Best smartphone for music playback using portable dac/amp
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May 17, 2022
I’m looking for a phone to able to listen to all my library outdoors. Will be using the USB Audio Player PRO app.

After doing my own research I’ve come across two options, either an A53 5G or an S21 FE or S22 now that the S23 dropped so I could get them for less than 600. There is a difference of almost double, not sure if it’s worth it.

Which smartphones do you use for listening? Is there a substantial difference between a dap and a phone? As I see it, the portable dac/amp should do all the work so should not be that much.
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Will you be using it exclusively as a dap or as a phone, too?
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Will you be using it exclusively as a dap or as a phone, too?
both actually, I just want a phone that won't give me much trouble when connecting a portable dac to it (mainly cause of noisy usb c connection)

I am interested now in the A53 because it seems like a great phone overall. Its screen looks amazing and wouldn't notice much difference with the one in S21 or S22. The cam is also good and don't really need it to be high tier. Although, there is a substantial cpu upgrade as far as i can see.
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What do you plan on using for a dongle dac?
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What do you plan on using for a dongle dac?
I’ve recently acquired an ifi micro idsd v1 but unfortunately it went badly. The seller knew it had an issue... long story short, it does turn off itself after some time because of a blinking red led when playing music and having plugged in it a headphone inside the 6.3 jack (possible battery issue?).

What bothers me the most is that when I contacted iFi about this phenomenon, they washed their hands saying "it’s an obsolete item that we no longer support". Now my best bet is to buy a brand new battery and replace it to see if this gets solved. It’s weird that there is literally ZERO information about this "red blinking led" issue nowhere on the net. There’s also no info about any of this inside its official manual, only the "continuous red led" which indicates low battery. I will make a post fairly soon about this because I don’t feel it’s right to give zero craps about a product of yours released 6 years ago.

The dac does sound superb and I’d like to listen to my stuff with it whenever I'm outside which is why I need a decent phone. The use of the phone would something like 15% photos, 35% multimedia, 50% dap w/ USB Audio Player PRO app which they confirmed to me it does reproduce DSD with all iFi devices.

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