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  1. Banbeucmas
    I have small ears. Tried the z1r the other day. Was able to get a seal nonetheless
    It is fantastic, wide soundstages, excellent resolution.
    Definitely one of the iem I yearn to try again when I have time
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  2. Redcarmoose
    Probably one of the best tests for the IER-Z1R is to walk away from them for 30 days straight.


    I believe the mind gets used to stuff and can fail to fully grasp what an IEM sound is until met with contrasts. If anything taking a break helps reanalyze what is reality in a sound signature. Obviously the differences are in total direct contrast to whatever IEM was used the 30 days before.

    Interestingly I found the IER-Z1R to be complete soundtrack perfection! I didn’t really come to terms (before the test) with their ability to create the bass and drum low end used in soundtracks. After a brief time away I can honestly believe the IER-Z1R is the most proficient and able IEM in my collection. I’m listening to Star Wars Episode One OST in 24bit and it’s a life changing experience.

    Though with such an experiment you also risk hearing possibilities of faults in response. So far only Robert Plant’s voice recording in the Song Remains The Same seemed to show the slight vocal recession artifact in response. Though I can confirm coming back from a very midcentric IEM to the IER-Z1R had me not noticing any issues with vocals and nothing like I would have expected the change to reveal?

    It’s a keeper!
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  3. Malevolent
    I can't even walk away from it for a week. Ha. When I'm not with my Z1R, the Solaris takes up the rest of my listening time. To be frank, the Solaris is great with its mids, and this is where it trumps the Z1R, albeit only by a whisker, with a warmer, fuller midrange. I'm glad I have both in my stable; they are 2 of the best hybrids IEMs around, IMO.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  4. Rockwell75
    I found the Solaris to have more impact in the mid-bass region as well, which surprised me given how lauded the Z1R's bass is. The Z1R wins on sub-bass extension and texture no doubt though. I would also give the definite edge to Solaris for the integration of all its different drivers and resulting more cohesive signature. I agree they're a good complimentary pair if you can manage the fit with the Z1R (I couldn't).
    BlackspeedF355 and Malevolent like this.
  5. Peter Ruby
    I feel the Z1R is more cohesive. Different strokes for different folks.
    Sp12er3 and candlejack like this.
  6. PointyFox
    I demoed the Solaris and thought it sounded muddy in comparison to the M9/Z1R.
    Peter Ruby likes this.
  7. Peter Ruby
    Larger soundstage, too.

    The list goes on and on.
  8. BananaOoyoo
    Z1R doesn’t have coherence issues :thinking:
    Sp12er3, candlejack and Peter Ruby like this.
  9. Peter Ruby
    It might to people with poor hearing. :wink:
    Vitaly2017 likes this.
  10. PointyFox
    Oh, I think I might know why it may seem to have "coherence issues". I thought it did once when I didn't insert the tips deep enough.
    Vitaly2017 likes this.
  11. Peter Ruby
    Strangely I don’t have that problem. Mine sound the same with a shallow and deep insertion.

    The Z1Rs seem to be very dependent on a persons ears, which I would assume is the reason some may not find them suitable end game IEMs.
    Vitaly2017 likes this.
  12. PointyFox
    It was more like the sound was coming from too far away and the center channel was split with nothing in the middle.
  13. Peter Ruby
    I think I get what you’re saying. Do you also notice a difference in the treble between a deep/shallow insertion?
  14. PointyFox
    No obvious changes to the frequency response. I had a pretty good seal since I was using large tips that were sealing in the bowl of my ear. The sound was just further away, and as a result seemed to have wider soundstage, but didn't sound right.
  15. Peter Ruby
    Your sig has IER-M9, but you’re talking about the Z1R, yes?

    I’m using the SS tips; hybrid silicone and triple Cs, so I don’t think I could even achieve too shallow of a fit.
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