Need help deciding on a DAP.

Which DAP should I buy?

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Oct 14, 2017
I think I've narrowed it down to the Sony Walkman NW-A35 and the Cowon Plenue D. I originally wanted the Cowon due to its apparently better overall sound quality and battery life. However, I hear there is a file limit on the Cowon that limits it to about 16,000 files and 8,000 folders with a 128gb limit. From my understanding, the Walkman doesn't have this file limit and has a slightly higher GB limit of 200gb. I'm unsure if the Walkman has a file limit, but I do know the walkman has a better and faster interface. Even though it's battery life is a lot less than the Cowon, the Walkman also has about 30hrs of battery life playing FLAC files (which is still better than most in my book). So I guess my biggest concerns are file limits, interface issues, and if my conclusions about GB limits are correct.

If anyone has suggestions for what they think would be a better option for me, I'm all ears!

Also this is my first post, so I hope everything is done correctly. Thanks for the help in advance.
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The NW-A45 is coming soon,you can take account of that.If i were you,I would choose NW-ZX300A with a 64GB memory crads,it sounds wonderful.

Thanks for your reply! Both of those sounds like wonderful options, however I forgot to mention I'm going into this with a budget of around $200. Definitely below $250. Highest I'd probably go is $230 (All of this is in USD). So with that in mind, can you perhaps make more suggestions?

EDIT: Just found out the new A45 is going to sell for about $219, so actually that is probably what I'm going to go with. Considering it's battery life has been extended 10 hrs for a total of 40hrs means i will almost definitely buy the A45. Also, any word on exact release date on it?
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I am not sure when it would be released in your country haha,but it has already been released in my country and is much more cheaper than 219UAD
Ah fair enough. Do you know what the file limits are for the NW-A45? That is, if it has a file limit. I'm hoping for at least 20,000 FLAC files that are on a 200GB micro sd card.

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