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  1. CoryGillmore

    Sony IER-M9 impressions thread

    Alright so this IEM has been discussed quite extensively in the M7, M9 and Z1R thread. The M9 has even somewhat been the star of the show in that thread. But I still believe an IEM of this caliber deserves it's own thread for people who want to read about it all in one place. Plus, this is an...
  2. leylandi


  3. Meth

    Sony XBA-A3 - Impressions Thread

    Feel free to share your experience with the Sony-XBA A3         Features • High-Resolution Audio HD Hybrid 3-way driver system   • Linear drive Balanced Armature driver HD super tweeter   • 16mm Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragm dynamic driver   • Enjoy radiant highs and deep bass...