1. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling M9 Plus - Updated Flagship Portable Player

    Original Shanling M9 player was launched in 2021, significantly modernizing our Android platform and representing the last chapter for the classic AKM AK4499 flagship DAC. That M9 was available only as a limited run of 500 units, but we made a promise of the future M9, releasing with a different...
  2. Shanling

    Shanling M9 Plus - Flagship Android player

    Shanling M9 Plus In premier at: Tokyo Headphone Festival, April 29th High-End Munich, May 18-21. Key specification: Flagship AKM DAC AK4499EX, 4 units combined in our Quad DAC design concept Accompanied by pair of AKM AK4191 Digital modulators Amplifier adapting MUSES8920E & BUF364A Up...
  3. Shanling

    Shanling M1s Compact Player Now Available!

    M1s released to international markets today, as an exclusive release of Aoshida. Available to order on the link below or other Aoshida sales channels like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, Walmart... Full details of M1s:
  4. Shanling M0 Pro

    Shanling M0 Pro

    Shanling M0 Pro
  5. Shanling

    Shanling ME900 - Flagship 8-Driver Hybrid IEMs with Titanium Construction

    Introducing Shanling ME900 Hybrid IEMs New top model of ME line, packing 8 drivers and featuring a brand-new Titanium shell with a special interlaced faceplate. 4-Way design with six custom balanced armature drivers and two 6mm dynamic drivers with crystal-plated bio-diaphragms. Two switches...
  6. Shanling EM5 DAC/Amp

    Shanling EM5 DAC/Amp

    SEPARATED POWER SUPPLY To achieve the ideaL sound performance in such complicated device, we decided to split the power supply between two sections. Analog components are powered by a small and highly efficient toroidal transformer, in combination with high-performing German capacitors, helping...
  7. Shanling M3 Ultra (M3U) DAP

    Shanling M3 Ultra (M3U) DAP

    From the manufacturer: Dual ESS ES9219C Chips & Dual RT6863 Amp Chips Adopting two pieces of ES9219C DAC chips from ESS, the M3U adds an extra dedicated headphone amplifier in form of the RT6863 op amp. Shanling M3 Ultra features a brand-new audio circuit, utilizing a polymer button capacitor...
  8. Shanling

    Two new Portable DAC/AMPs from Shanling and premium USB cable for use with iPhone

    Our budget portable UA1 DAC/AMP now becoming more practical, UA2 model getting some interesting improvements and a brand-new cable for easy connection to iPhones. Shanling UA1s Based upon UA1 Pro, offering the same ESS ES9219C DAC/AMP and 3.5mm output. But now with added in-house developed...
  9. Shanling

    Shanling M3 Ultra - New Update for our Compact Android Portable Player

    Discussion thread for our new M3 Ultra DAP Full announcement on Head-Fi
  10. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling M3 Ultra - New Generation of Compact Android Portable Player

    Same compact-sized portable player, now with an upgraded Android platform and a new audio circuit. On the outside, M3 Ultra follows closely its predecessor. Staying at 4.2-inch screen, for the ideal balance between system usability and device portability. Aluminium frame keeps the same overall...
  11. Shanling UP4 2022

    Shanling UP4 2022

  12. Shanling

    Two New Compact MTouch Portable Players – Shanling M0 Pro and M1s

    Shanling’s MTouch line of portable players started back in 2018, with the release of our legendary M0. It was followed by another 3 models and the system was significantly developed over the next few years. Always focusing on offering simpler and cheaper music portable players to music fans all...
  13. Shanling

    Shanling M1s - Ideal Compact Portable Player

    Introducing Shanling M1s M1 was our first truly compact portable player, released back in 2016. Later came the Q1, with its retro-styled design, so different from our classic players. And the line was topped by the M5s, the best sounding and most feature-rich MTouch player. Shanling M1s takes...
  14. Shanling

    Shanling EC3 - Compact CD Player for your desk and small Hi-Fi rigs

    Introducing Shanling EC3 CD Player CD Players were the staple of Shanling’s production for the past 30 years, from affordable models to very high-end ones. Our new EC3 is the latest in our line of simpler budget offerings and it’s the ideal model to re-introduce the Shanling CD players to the...
  15. Shanling

    Shanling H7 - High-End Portable DAC/AMP/Player, Featuring new AKM AK4499EX Flagship DAC

    Introducing SHANLING H7 With H7 we are taking a big step into the High-End Portable DAC/AMP market. And we made sure it comes packing all the important features: - New Flagship AK4499EX DAC chip from AKM, with its matching AK4191 Modulator - Extra powerful amplifier offering up to 1.2W...
  16. Shanling M6 Ultra

    Shanling M6 Ultra

    Specification: Dimensions – 127 x 77 x 18 mm Weight – 263g Display – 5-Inch 1920 * 1080 Operating System – Open Android 10 CPU – Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 Memory – Ram 4GB, ROM 64GB + single Micro SD card slot Hi-Res support – 32/768 & DSD512 & MQA 16X Bluetooth – Bluetooth 5.0...
  17. Shanling

    Shanling UP4 2022 Now Available!

    Our best selling Bluetooth DAC/AMP now updated with ESS ES9219C SoC. Available exclusively through Aoshida-Audio and their partners. MSRP 119.99 USD Visit Aoshida website for full specification: Please reach out directly to Aoshida with...
  18. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling M6 Ultra - AKM Quad-DACs based Portable Android Player

    Long awaited upgrade to our M6 line is finally here, bringing not only a modernized Android platform, but mainly marking a return of the AKM DACs to the M6 line! Following the fire at AKM’s factory in 2020, we had to switch many of our products to the rival DACs from ESS, including our M6 and...
  19. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling EM7 – High-End Desktop Streamer DAC/AMP

    With our EM line, we aim to offer an ideal all-in-one desktop solution for all headphone listeners. We started last year with the EM5 model, which packed a lot of features into a reasonably sized and very well priced package. Now we are pushing it further with the EM7, improving upon the EM5 in...
  20. Shanling

    Launching Official Amazon Store by Shanling

    Shanling is now available directly on Amazon USA! To improve USA availability on some of our product lines, we decided to launch dedicated Shanling store on Amazon. At the beginning we will be offering Myryad Music 1 earphones and three models of UA line, including the brand new UA3. More...
  21. M

    USB dac volume control problem

    i have 2 usb dac, shanling UA1 Pro and some cheap usb dac ALC4050. I use it for mac, windows, and android. mac and pc has no problem, i can control the volume. But when i use it on android, it seems like these 2 dac can only use "full feature" while using USB Audio Player Pro like i can control...
  22. Shanling

    Introducing Shanling UA3 - Our first Portable USB DAC/AMP with brand new generation of AKM DAC!

    UA3 joins our highly popular line of UA models and it marks an important point for Shanling, as it will be our first model using a brand-new DAC from the relaunched line of AKM DACs. For many years, AKM DACs were the core part of Shanling’s audio designs, as they played a crucial role in...
  23. Shanling UA3 - Portable DAC/AMP

    Shanling UA3 - Portable DAC/AMP

    UA3 joins our highly popular line of UA models and it marks an important point for Shanling, as it will be our first model using a brand-new DAC from the relaunched line of AKM DACs. For many years, AKM DACs were the core part of Shanling’s audio designs, as they played a crucial role in...
  24. Audio46

    New Gear From Shanling Arrives at Audio46!

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Shanling The M7 Digital Audio Player, MG600 Semi-Open Earphones, EM5 All-In-One Streaming Center, and More from Shanling are Now In Stock at Audio46 - Online and In-Store! SHOP SHANLING>
  25. Shanling M9

    Shanling M9

    M9 Introduction by Shanling With M9, we are taking a big step forward in the Android platform. Moving to a newer and more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and upgrading to Android 10, which will assure better performance and app compatibility for the foreseeable future. RAM was increased to...