying to find a thread about this but haven’t had much luck yet so I was hoping one of...
  25. 1636248875213.jpg


    Sony Nw A105 + 🍯 dew + SatinAudio Hyperion 8core customcable