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  1. Steve Guppy

    Which music player and why?

    I'm currently an avid fan of Neutron, having switched from PowerAMP a year or two ago. I started off with cheap in-ears plugged straight into my phone, and have gradually progressed to a dedicated dac/amp feeding good iem's via a 2.5mm balanced connection. But reading through various posts here...
  2. Kriger

    Advice for choosing a DAP.

    Hello everybody! I have been saving money for a DAP but I can't really choose one, there are too many of them and I need your experience and wisdom. My budget is ~200 dollars and so far the DAPs that catched my eye are the Cowon Plenue J and D, Fiio M7 and Sony Walkman NW-A45. What I'm looking...
  3. W

    Portable Sound Card for PC/Laptop

    Hello. I bought Superlux HD-681F yesterday. I am delighted from these headphones! They are amazing, especially for their price! This is my first headphones after Ritmix RH-508 Now I see, that PC/Laptop and smartphone are not the best option for these headphones. I was listening them on Fiio X5...
  4. MoonAudio

    Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player

    Sony DMP-Z1 Digital Music Player $8,499.99 Reproduce even the subtlest nuances of studio-quality sound with the DMP-Z1. Crafted for High-Resolution Audio, better than CD quality, with fidelity that's just as the artist intended. Learn More THE SOUND YOUR MUSIC TRULY DESERVES For the...
  5. MoonAudio

    Accepting Preorders: Astell&Kern KANN CUBE

    ASTELL&KERN KANN CUBE DAP MUSIC PLAYER $1,499.00 Preorder Now Expected Arrival May 31st KANN CUBE is the second model of the KANN line, which focuses on high fidelity with powerful output and low noise. The newly designed powerful amplifier and audio circuitry have been strategically...
  6. FiiO

    The All-in-one Thread to Address Any Inquiries to FiiO Product Lineup ,Future Plans,Product Functions and Features

    On the request of James, we start this new all-in-one thread to address any questions you may have to FiiO, with considerations as follows: 1. As you can see, we have one single thread to each product we released. With the product lineup expanding, it’s getting more and more difficult for us to...
  7. Neto666

    help find new music player

    Hi folks, I'm trying to change my Fiio x3 2gen wanted some tips for a player with android not mto expensive! I was thinking of a Fiio x5 3gen or Fiio m7 would have a better and cheaper option thankful
  8. Neto666

    i need new music player help! Thanks

    Hi folks, I'm trying to change my Fiio x3 2gen wanted some tips for a player with android not mto expensive! I was thinking of a Fiio x5 3gen or Fiio m7 would have a better and cheaper option thankful
  9. SikkNazty

    Recommendations for upgrading from Fiio X5 (1st Gen)?

    Hello everyone, I appreciate the help with my previous thread figuring out which IEMs to buy (landed on the iBasso IT01). Now I'd love some help with finding a replacement for my sluggish but still functional Fiio X5 (1st Gen) music player. Now it has been quite a long time since the Fiio X5...
  10. H

    Music player under 200$ vs. Smartphone under 700$

    Hello! I am thinking about, if it is worth, to get a HI-FI music player under 200$, or buy a Smartphone with a good sound quality. For the Smartphone i could spend up to 700$. The HTC U12+ has 32bit/384kHZ for example and that is more than most music players under 200$, which have 24bit/194kHZ...
  11. FiiO

    [FiiO M3K] Probably the Most Cost-Effective Hi-Res Music Player, Discrete HiFi DAC Chip, Supports up to 384K/32B

    A. Build -- Aluminium alloy + in-cell tempered glass + one-handed control Right now most of the cellphone manufacturers are using bigger and bigger screen which makes the phone bigger and bigger. The DAP market is also the same case. But we know that there're still a lot of users like me still...
  12. theaudiologist


    Hey there. I have a linux distro called nitrux OS running on my Macbook pro (based off ubuntu with KDE Plasma home). so one day I connect my external hard drive to my computer, and listen through ANY music player and NOTHING comes out. on deadbeef, i have to resample to 48khz max to be able to...
  13. theaudiologist

    Questions regarding audio on linux

    hi, i have just installed linux (Nitrux OS, based on Ubuntu with KDE Plasma) on my mac 2 weeks ago. the first few weeks i was getting the basics fixed. now i want to set up the audio side of linux. i have some questions: 1)what's the best linux music player sound-quality wise (please DO NOT...
  14. FiiO

    The Review Tour of FiiO M7 High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player Starts Now!

    As FiiO’s first music player for the year of 2018, we’ve set high expectation to the High-Resolution Lossless Audio Player M7. After more than one-month’s market testing by carrying out a crowd funding in China for the first time as well as arranging trial sale in certain off-line stores, the M7...
  15. Thomasl

    Solid music players with 3.5mm trrs port other than Hifiman?

    I thought hifiman should be good but there're many reviews saying it sounds bad, ("sounds like 'radio'" for hifiman 901). Although I don't fully believe that, I would love to have more options for music players I can choose from. Is there any other solid portable players with 3.5mm trrs port...
  16. NymPHONOmaniac

    XDUOO NANO D3 24bit/192Khz DSD256 portable DAP-Info and impressions

    Hi all, as a very enthusiast Xduoo fan (have the X1, X2 and X3....not the X10), i'm more than intrigued about the new Nano D3 that just lauch a month ago because (among other thing) the battery life look incredible, it can play up to 192Khz FLAC and have a line out, a 4K screen and promising...
  17. Hidizs Hk

    Hidizs AP60 II Music Player Review Invitation__The Official Thread

    With the great success of AP60 I, Hidizs are launching the newest HiFi music player AP60 II. AP60 II will take advantages of AP60 I, and also it is added with many new features. ① New aluminium alloy body and 2.5D glass panel ② New Hiby Link smartphone intelligent control ③ New easy-to-use...
  18. Zendro

    Is there a site that will stream my music library in lossless?

    Hello there, I've been searching online to no avail. As subject thread states: Is there any site or service that would allow me to stream my music library in lossless or close to lossless (320kbps)? I'm thinking of a cross between Tidal/Spotify & Google Play/iTunes Tidal & Spotify because...
  19. HT98

    Help for XDP-100R

    Hi all out there. I have write this post in another section, too. I think a new thread is better for this. Hope that anybody can help me in that way. I have made a big mistake. I wanted to change three files, in the etc Folder. It was these: mixer_paths.xml, mixer_paths_high_model.xml and...