1. Sony NW-A20

    Sony NW-A20

    Sony Walkman NW-A20 walkman features: Hi-res Audio playback up to 24-bit/192kHz Bluetooth (Tx only) 2.0-inch LCD color Display Navigation D-Pad and volume rocker 16GB (NW-A25)/32GB (NW-A26)/64GB (NW-A27) capacity plus micro SD card x1 expansion slot (up to 1.0TB tested) Supports most popular...
  2. Shabda

    What’s the 4.4 mm cable for?

    Hi all, I recently got the mdr-1am2’s (quite nice, warm yet detailed) and it came with a 4.4 mm cable as well as the 3.5 mm. What’s this usually used for? Thanks!
  3. MrWalkman

    Sony Walkman OS custom firmware (non-Android)

    Hello, In the "history" of available modifications for non-Android Sony players, there are two types of modifications*: 1. Tuning mods - these consist of modifications done to the SWUpdate.xml file (that is located in the files of the Sony firmware updater tool), and they started to appear...
  4. kelliegator

    Good Home Listening Headphones for Walkman NW-ZX507?

    Hello. I'm not necessarily new to this whole audiophile thing but some of the technical stuff is a bit hard for me to understand, which is why I'm making this thread to ask for help with a thing. I have a Sony Walkman NW-ZX507, which I'm very happy with overall, aside from one little thing...
  5. Carlsan

    Sony WM1A NW-WM1A walkman music player SOLD

    Selling a gently used Sony NWA1A player. No defects, plays fine, battery is fine. Comes in the original Sony packaging, and includes: 1. Benks Flexible soft TPU protective case cover for the NW-WM1A 2. 1 unused Tempered glass protective film for the screen (1 attached, 1 unused). 3.128 GB card...
  6. MoonAudio

    NEW: Sony Walkman NW-ZX500 Series DAP

    For more information and to pre-order the Sony Walkman NW-ZX500 DAP, check out our product page HERE. More Ways to Enjoy Exceptional Sound Supported by Android™, with Wi-Fi for downloading and streaming, the NW-ZX500 Walkman® lets you enjoy truly authentic sound from all your favorite music...
  7. MoonAudio

    NEW: Sony Walkman NW-ZX500 Series DAP

    For more information and to pre-order the Sony Walkman NW-ZX500 DAP, check out our product page HERE. More Ways to Enjoy Exceptional Sound Supported by Android™, with Wi-Fi for downloading and streaming, the NW-ZX500 Walkman® lets you enjoy truly authentic sound from all your favorite music...
  8. RollsRoys

    SOLD Sony NW-WM1A with VanNuys

    Sony NW-WM1A in great condition for sale! Volume uncapped. All stock accessories and retail box packaging included. I also add a dust protector for mini-jack and a soft pouch-case as bonus. The screen is covered with the protective glass since the start.
  9. CyberAthlete

    For Sale: Brand New Black Sony NW-A55 Walkman with warranty and black silicone case

    $OLD includes shipping and tracking (within USA). Purchased this brand new at the Sony Store in October 2019 in Singapore. I have the paperwork that gives it USA warranty and that will be sent with the unit, so it still has 11 months USA warranty left on it. Thanks for looking.
  10. bond007

    Sony nw-a35 walkman

    Mint condition comes with box and all the original accessories. Very nice little player can play almost all the formats. takes micro sd card, bluetooth and nfc and fm support..very long battery life. only used for 35 hours. PP fee and shipping included in the price.
  11. silvahr

    Sold: Sony Walkman NW-WM1A + extras

    Hello, I'm selling my beloved Sony Walkman NW-WM1A. It's a wonderful DAP with great sound (very analog), plenty of power and unbelievable battery life. Bought about two years ago in an authorized dealer. I will send the original invoice. Aesthetically is totally in mint condition without dents...
  12. Snekismyfriend

    WTS: Sony zx300 signed JDM

    Selling my signed zx300 signed by satou-san. Satou-san is one of the designers of the Sony zx300, wm1a and wm1z. I got this last year from Japan. It's a 64gb internal storage model. Condition is a 8/10 with a minor dent on the top as shown in the 3rd pic. Comes with original cable, box and...
  13. Svstem

    SOLD: Sony NW-ZX2 DAP (Japanese version) - Free shipping/PP

    SOLD Photos: https://imgur.com/a/e6Zvyjd Context: Sony's flagship DAP from 2015. This is the Japanese edition, so no volume cap like in NA/EU versions. Runs Android, supports LDAC and Spotify/Tidal offline with 128 GB of onboard storage + a microSD slot and has some practical play/pause/track...
  14. joshuachew

    [WTS] Sony NW WM-1Z (Mint Condition)

    Selling my Sony NW WM-1Z player. It is in mint condition and anyone that has bought a DAP or component from me will attest to that - unless stated, ALL my items are in mint condition. Closest you will get to a BNIB unit. Item: Sony NW WM-1Z with accessories - listed below. (1) Sony WM1Z Player...
  15. zuvi

    Sony NW A25HN 16GB HiRes Audio Player

    Comes in the original box with the walkman, earphones with the replacement eartips unused, original cable and a silicone protector plus a screen protector already on the walkman. In perfect shape, JPN language. Asking for 170 plus shipping
  16. Gosod

    For Sony Walkman Dock Cable L5

    Hello! For sale Copper Cable L5 For Sony Wakkman From Astral Audio, manufactured in Japan. This is solid and high-quality copper! At the sound when compared with a complete cable from Fiio then from Astral Audio we get more bass and surround sound. Delivery with tracking number and paypal fees...
  17. A

    Need help with Sony Discman D-F181

    So recently I have found an old Sony Discman model D-F181. I tried to use it but it seems it's unable to play CDs. Whenever I put a disc in, it spins for a few seconds then it just gives up and shuts down. I tried putting a toothpick on the cover hatch thingy so that I can take a look inside and...
  18. nick102

    Sony Walkman NW-ZX1 Boot Loop Issue

    Hey guys, I've got a Sony Walkman NW - ZX1 that's stuck on a boot loop. It got there at random (not after a firmware update). The device was powered off and the next time I powered it on - boot loop. All I'm seeing is the Walkman logo with the colour animation until it runs out of battery...
  19. Tex Irie

    Seeking to trade Astell & Kern Kann for a Sony NW-ZX300 (Complete)

    I am looking to trade a seldom used Astell & Kern Kann for a Sony NW-ZX300. I have the original packaging and contents as well. Please PM me if interested.
  20. 1

    Sony Walkman NW-WM1A 128GB LIKE NEW NO BOX

    Sony Walkman NW-WM1A 128GB new no box Hi, I got this as a gift but it's definitely too much for what I look for on a portable mp3. It's like new, literally, I have only used it once in my house (smoke free). I has a tiny scratch on one of the edges (see picture) that I have no clue how it...
  21. Houba

    Sony WM1Z

    Free express shipping with insurance. 1. Sony Walkman WM1Z new in box, unboxed to test for a few hours then back in. $2300 In perfect new condition with only about 5hrs of use, I made a mistake buying this coz I will have to change all my cables to 4.4mm and the adapter 2.5 to 4.4 is way too...
  22. bitpawp

    Need help deciding on a DAP.

    I think I've narrowed it down to the Sony Walkman NW-A35 and the Cowon Plenue D. I originally wanted the Cowon due to its apparently better overall sound quality and battery life. However, I hear there is a file limit on the Cowon that limits it to about 16,000 files and 8,000 folders with a...
  23. rushofblood

    WTS: Sony NW-WM1Z Walkman w/ blue Dignis case

    SOLD. Thanks all.
  24. bizkid

    Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

    Sony will present the new generation of its DAP line the NW-A40 at the IFA later this year. Some infos are posted here: http://thewalkmanblog.blogspot.com/2017/07/sony-to-introduce-new-nw-a40-walkman-at.html?m=1 2020: NOW OUT! Custom Firmware for the A40 range with better sound and other...
  25. Occy

    Sony NW-ZX2 Walkman

    I'm selling my Sony NW-ZX2 DAP. Purchased in Japan in 2015. Comes with purchase receipt, all boxed accessories, genuine Sony USB OTG adapter, an additional glass screen protector, and silicon protective case. Will be factory reset then updated to latest firmware for buyer. Will accept payment...