NEW: Sony Walkman NW-ZX500 Series DAP
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Feb 1, 2011
For more information and to pre-order the Sony Walkman NW-ZX500 DAP, check out our product page HERE.

More Ways to Enjoy Exceptional Sound
Supported by Android™, with Wi-Fi for downloading and streaming, the NW-ZX500 Walkman® lets you enjoy truly authentic sound from all your favorite music sources.

High-Resolution Audio
Every note as the artist intended
Take your digital music collection to another level with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing and reproducing digital audio at a higher rate than CD (24-bit/96 kHz and beyond), High-Resolution Audio allows you to get closer to the original studio recording.

Hi-Res Audio Wireless
Enjoy High-Resolution Audio quality music streaming thanks to LDAC, our premium wireless codec. With 3x the bitrate of standard BLUETOOTH® technology, you can enjoy a superior listening experience for all your music.

NFC™ One-touch and Bluetooth® for instant connectivity
Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth® wireless technology makes connecting to your music fast and easy. Just touch your NFC-enabled device to your NW-ZX500 Series for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming. No NFC? No problem. Connect via Bluetooth and you're ready to go. LDAC and aptX™ HD audio compatibility are available.

Vinyl Processor
Give the warmth and character of vinyl back to your digital tracks and get lost again in the richness of the melodies and dynamics of your favorite albums. Enjoy subtle reproduction of the low-frequency resonance, tone-arm resistance, and surface noise to deliver an authentic listening experience.

MQA™ files played and decoded
Master Quality Authenticated is an audio format that compresses large studio-quality files without audible loss so you can easily enjoy High-Resolution Audio music on your Walkman®.

Wi-Fi compatible for direct download and streaming
Supported by Android™ and compatible with Wi-Fi, the NW-ZX500 offers you even more ways to listen to your music. Enjoy your favorite streaming and music apps right on your Walkman or connect to a PC to access your music collection.

USB Type-C™ port
The NW-ZX500 features a USB Type-C™ port for easy connectivity with a range of devices.

Compact, handy size
The NW-ZX500 Walkman offers high-quality sound in a compact device — so you can take your favorite music with you anywhere.

20-hr battery life
Enjoy up to 20 hours of 128 kbps MP3 playback, or up to 18 hours of 96 kHz FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback.

Larger touch panel for easy operation
The 3.6-inch touch panel on the NW-ZX500 is 16% larger than the touch panel on its predecessor, the NW-ZX300. Managing and enjoying your music has never been easier.

Expandable storage for endless playlists
In addition to the 64-GB integrated memory, there's also an SD card slot, enabling you to take even the biggest music collections on the go.

Premium design
Finished in high-quality aluminum, the curved body of the NW-ZX500 is designed to sit comfortably in your palm and slide easily into your pocket.

Intuitive side key controls
Easily access play/pause, change music selection and adjust the volume using conveniently positioned side panel controls.


For more information and to pre-order the Sony Walkman NW-ZX500 DAP, check out our product page HERE.
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I thought zx507 is latest model, i am wrong?
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I thought zx507 is latest model, i am wrong?
Maybe a limited ed model or something with qn added and or stripped feature the 507 does/nt have.
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Looking on Amazon, the US model is silver, and if you want black you have to get the Japanese/International model :/

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