Shanling EC Smart - Simple and Affordable CD Player with Bluetooth - Just 149$
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Mar 26, 2015
Shenzhen, China

Shanling EC Smart is the new entry model of our CD player lineup, aiming to provide very simple and affordable CD playback to your home. Effortless CD solution for headphones, active monitors, powerful amplifiers or even Bluetooth speakers.


Swing away the front control panel to reveal Sanyo DA11 optical drive, pop in your favourite CD and you are good to go. No complicated settings or smartphone apps, only a pure CD player with a few buttons and a basic infrared remote controller.

Audio section utilizes Hi-Fi quality Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC, offering clean and smooth sound. Just connect EC Smart to a pair of active monitors or even to a full speaker rig with powerful amplifiers, thanks to its rear line-out output (3.5mm jack, RCA adapter included). And for interrupted listening, we added a dedicated 3.5mm headphone output to the side of the CD player.

Our new generation of CD players is unique thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and we brought the same to the EC Smart. Just pair it with your favourite Bluetooth speakers to bring your CD collection into the world of modern wireless audio.


Thanks to its compact design, with mostly aluminium construction, EC Smart fits easily into a wide range of homes. While designed to be used primarily in the vertical orientation, with the spinning discs being the centre of the attention, the bottom stand can be removed and CD player can simply rest on its rear rubber feet, for an even more compact setup.

And with EC Smart demanding only a basic USB power source, it can be powered directly from any phone charger, USB port on computer or TV. EC Smart can even run with portable battery chargers, if you would like to go completely off the grid in the parks or secluded mountain cabins.

Available at the end of June

At just 149 USD

Get in touch with your local Shanling distributor or dealer for more info about availability.



- Sanyo DA11 Optical Drive
- Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC
- Dot-Matrix Screen
- Headphone Amplifier SGM8262
- Output Power 180mW@32 Ohm
- Rear Line-Out Output (3.5mm, RCA adapter included)
- Side Headphone Output 3.5mm
- USB-C Powered (5V/2A)
- Infrared Remote Control included
- Bluetooth Output (SBC support)
- Aluminium construction of main body and stand, plastic rear panel

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wow..only $149 with a old school Bang and Olufson feel in a small form factor...not bad.
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Dust will get in it lol
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Is there a need for such a product?
For people that want a cheap CD player to play into their Bluetooth speakers or external amp?

We guess so

As much as there were questions about EC Mini release, it became highly selling model.
Shanling Have any question about our players? Just PM me or send me email. Stay updated on Shanling at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.

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