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Sony NW-A40 Series NW-A45/A46/A47

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bizkid, Jul 11, 2017.
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  1. bizkid
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  2. Weaves
    Thanks for finding and posting
  3. astroid
  4. imparanoic
    i believe the reviews for the predecessor A30 suffers from serious lag ( not sure myself, as i use nw-zx100) , hopefully they improve this aspect on the new -a40 series
  5. Bepli
    This lag got fixed
  6. imparanoic
    that's great
  7. astroid
    A30 is best lower priced walkman Sony have made, it shares a lot of technology with Signature series and sounds really good. Aptx was only real drawback Imo so I may upgrade to a40 from my 35.
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  8. Bepli
    I thought the same, but for getting aptx and mqa I wont do it. another atleast 200 € is just to expensive
  9. astroid
    Wonder if search has been added?
  10. vikibeats
    Was just about to buy the NW-A35 model. I can not wait for the release of a new NW A45

    What do you think, how much will it cost in the beginning?
  11. Ferdi91
    It's still soon for an official price, but, considering the A35, it should be around 200-250 USD for the 16 gb version.

    You guys know if there will be hardware changes (DAC used, power output etc...). Maybe, the only thing I'd change is the power.
    It's better, in your opinion, wait for the 40 series or should i buy the 35 right now? (it's around 165 euro, a good price).
  12. vikibeats
    I will wait.

    From manual we know that :

    1 It will be USB DAC feature
    2 MP4 support (so, probally video support like in nw-A25 model
    3 and better battery.
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  13. goody
    when is IFA?...i use my ZX100 which i think will still be better sounding
  14. Bepli
    Some people already said that the A30 series sound equal as the zx100, so if they changed something about the A40 than it will probably sound better
  15. bizkid
    IFA is from 1. to 6. September
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