1. Grado Diesel

    Replacement for the FiiO X3ii

    I’m looking to get a second DAP for work so I can semi retire my aging FiiO X3ii to the car. My setup is DAP>Schiit Vali2 (with mouse ears and chrome dome as my favorite tubes)>Sennheiser HD6XX. I also have a pair of HIFIMAN HE-400i’s I use once in a while. What’s something comparable to the...
  2. Questyle QPM

    Questyle QPM

    QPM is the ultimate DAP (Digital Audio Player), and takes the now-familiar Questyle architecture, impeccably machined from 6063 aluminum, and wraps it in 3D glass and an exclusive black anodized finish. QPM incorporates Questyle’s proprietary Current Mode Amplification and Pure Class A BIAS...
  3. Sound N00b

    Best portable bluetooth dac/amp

    I have 3 problems I want to solve 1) I want to watch tv on my headphones/earphones (presumably via Bluetooth). A really long wire is not an option. 2) I want to charge my phone and listen to music at the same time 3) I want a better dac and amp then what is in my phone 3.5) Being able to take...
  4. kelliegator

    Best DAP? Astell&Kern Kann Alpha or Fiio M15

    Hello. I've been thinking of getting a new DAP when I have money in the near future, but I'm kinda stuck on which one to get, but my main interests are Astell&Kern Kann Alpha or the Fiio M15. I'm mostly asking because it's been a bit hard to find a lot of reviews for the Kann Alpha. I've heard...
  5. G

    DAP Recommendations for Shure SE846 (~$750 budget used or new)

    Hello all, I just joined and am looking for recommendations for a DAP to pair with my Shure SE846 IEMs. My budget is right around $750 USD (used or new is OK), and I'd prefer the DAP to be Android-based as I plan to access music streaming services; access to the Google play store would be a huge...
  6. Pezzab

    New to the world of head fi: So how good can a portable hi res DAP be?

    Hello, I thought I'd start my introductory thread with a question regarding DAPs, but here is some more context - tl:dr my specific query is at the very end: I've been into hifi for many years yet somehow it has never occured to me to investigate the world of portable hifi until I recently...
  7. Shabda

    What’s the 4.4 mm cable for?

    Hi all, I recently got the mdr-1am2’s (quite nice, warm yet detailed) and it came with a 4.4 mm cable as well as the 3.5 mm. What’s this usually used for? Thanks!
  8. OlosAftia

    Am I looking for a DAP... or a dongle?

    Hi all, Great to be part of this amazing community. Hope you can help me find what I'm looking for... or at least get closer. I am a budding audiophile and have been mainly dabbling in headphones so far. Started with the amazing B&O H6 v2, moved on to the Senn 58x, had Sony XM3s as my wireless...
  9. Cayin N3Pro

    Cayin N3Pro

    Dual Timbre: Vacuum Tube and Solid Dual (3.5mm single-ended only) Dual Operation Mode: Triode and Ultra-linear (3.5mm Tube only) Matched pair JAN6418 in mechanically suspended shock-absorption protection Dual AK4493 DAC decodes up to 32Bit/384kHz and DSD256 native Fully balanced design with...
  10. Rockman98

    DAP recommendations for Toneking T4

    Hello, i'm looking for a DAP for my Toneking T4 iem. I listen 80's rock/metal, symphonic/melodic/power metal, 80's pop, country, orchestral like movie soundtracks, classical. My budget is around 250 dollars. I will use it with 3,5 mm jack with my Toneking T4. I may use my apt-x headphone...
  11. MoonAudio

    NEW Astell&Kern KANN Alpha (Pre-Order)

    Astell&Kern KANN Alpha $1,099 USD Pre-order NOW Available October 19th https://www.moon-audio.com/astell-kern-kann-alpha-dap-music-player.html While the goal of the Astell&Kern KANN line is to provide ultra-high power output to drive any headphone or IEM, KANN ALPHA has not forgotten the...
  12. ahauwlim

    Portable Audio Player Case's Back Hole

    Hi all, did anyone ever notice trying to use your DAP with and without case? with blind test, i can hear the difference in between. Gear : FiiO M11 + K'S Bell Ti without the case, the sounds are more refined and "shouty". before, i check that each DAC have a temperature error offset, and off...
  13. P

    Getting audio onto my DAP from a Mac.

    I love this forum and have been reading it for years. My set up right now is HiFiman Arya and ibasso dx220. (amp one). I love it. I am an old Stax guy before. My question is: how do you people get audio files stored on your Mac onto a DAP like the Ibasso? ibasso operates on Android. I have...
  14. F

    Somewhat new to the DAP game, any tips?

    Hey all, This is my first post here and I figured this would be a great place to go for some help! I am relatively new to the audio game and have finally invested in my first high quality DAP, a Fiio M11 Pro. I originally had the Fiio M9 however I was quickly drawn away from using it due to its...
  15. V

    Help me choose a dap for my use cases!

    ..Good bluetooth/Wi-Fi range (Good bluetooth is a must) ..Atleast 12 hrs+ battery life when playing local flac files. I also stream moderately. ..Neither have nor planning to buy high sensitive iems/hard to drive headphones ..Acceptable lag or stutter (for a dap) while say streaming and...
  16. Hidizs AP80 Pro

    Hidizs AP80 Pro

  17. IMG_20200817_150849.jpg


    FiiO M11 Pro - DUNU HULK - EarSonics EM64
  18. H

    Android DAP with LDAC in USB DAC mode

    Are there any that can work as an LDAC transmitter whille in DAC mode for a computer? I am not interested in DAPs that cannot do both at the same time I am not interested in AAC or AptX or the pet dog It has to be running Android Thanks
  19. H

    LDAC DAP with charging control

    Hi, I am looking for a DAP from Fiio/Shanling/Hiby/Hidizs that satisfies all of the the below criteria: Transmits in LDAC Under $300 Has a USB DAC mode Has charging controls to set chargng limit, or disable charging completely without disabling USB DAC mode Please do not make a suggestion...
  20. kelliegator

    Good Home Listening Headphones for Walkman NW-ZX507?

    Hello. I'm not necessarily new to this whole audiophile thing but some of the technical stuff is a bit hard for me to understand, which is why I'm making this thread to ask for help with a thing. I have a Sony Walkman NW-ZX507, which I'm very happy with overall, aside from one little thing...
  21. iBasso DX220 MAX

    iBasso DX220 MAX

    iBasso DX220 MAX DAP, a transportable answer to high quality sound reproduction Specifications DAC chip: Dual ES9028PRO Body Material: Stainless Steel OS: Android 8.1 & Mango OS Output Ports: 4.4mm Line Out, 4.4mm Balanced, 3.5mm Phone, 3.5mm S/PDIF Screen: IPS 5.0 inch 1080P Sharp full screen...
  22. Kalnet101

    Should I go for a dedicated DAP? (Coming from LG Q9 Quad Dac)

    Hey guys! I'm gonna be getting a new phone tomorrlw and it'll be an LG Q9. I found out that this phone has the same quad dac as the rest of the LG phones. I read the fine print of it and it uses the ES9128P chip. I also wanna get a dedicated DAP to keep all the songs in and I saw all the entry...
  23. Levanter

    [SOLD] Astell & Kern SP1000M Black

    Condition 8/10, there is a small scuff at the corner as shown in the picture. Comes with everything in the box. Fees includes Shipping & PayPal fees
  24. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Hiby R6 Pro Stainless Steel Silver [SOLD]

    I have a Hiby R6 Pro Stainless Steel Silver in excellent condition with packaging and accessories for sale. Quite the entertaining listening experience when paired with low impedance Planars (LCD-X, LCD-2CB, Hifiman Ananda, etc. [Percussive elements sound Snappy and satisfying rhythmic. The amp...
  25. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Kann Cube with 5pin mini XLR to 3pin XLR Cable (PEE41) & 2 Cases [SOLD]

    I have a Kann Cube in excellent condition with the original packaging and accessories as well as a Silicon case, leather Miter Case, and 5pin mini XLR to 3pin XLR Cable (PEE41). Please PM me to purchase.