4.4mm balanced
  1. Aune M1p

    Aune M1p

    Aune M1p Digital Analog Player Balanced Output - FPGA Hardware Decoding - Clock Synchronization The M1p is the 3rd generation of the aune M1 portable music player series. With the freescale™ 600M processor and the hardware decoding frame, it managed to support 32bit/768k and DSD512 decoding. It...
  2. Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro3 DAC

    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro3 DAC

    This is the 4th generation product under the mini-i series name from Matrix Audio continuing the classic design and superb build quality. The new mini-i Pro 3 use a two-color aluminum shell in silent black and space gray with a 3.3-inch LCD screen and a brand new user interface. The mini-i Pro 3...
  3. FAudio Mezzo Limited Edition

    FAudio Mezzo Limited Edition

  4. Shanling M3 Ultra (M3U) DAP

    Shanling M3 Ultra (M3U) DAP

    From the manufacturer: Dual ESS ES9219C Chips & Dual RT6863 Amp Chips Adopting two pieces of ES9219C DAC chips from ESS, the M3U adds an extra dedicated headphone amplifier in form of the RT6863 op amp. Shanling M3 Ultra features a brand-new audio circuit, utilizing a polymer button capacitor...
  5. Shanling UA3 - Portable DAC/AMP

    Shanling UA3 - Portable DAC/AMP

    UA3 joins our highly popular line of UA models and it marks an important point for Shanling, as it will be our first model using a brand-new DAC from the relaunched line of AKM DACs. For many years, AKM DACs were the core part of Shanling’s audio designs, as they played a crucial role in...
  6. Shanling

    Shanling UA5 - Portable USB DAC/AMP || 4.4mm Balanced Output || Hybrid Battery Power || Independent Volume Control || 235 USD / Euro

    With UA5, we are pushing our UA line into a bit different category. While UA1 and UA2 worked nicely as simple USB Audio dongles, UA5 is quite a bit closer to your bigger portable DAC/AMPs. UA5 adds volume wheel for an independent volume control, small screen for an easy access to multiple...
  7. Tempotec Sonata E44

    Tempotec Sonata E44

    TempoTec Sonata E44 Headphone Amplifier Dual CS43131 USB Type C To 4.4MM Balance DAC& DSD256(Native) For Android Phone&PC MAC Packing Included: 1* Sonata E44 1* Adapter(female type-c to male USB-A) 1* Hi-Res logo sticker In addition, give a gift: 1* 4.4mm Male Balanced to 3.5 mm Female cable
  8. Audirect Beam 3 Plus

    Audirect Beam 3 Plus

    Hilidac's Audirect Beam 3 Plus is a portable DAC/amp. Key features include: Bluetooth 5.0 (LDAC supported) 3.5mm single ended / 4.4 balanced output USB-C for connecting with PC and mobile ES9281AC decoder chip, Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip 4.4mm: ≧ 110mW (16Ω) ≧ 230mW (32Ω) ≧ 27.78mW...
  9. squadgazzz

    Balanced dac/amp with 4.4mm output and IEMs support

    Hi there! I'd like to switch from IFI iDSD micro BL to anything with a real balanced 4.4mm output. But I also own IEMs. My current headphones are CA Cascade and Vega 2020. Looks like IFI iDSD Signature doesn't offer a real balanced scheme. iDSD Neo is not suitable for IEMs as well as Zen CAN...
  10. ISN AUDIO C4


    Description The cable is soft and comfortable to wear High purity makes the cable extremely soft, providing the comfort of wearing, Excellent connection structure can effectively shield external interference, reduce internal conductor sound distortion and auscultation effect, bring you better...
  11. J

    USB type-c to 4.4mm pentacon jack

    Hi guys, Just recently got into Hi-Fi, almost complete beginner here. My first decent headphones are the Sony Z7M2, paired with a Denon DA-310 UBC amp connected to my computer. Really loving the detailed sound. I found that the Sonys are decent for using outside, and I have been using them...
  12. Aldy Auditore

    Need help guys

    Hi guys, im new here, i need help about my setup, i just recently bought a fiio m11, and im pairing my dap with a shure 535ltd and a custom silver 4.4mm cable, it sounds great, but it lack of bass, what should i upgrade or add to my setup guys? thanks for your help
  13. Shanling

    Four new Shanling products announced

    Today we announced four new products - new Android based portable player, new flagship earphones and two very interesting Bluetooth adapters. All information in one place at our website All these products will be released this fall. Pricing of ME700, UP4 and MW200 will be announced at later...
  14. Shanling

    Shanling M6 Player - New version with ESS DACs coming soon

    From April 2021, only new version of M6 will be available. Shanling M6 (21) What is different on M6 (21)? - Pair of ESS Sabre ES9038Q2M DACs - New amplifier circuit to go with this new DAC - MQA support - Available only as black body with gold wheel - MSRP 569 USD / Euro All other...
  15. Linsoul BLD 150ohm

    Linsoul BLD 150ohm

    Earphone type: earbud Impedance: 150Ω Earphone sensitivity: 110dB/mW Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Plug Type: LINE Type Cable Length: 1.2m±3cm Whether with mic: No Driver unit: Dynamic driver unit What’s in the box? -EarbudsX4 -Cable ClipX1 -Earphone PouchX1 -Plug Protective CaseX1