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  1. PointyFox
  2. markus.wimmer
    Hey guys! I will receive my z1r and a&f se100 tomorrow :), abyone knows a good case for them?

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  3. nc8000 Contributor
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  4. BlackspeedF355
    Has anyone posted a picture of themselves with these in their ears? I don't think I'll purchase if they make me look like Frankenstein.
  5. PointyFox
  6. Redcarmoose
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  7. fiascogarcia
    Here's my modded set.
    soundstage 3.jpg
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  8. jmills8
    End end game.
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  9. BlackspeedF355
    God Tier.
  10. BlackspeedF355
    looks painful... I think I'll take these off my list. Colleagues at my office already look at me like I'm a weirdo with my DAC's and whatever I'm listening to that day on my desk.
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  11. candlejack
    Yeah, these are not part of the "grey person" kit.
  12. nc8000 Contributor
    Not painfull at all. Very comfortable, almost as good as my customs, I can easily use them 5-6 hours in a stretch with no discomfort. I do however have large ears, my customs are almost bigger than the Z1R
  13. jmills8
    Can go see a Doctor who can drill out your skull inorder to fit an iem.
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  14. nc8000 Contributor
    Received my Dignis today

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  15. McMadface
    Looking good! The only thing I'd do is turn the divider on the long edge of the 1Z the other way so that you don't get those pressure spots from the velcro tabs.
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