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Dual ESS ES9219C Chips & Dual RT6863 Amp Chips​

Adopting two pieces of ES9219C DAC chips from ESS, the M3U adds an extra dedicated headphone amplifier in form of the RT6863 op amp. Shanling M3 Ultra features a brand-new audio circuit, utilizing a polymer button capacitor from Panasonic, an advanced filament film capacitance from ELNA, special voltage regulator circuit, and the FPGA Plus double vibration.

Flagship Snapdragon 665 CPU & Android 10 Operating System​

The M3 Ultra runs on Snapdragon 665 CPU featuring 3G RAM+32G ROM, same as our M6U and M7. Besides, its Android platform is upgraded to Android 10. Users can also spend quite a bit of time on its audio tuning, to adjust it more toward Shanling's house sound.

Bluetooth 5.0 & Long Endurance for 20.5 Hours​

Featuring totipotency, Shanling M3 Ultra comes with a batter life up to 20.5 hours and Bluetooth 5.0 bilateral connection, which can provide a relaxed and convenient music experience. This device also adopts multiple technologies, including MIMO Wi-Fi technology, built-in HiFi cloud music library, and MQA 16X decoding function. It is worth mentioning that the M3U supports DLNA, Air Play, and NAS.

Powerful Output Ports & Single/Dual DAC Modes​

Shanling M3 Ultra employs dual output interfaces, more convenient to use. These output interfaces consist of 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced, 140mw@322 single-ended, and 260mw@322 balanced output ports. Besides, the M3U adopts single/dual DAC modes so that users can choose one as their wishes.

Exquisite Design with Floating Screen​

Characterizing an unibody integrated body design, the M3U adopts a 4.2-inch 720P LCD screen from Sharp, which is also called a floating display. Besides, the Shanling M3 Ultra is available in two colors, green and black.

2*ES9219C DAC/2*RT6863 AMP
Sampling Rate:
DSD Support:
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500+ Head-Fier
Shanling's Awesome Little DAP
Pros: Really all the DAP you need
Sound quality
Android 10
Battery life
MQA - 750k streaming
Cons: Screen is a little unresponsive
Needs an hour-long update to work correctly
A little thick still
No case
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I picked up the new Shanling M3 Ultra (M3U) from Musticteck Here because I got sick of trying to use a stupid dongle to listen to music away from my desk. I have the HiBy FC3 and it's pretty good, but the connection issues annoy the crap out of me. So, I grabbed this little guy for a really reasonable price. This also allows me to use my phone without having to worry about what's playing. It does MQA unfolding, can stream Tidal, has a good battery life, a nice looking screen, doesn't drain my phone's battery, has a balanced 4.4mm output, has enough power to use with full-size headphones, is small and relatively light for a DAP, has Android 10, and has good sound from Tidal. I have no significant complaints that lower its score, especially at this price.

M3U Front.jpg


The screen is big enough to be useful, though it sometimes requires two presses to hit what you're aiming for since everything is pretty small. Overall, it's big enough to be usable and small enough to not take up 3 pockets and a backpack just to carry it. The green color is great, though the screen protectors on the front and back and top are fingerprint magnets and more slippery than the aluminum sides. It has a USB C and a SD card slot on the bottom, a volume dial on/off button on the right side, a forwards/backwards/and play/pause button on the left, and a 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm jack on top. Everything feels good and works well with no connection issues. MAKE SURE you update the software through the tech support app in the bottom right before use or it will crash (it will take about an hour.) It would be nice to see a case for this included, but at this price it's not needed and it just add bulk. Android 10 works great and I had no issues downloading and installing or streaming Tidal. Overall, a fantastic package.

M3U Left.jpg


It has dual ESS DAC chips that work really well and a really solid amp. This is one of those products that sounds good enough that you really don't need to pay for an $800 DAP or a $2000 DAP. While you may be able to hear a small difference between those three, this checks basically all the boxes for Tidal streaming and most file formats. The MESt Mk2 still have sharp treble, the RAD-0 still have great mids, the XTC-O still excels at everything - especially bass, and the HEXA are still the best IEM under $500. Watching this little guy stream at 750k is really cool. Your headphones will be more of a limitation here than anything else. The soundstage is good, with good reverberation and resonance. I tried my Truthear HEXA IEMs, UM MEST Mk2 IEMs, JMA XTC-O full-size over-ears, and RAD-0 full-size over-ears on here with balanced and unbalanced outputs and they sound close enough to my Burson Conductor 3XP that I have 0 complaints. It drove them all quite easily, even the RAD-0 (my hardest-to-drive headphones) were at a good volume on balanced at 45/100. It just works, I've literally had 0 issues since updating the software (before the update, Tidal freaked out.) So yeah, great sound for the price/size.

M3U Right.jpg


This is tough. I've never owned an extremely expensive DAP, so there's the chance that spending 4x as much could yield better results - I just kinda doubt it is worth the price increase when the M3U performs admirably. This was definitely cheaper, smaller, with better battery life, and overall just as good sounding as my Fiio M11 Plus ESS was. It also doesn't have the M11's annoying volume slider. The M11 came with a case...and that's about the only thing it did better (there's a new version, the M11s I think that comes pretty close to this in price and features, but it's bulkier and heavier - still not a bad option if you hate Shanling and love Fiio.) It's way better than my HiBy FC3 dongle, which I have a love/hate relationship with. Get this, there is no reason not to, it'll even work as a desktop dac/amp if you need it to, or you can plug it into a full-size amp and use it as a DAC/streamer. Very cool

M3U Top.jpg


Yeah, you get it. I love this little guy. Good feel, good weight, good features, and good sound - there's nothing significant to take points off for on it. Now, if someone wants to send me a high-end DAP to compare to this, maybe I'll find some reasons to remove points, but at this price, I can't imagine doing better. Go get one if you need something like this.

Wolfhawk's Rating: 9/10
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Additional advantage of this little geezer ... Support for APTX-HD *and* LDAC. With a (purposely) handicapped device such as my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I was limited in selecting the perfect pair of bluetooth headphones for travel purposes. Samsung devices do have LDAC but are also limited to regular APTX only. And my iPhone 11 only does AAC.

With the M3U as my go-to portable companion I no longer need to think about what wireless cans to buy, all (current) top of the line Bluetooth codecs are supported. Paired with the T+A Solitaire T, this makes the perfect audiophile-road-warrior solution (especially since the T+A also support pure passive balanced playback)
focal bathys far better sound for t+a
I owned both Bathys and T+A Solitaire T.. And prefer the T+A by a large margin


Brice d’Oliveira

100+ Head-Fier
Hi audiophiles 🎧
So here new M3 Ultra User and I need to tell this device is crazy 😝
Just a big deception (and I don’t speak of the big big big errors in the French translation, particularly in the Shanling player app) but I speak of the fact that we can’t setup any launcher as « Default Home App » and so it’s frustrating cause Android is so ugly…
I don’t know why Shanling does not let us setup a launcher as « Default Home App »
Here som pics of my default M3 Ultra and one with Nova Launcher that make this dap beautiful 🤩
Fingers crossed for a firmware update that let us setup a launcher as « Default Home App »