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    Definitely agree with the sentiments above. Listening to these I don't feel like I need to be overly critical. It's got the technicalities locked down as though that's a given, It presents them as woven into the fabric of the music and not in contrast to it. A good example for me is clarity. There are lots of IEMs out there with great clarity, but sometimes it feels as if they cut short the natural decay of instruments to achieve this. When the IER-Z1Rs are driven well, I can hear this natural decay simultaneously as it achieves similar or even better levels of clarity than its counterparts. A lot of folks praise the bass, and I do too, but to me, it's again almost like that's a given. I truly value its sheer resolution, and overall natural and effortless portrayal of my music. After a good few months of ownership, I am still very pleased with this purchase.
  2. candlejack
    A friend recently told me about this band. I'm really enjoying their music on the Z1R.

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  3. Malevolent
    Nice that you mentioned the D7000; I'm quite a big fan of Denon's trio of D2000, D5000 and D7000, back in the day. I have the D2000 myself, but I have always wanted the D7000. (It's not too late to get one, but I digress)

    In any case, I agree - the bass on the Z1R is extremely natural, reminiscent of some of the big basshead cans. You get what you want in a well-polished, top-notch dynamic: rumble, texture, detail and impact. All in all, it's the best bass that I've heard in any IEM, thus far.

    It's a very good review. Thanks for your impressions! :)
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  4. Malevolent
    It's all about the bling, buddy. An 8-wire Eros is quite the looker! :wink:
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  5. gerelmx1986
  6. Whitigir
    do the filter mods, you will vastly improve the recessed mid, and that trebles will also be better :wink:
  7. Damz87
    Do you notice any difference with the mids when using the Z1R with DMP-Z1? I felt like they sound fuller and don’t seem thin at all, but maybe I’m just imagining it haha
    I was listening to ‘Why So Serious’ from the Dark Knight movie and man the depth that the Z1R brought with the 1Z was truly amazing! At around 3:50 into the track the music gets little quiet with slight drum rolling you could hear the music pulsing into your eardrums! Truly an exceptional music bliss both Z1R/1Z.
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  9. wazzupi
    What filter mods
  10. gerelmx1986
    To remove the stock filters from the nozzle of eacj bud
  11. 52203
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  12. Whitigir
    Correction, to remove and replace it to the thinner and less dense foam
  13. wazzupi
    What foam ?
  14. Whitigir
  15. wazzupi
    Not worth but thank you
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