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Sony NW-ZX300

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by riotgrrl, Jul 10, 2017.
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  1. riotgrrl

    Sony will be introducing a second Walkman along with the NW-A40, the ZX300. The new ZX300 will have a similar design to the older ZX100, but will offer a slimmer design, include 2 outputs on the top of device like the ZX2. Controls have been moved to the side of the device with a touch screen as the main controls for menu operation. Micro-SD support will be included along with NFC and bluetooth, most likely 4.1. While I feel the ZX2 will still remain the top end model with the ZX300 slotting between the middle, to sit above the A40. Pricing should reflect this so I would not expect this to be that affordable. Unfortunately with no FCC filing (yet) for the ZX300 in the US, this model might only be available in Asia and possibly Europe, so anyone from the US wishing to buy this might have to import it.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2017
  2. davidcotton
    Touch screen confirmed is it? The ZX series walkman usually have a dpad of some sort. Going to hold off on any walkman now until I know they have podcast/bookmark support. My a35 would be the perfect device with that option, so it sticks a bit if it will be on the new models.
  3. imparanoic
    apart from touch screen and balanced output, i wonder what other differences, will it be android based or traditional walkman based?
  4. Partlys4int
    This is terrific news!
  5. nofarewell
    I hope it's traditional and I hope it will have more power! :)
  6. imparanoic
    Just look at the instructions manual, seems to less storage at 64gb (128gb) and less playback time with full charge, flac 24:192, at I think 32hours, but on the nw-zx100 it's rated to 45 hours, has Sony slimmed down the battery and machine milled aluminum body for this higher mid level Walkman, but still think it's audiophile grade
  7. Partlys4int
    Just add a Micro-SD and you're good. I don't care about less memory. Battery life is somewhat disappointing, but we do get a slimmer device which is convenient.
    It does make sense to make the NW-ZX300 less good compared to the NW-A1 than the NW-ZX100 was to the ZX-2. After all the ZX100 cannibalised on the sales of ZX2.

    Perhaps the NW-ZX300 will sit more logically in the middle between A40 and NW-A1. The ZX100 leaned more to the top.
    Balanced output , slimmer design and better screen (and maybe more output power and updated components) already make the ZX300 more compelling than ZX100 to consider it as a truly PORTABLE Media Player.

    I just hope it'll come with apt-x.
  8. imparanoic
    If the case that they change the chassis as zx100 was milled aluminum, to cheaper and slimmer chassis, the build quality and maybe the sound quality/ properties may change
  9. Partlys4int
    I don't think they would do that. That would be a dumb move, especially with two outputs. A rigid housing is needed. Also it would blur the lines between A40 and ZX300. A40 will have the same design -more or less- as A30 so only partly aluminum.

    Fingers crossed either way. Sony is quite inconsistent: we could get awesome products at IFA or total mishaps
  10. benchan2
    When I click into the link, it says ZX200 instead of 300. Did you correct it yourself?
  11. Bepli
    Seems like it supports aptx, the instructions do show it. It seems like it even supports Mqa since it is listed under compatible codecs
  12. Weaves
    Better be Walkman if you want any decent battery life.
  13. benchan2
    It looks like about the same size as ZX100, maybe slightly thinner. Wonder if they will keep the same msrp. Will wait and see if it is actually more attractive than all the 2,5mm balanced DAP on the markets.
  14. Bepli
    It will be very attractive since it will be the cheapest DAP with a 4.4mm and this will be the new standard since sennheiser already jumped on it and other companies will come soon. Also it has a nice battery, if it has a good power output it will be a really nice device for 600€ and lower
  15. benchan2
    To me it is too soon to say 4.4mm will take over the balanced output standard. I mean, there are 2 DAP on the market that make use of it, with 2 more known to be coming. And there are dozens of 2.5mm Balanced DAP, from low end to high end. If Sony wants to turn the table here, they really have to have an aggressive pricing here.
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