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Sony NW-A50 Series

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Krutsch, Sep 4, 2018.
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  1. Krutsch
    Creating a new thread for the NW-A50 Series DAP.

    Looks like a popular update is coming for the Sony Walkman.

    So far, here is what is available on the web for specs, et al.:


    EDIT: Adding links to the online help guide and my product impressions:

    > Online Help Guide


    > Unboxing Impressions


    > Listening Impressions


    > Feature Impressions

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
  2. Mark2010
    Sorry for being off topic but can any mods please tell me why I can't start a new thread ?
  3. Aevum
    WM-port... yea no thanks.

    Shanglin or Fiio for my next player.
  4. bruce1967
    I have a drawer full of WM ports at home. I just don't see the problem with them. Apple has a special cable for the iPhone and nobody complains about that..
  5. davidcotton
    Because you can walk into a newsagent/supermarket/mobile phone shop and pick up a lightening cable for about a couple of pounds/dollars/etc. Try doing that with the cable the sony players use and see the reaction (never mind the price if by some miracle you do find one!).
    fish1050 likes this.
  6. bruce1967
    OK Apple's are more readily available but none of my cables I have except for the one that came with the A45 are made by Sony and I got them all at very reasonable prices online, they were't hard to find and they all work the same as the Sony made cable.
    HulkFlyer likes this.
  7. Krutsch
    I just stumbled across this:


    ...dated 30 August 2018, with this quote:

    That's a bummer for me. Despite the commentary on the WM-PORT, I am really interested in the bluetooth receiver function.

    I would imagine the import pricing to the US will be high, especially at the start. I hope this turns out to NOT be the case, but maybe Sony has a stock of A-40 series Walkmans in the US/EU, discouraging the release of an updated product in those regions.
  8. Bepli
    Funny, the A series always released there a couple of months early! This is not new, the new A50 will be available worldwide. Just wait some weeks maybe months.
  9. davidcotton
    America will probably get it around october/november time and uk/europe march april if it's anything like last time. Think I'll pass on this.
  10. Aevum
    actually... i´ve never owned an apple product becuase of this.
  11. pinkbecca
    Wow this model must be doing really well if were are at the 5th generation. Could be a record for Sony since their minidisc R series? I could be wrong on that.
  13. phower
    Output power is still 35mW?(~ 0.75V max) No, thanks. I would take a FiiO or any other competent chi-fi.
  14. imparanoic
    it seems new feature includes bluetooth or even ldac link from phone to a50 for streaming spotify, deezer, apple music or tidal to this walkman
  15. Krutsch
    Yes. To be honest, this is the feature that I am most excited about.
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