Sony NW-A306 Walkman Music Player - Now Available and in Stock
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Feb 1, 2011

Stunning new design​

An eye-catching rippled wave design covers the rear of the unit, which looks stylish and provides better grip. As a playful nod to the portable music revolution, we began with the iconic TPS-L2, the NW-A300 series features a special cassette tape user interface and screensaver. The cassette tape visual that appears on your Walkman® display varies depending on the codec of the music you’re listening to.

Features at a Glance​

  • Wi-Fi® compatible for direct download and streaming
  • Made with a rigid aluminum frame and gold solder inside a precisely engineered chassis
  • Up to 36 hours of 44.1KHz FLAC playback1
  • Supported by Android™
  • Connect to a PC to access your music collection
  • Lightweight and designed for pockets
  • NW-A300 series high-quality PCM conversion
  • DSD audio formats up to 11.2MHz
  • The NW-A306 lets you enjoy 360 Reality Audio.
  • Rigid aluminum milled frame for improved sound quality
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