1. Robbos

    Looking for good DAP that is reliable!

    Hello all, I've repeatedly fallen down the rabbit hole trying to find info on a decent DAP player in the $80-$150 range. There are a few models from Shanling, Fiio, and HIDIZ I've been looking at, but when I read further I find an alarming amount of comments about software issues/glitches. I...
  2. S

    DAP solution all in one or BT

    Currently I just use my cell phone and a “dongle dac” Can someone school me on some of the pros and cons to having an all in one unit such as the Fiio m15 or DX300 vs something that receives a Bluetooth signal from, say, a cell phone? common sense tells me that getting a tidal stream from WiFi...
  3. sperandeo

    Astell&Kern-no longer supported

    I have 2 AK players originally worth over $6000.00 new. Both my players have not been able to log onto my Tidal streaming service. I contacted AK about this issue a few weeks ago and was told they they are working on getting newer players back online with Tidal but older players may not be able...
  4. M

    AK Kann Alpha or iBasso DX300 are the best choice for Anisong/Jpop/Pop-Rock ?

    following a topic. can everyone vote one of DAP between Kann Alpha and DX300 for Anisong / J Pop / Pop-Rock / Kpop my favorite artists: LiSA, ChariS, nonoc, ASCA, BLACKPINK and BTS Thanks🙏🏻🙏🏻
  5. M

    To DAP or to enhance iPhone output?

    Hey everyone! I think I may be on a journey to nowhere, but wanted to seek the advice of those in the know here. I have been an Apple user for as long as the iPhone has been around, and have had iPods before then, but as time as gone by, I have started to feel that the SQ from these devices...
  6. ChrisOc

    Talking Synergy

    You have bought your new earphones, how does it fare with your sources and DAC/Amps. Tell others about what works for you and what does not work for you. Get the right synergy and the discarded and forgotten earphones and headphones will become your favourite. The best IEMs may be in the...
  7. T

    DAP Suggestions

    Hello, I'm quite new to the scene of DAPs, but am most likely getting a pair of monarchs within the coming month. I've been interested in the idea of getting a DAP for quite a while, and this would be the primary use (I also have a Beyer DT 1770 Pro, so if the DAP can run that as well, bonus on...
  8. T

    Looking for DAP in this form-factor.

    I already own Shanling M2X but it's bit bulky. I know there are smallers DAPs like sansa clip but I'm looking for one in this specific pendrive-like shape. I just think it looks sexy, okay :confounded: Chifi or not, doesn't matter. Price doesn't matter. All that matters it the form factor and...
  9. rattlingblanketwoman

    Advice - cheap DAPs (or even an LG G8?)

    Hello all, I am looking for a DAP so I can have something distraction-free. When I have some time to myself, often washing the dishes at night, is when I get to listen to my music. Nothing holds things up or keeps me stressed like going to change a track and seeing notifications (or just...
  10. QuantumRock

    Fiio M11 Help

    Hoping I can get some help with the sampling rate being reported when using the Fiio M11. I could have sworn from the beginning the Fiio M11 showed a higher sampling rate or "Device Capability" in Amazon Music HD, but now no matter the source sampling rate, the app is reporting the "Device...
  11. moskwiz

    Smartphone+DAC vs DAP, relative impressions?

    Hi! I've made a lot of strides in my music quality recently, jumping from Spotify on the phones' (Oneplus 5) own DAC, to Tidal Hi-Fi @ UAPP and Zorloo Ztella MQA/iBasso DC03. While this setup already sounds incomparably better to my ears than the old way, I can't help but wonder, am I missing...
  12. QuantumRock

    Fiio M11 vs iBasso DX160

    I recently acquired a Fiio M11 and was able to A/B compare alongside an iBasso DX160 using my main genre of music. I have heard many great things about the M11 and was excited to receive it, but it sounds dry and analytical compared to the DX160. I have reasons for keeping the M11 over the DX160...
  13. MoonAudio

    iBasso DX300 DAP Music Player - Available for PREORDER - ETA 1/18

    iBasso Audio DX300 Music Player $1,249.00 USD Preorder Now Expected Jan 19, 2021 Learn More: https://www.moon-audio.com/ibasso-audio-dx300-music-player.html The DX300 DAP from iBasso Audio will feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 mobile platform with 6 GB of RAM and 64GB of storage...
  14. B

    New to hi-res music, looking for portable setup.

    Hi, I'm completely new to hi-res music so I'm looking for a portable setup with $200-300 budget. Currently eyeing the Acmee MF01 DAP, I heard that it sounds good for its price ($110) and has had a major firmware update recently to support subfolders. Also looking recommendations for a pair of...
  15. sunshine83

    Cayin N3 Pro or HiBy R3 Pro or HiBy R6 Pro?

    Hi everyone, I can't decide between these three daps. I am looking to get balanced, organic sound with a good amount of soundstage. MQA is a plus. Which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance.
  16. MusicTeck

    Shanling M8 Restock: Black Friday coupon code still available for those who missed out!

    Since the new Shanling M8 DAP was sold out in the middle of our Black Friday sales, feel free to use code BLACKFRIDAYM8 to take advantage of the same 15% off enjoyed by fellow audiophiles and head-fiers last week. Did we mention that it also comes with a complimentary leather case? Click here...
  17. Grado Diesel

    Replacement for the FiiO X3ii

    I’m looking to get a second DAP for work so I can semi retire my aging FiiO X3ii to the car. My setup is DAP>Schiit Vali2 (with mouse ears and chrome dome as my favorite tubes)>Sennheiser HD6XX. I also have a pair of HIFIMAN HE-400i’s I use once in a while. What’s something comparable to the...
  18. Questyle QPM

    Questyle QPM

    QPM is the ultimate DAP (Digital Audio Player), and takes the now-familiar Questyle architecture, impeccably machined from 6063 aluminum, and wraps it in 3D glass and an exclusive black anodized finish. QPM incorporates Questyle’s proprietary Current Mode Amplification and Pure Class A BIAS...
  19. Sound N00b

    Best portable bluetooth dac/amp

    I have 3 problems I want to solve 1) I want to watch tv on my headphones/earphones (presumably via Bluetooth). A really long wire is not an option. 2) I want to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time 3) I want a better dac and amp then what is in my phone 3.5) Being able to take...
  20. kelliegator

    Best DAP? Astell&Kern Kann Alpha or Fiio M15

    Hello. I've been thinking of getting a new DAP when I have money in the near future, but I'm kinda stuck on which one to get, but my main interests are Astell&Kern Kann Alpha or the Fiio M15. I'm mostly asking because it's been a bit hard to find a lot of reviews for the Kann Alpha. I've heard...
  21. G

    DAP Recommendations for Shure SE846 (~$750 budget used or new)

    Hello all, I just joined and am looking for recommendations for a DAP to pair with my Shure SE846 IEMs. My budget is right around $750 USD (used or new is OK), and I'd prefer the DAP to be Android-based as I plan to access music streaming services; access to the Google play store would be a huge...
  22. Pezzab

    New to the world of head fi: So how good can a portable hi res DAP be?

    Hello, I thought I'd start my introductory thread with a question regarding DAPs, but here is some more context - tl:dr my specific query is at the very end: I've been into hifi for many years yet somehow it has never occured to me to investigate the world of portable hifi until I recently...
  23. Shabda

    What’s the 4.4 mm cable for?

    Hi all, I recently got the mdr-1am2’s (quite nice, warm yet detailed) and it came with a 4.4 mm cable as well as the 3.5 mm. What’s this usually used for? Thanks!
  24. OlosAftia

    Am I looking for a DAP... or a dongle?

    Hi all, Great to be part of this amazing community. Hope you can help me find what I'm looking for... or at least get closer. I am a budding audiophile and have been mainly dabbling in headphones so far. Started with the amazing B&O H6 v2, moved on to the Senn 58x, had Sony XM3s as my wireless...
  25. Cayin N3Pro

    Cayin N3Pro

    Dual Timbre: Vacuum Tube and Solid Dual (3.5mm single-ended only) Dual Operation Mode: Triode and Ultra-linear (3.5mm Tube only) Matched pair JAN6418 in mechanically suspended shock-absorption protection Dual AK4493 DAC decodes up to 32Bit/384kHz and DSD256 native Fully balanced design with...