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  1. Whitigir
    You can not simply say that a modification is worth or not worth it until you try it and hear it. That is for sound performances consideration. If you meant about hassle vs gain and risk, then you are correct, I don’t recommend people to simply just do it. That was why I did not post it here in this thread mainly. Even myself, I did it on my M9 first before I try and touching the Z1R.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
  2. candlejack
  3. nc8000 Contributor
    based on the filter experiments I made years ago on Ety ER4 it can substantially change the sound. It’s individual if one likes the change. I have not done it on the Z1R as they are at a price where I’m not comfortable messing with them and I’m very happy with the stock sound
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  4. wazzupi
    Yes that is what i mean. I wouldn't say any mod isn't worth considering for personal gain.
  5. mashuto
    I have been reading up a bit on this mod, but I find myself in the same boat as you here. I do not want to risk any potential damage to such an expensive iem (even though that risk seems quite minimal), but I also find the sound is really wonderful on these and I personally dont think there needs to be any more treble or less bass. For those that do, would so go for it if the risk is worth it. For me, the sound needs no real tweaks, and I think I would be much more comfortable with modding on a much lower priced set than these.

    Either way, unrelated to modding I think I have gotten comfort ok... Using final e large tips right now and it seems to work decently well, though there is definitely still some discomfort for longer listening sessions and often require a decent amount of fiddling and adjustment. Still considering going for custom tips, though I would need to get impressions made.
  6. PointyFox
    The FR graph looks significantly worse once removing the filter.
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  7. Whitigir
    I would love to see that graph, make sure it is the graph with removed filters though
  8. PointyFox
  9. candlejack
    My suggestion would be to try and get them as deep as possible. The inside contour of the shells seems very deliberate and they happen to fit my ears quite well (they actually sit quite similar to a custom in that they make contact with my skin over fairly large surfaces). Finding this fit and also allowing for my ears to adjust took a bit of time, but the key is to find the smallest tips that provide a good seal and shove these in as deep as they go. The deeper they are, the more faithful the sound will be and comfort should in principle be better too because you will have more of your ear supporting the weight (not to mention there won't be as much leverage to support).

    Custom tips do the exact opposite of everything I just wrote above. They will move the shells even further out of your ears with the only benefit being (hopefully) a tighter seal. My comment about custom tips refers strictly to the IER-Z1R because of its already very large shells and intended wearing style. For a smaller IEM designed for a shallower fit they might be brilliant.

    My biggest gripe with comfort now is the ear hooks touching the back of my ears. It's amazing, for such a light contact, they can get really annoying after some time (I blame the rubbery material of the outer tube). This is the only reason I'm keeping an eye out for a possible cable replacement ...although I think it will be very difficult to match the rest of the ergonomics (the lack of tangling and microphonics, the solid construction with excellent quality connectors, etc.) for a price that is not stupid.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  10. mashuto
    I can get a decently deep insertion with the L final e tips, but my ears also seem to slowly push them out. I think thats one of the hard things for me, getting a deep insertion that seals and doesnt slip out over time (I might need to clean some earwax). But I think Ill try out some acoustune aet08 medium since I can get them inserted pretty deep and sealed with some wiggling (at least it seems sealed, still get good bass response), the question is whether they will stay and whether they will remain comfortable for more than maybe 15 or 20 minutes (as seems to be the comfort threshold for me). My biggest issue with comfort seems to be related more to pressure points. So the thought here was that a custom tip was that it would increase contact with my ear and spread the weight out and eliminate the pressure points. As for moving the IEM farther out, yea... it would be silly with how big it is, but I also havent noticed much change in sound due to shallow or deeper fits here, so thats not much of a concern. Comfort is the real concern.

    I have my own minor gripes with the earhooks. I like that they are nice and flexible, but the rubber sticks to my skin just a tiny bit which makes adjustment annoying since the earhooks dont really move though I guess that can be a positive too since it could allow for some assistance in holding the iem in place better. I dont really subscribe to cables altering sound (at least outside of resistance and stuff) so ergonomics would be my number 1 priority if looking at new cables. And other than the earhooks, the ergonomics of the stock cable are just excellent. As you say, no tangling, extremely low microphonics and the quality of it is excellent.

    I knew these were going to be difficult fit wise when I got them, but its definitely been a challenge. They are just very very pleasant to listen to, do so many things right, and most importantly, match my preferences quite well, that I think the fiddling is worth it, especially because I would rather not go through the hassle of having to sell them and then continue searching for something to take its place (and potentially have to sell those, rinse repeat).
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  11. nc8000 Contributor
    i’m using the Final E large and get a perfect deep fit (almost equal to my customs) and can use them for 5-6 hours straight with no discomfort at all though they was some discomfort the first week or so I had them
  12. djansia
    Thanks a lot. Wow, they are very big and bulky.
  13. nc8000 Contributor
    Fit nice and neat in my ear

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  14. gerelmx1986
    I do also deep inseerion, and very comfortable
  15. wazzupi
    "Deep insertion"
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