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Three Brand New Earphones: Sony IER-Z1R, IER-M9 and IER-M7

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  1. Whitigir
    I understand, I removed andreplaced the stock filters and definitely glad that I used a little bit of glues
  2. Redcarmoose
    ADBD5C23-C2B5-4D90-A305-D04204D98BE5.jpeg B52891D2-5596-4FC9-8E09-4DA50A1ED788.jpeg 3044677B-DC5F-4B09-B9EA-3E4DA07D36AC.jpeg
    There is also a small group of folks adapting a slightly different Knowles filter into place for a fine-tune of different Chi-Fi BA IEMs. Most of mine seem to be green?
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  3. nc8000 Contributor
    How can a filter have an ohm rating since it is not electrical?
  4. Whitigir
    Acoustic filters are very funky businesses. You need to play around a lot to find one that you like, and they can be ways worse than tips rolling
  5. SQ13
    No idea, if you check the Audiosense T800 thread, they are replacing with these filters to change the FR.
    The color side facing inside.
  6. Redcarmoose
    3183A4BA-7EA6-4EE3-AD2E-376B64556F61.jpeg 83C727CD-3214-4F7A-879C-2BF7A1B2D27A.jpeg E83FA596-6BC6-4B15-A339-B540072A4238.jpeg
    It’s a way they measure the acoustic resistance?


    Though you will read of people taking and going Dr. Frankenstein after obtaining a set. Probably a little like cooking or painting, purely observational. In the Chi-Fi world it’s simple paranoia much of the time. Like if someone gets a new IEM and they think it varies from the descriptions; they will do a visual to make sure that their filters match what has already been documented to be there. Then a few will actually change color. But remember it’s different for each sound tube. Green and gray seem to be the most common in my purchases? Though you can’t always see the color? They must use microscopes? And obviously some are easy to reach, others not so much. But from what I have seen they pull the foam out of the center of the ring with tweezers. It’s not like you’re going to get those rings out of the tubes.

    From what I understand there are no screens like the artistic freedom shown in the drawings. There are small “blocks” of foam stuffed into each filter, and they come right out. Though I’m not sure if they are glued in?

    Those “pin” tools (in the first post) I guess are used to shove the ring down to a position in the tube? The ring holds the foam and protects it while it’s put in place?

    There has to be folks that know about this? I know next to nothing. I’m perfectly happy with my “stock” tunings. Though it’s noticeable what color the filters are on some IEMs.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
  7. Whitigir
    Those are acoustic resistors for custom in ears buds or so it seems. The M9 only has one resistors which you can see by eyes. The tubes and it housing will lead all the way into the BA drivers. Judging by the pictures of the published pics, these BA don’t use additional housing or necks. I can only see the diaphragms making sound through an opening on the body. There is unlikely to be any resistive filter at those openings , probably a thin film to protect it. I have never seen it up close

    But all in all, I just want to say that Sony BA and especially M9 and Z1R are using Sony newest designs and productions run on these drivers “BA”, unlike knowles and so on which is mass productions for every off the shelves company

    None the less, I do perceive amazing change in performances when I roll these acoustic filter foams at the nozzles . I love the M9 more than stocks with new filters
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  8. Whitigir
    The M9 is pretty easy to swap out these acoustic resistors.

    Disclosures: by modifying your M9, you are likely voiding your warranty, unless you can fit in the stock filters before you send it off for warranty purposes, like nothing have happened....better be saving those foams. Also, by modifying your units, you are risking permanently damaging your iems by dropping glues or debris toward your BA drivers or whatever accidents....only proceed when you are prepared. Otherwise, leave it alone. I can not be held responsible for your units outcome and decisions. Pictures are for illustration purposes only with clear plastic caps for nozzles

    1/ you need to find foam that is according to your taste. The less density is the more clarity

    2/ then the thickness of the foams. The thinner the foams, the more you can bring about your mid spectrums to surface

    *the M9 has a very thick foam filter with great density*. Therefore, I do find that the M9 has a bit of mid spectrum attenuated, bass is boosted, and trebles from upper mid to low trebles are a muddy mess. The materials I chose is 2mm thickness. The density is pretty minimal

    This foam can be found in some of those boxes that you bought items before, probably Chinese made iems, or cheap ears bud or whatever. I found these foams and stuff it in a closest before I toss out the boxes.....so I can not tell you exactly where to buy these

    So the items you need would be: tweezers, foams of choices, the 3.5mm plastic cover caps on the plug from the M9 stock cables, a razor or utility knife blade, gel form super glues. If you are OCD, you will want a cotton Q-tip and some strong acetones

    1/ remove the stock foams by using tweezers, pull it out, the foams is sticking to the nozzles by one line of glues. Use the tweezers with good hand control to slightly scrape against the nozzles to separate the glues between foam and the nozzles *cautions: you need to turn the nozzles up side down, so that any lose debris will fall down with gravity instead of falling inward toward the drivers and the body housing*

    Use Q-tips and dip in the acetones enough so it is slightly damped, clean the nozzles at the glues to remove old glues.

    2/ preparing the new foams.

    - use the foam sheets of choices. Mine was with minimal dense that you can see through easily and at 2mm thickness.

    - use the plastic caps plugs from 3.5mm stock cables.

    - wrap the foams around the cap tightly so you can trim it out with your utility knife blade or razor.

    - carefully rotate the cut to cut out a cylindrical shapes. It is easier to cut it in circles without using forces. You need practices, but it is very straight forward.

    3/ inserting the foams

    - try fit the foams with tweezers, make sure that your foams will fit in without compressing it. The easier it fit, the better. The point is to gain as much clarity as possible, and the foams is used as a protection mechanism only

    - when satisfied with the fitting, use a wood stick, or a tooth pick, dip into the gel-glues, and dap it onto the nozzles. You don’t have to totally wet the nozzle, just a thin line, just a very thin film is good enough. Be careful, if you picked up too much glues, you don’t want to drop it into the drivers or the iems body. Remember, you only need a very thin film of glues so that the foams is held into place

    - then fit in the foam with the tweezers, do it swiftly as the dragging factors of the foam against the nozzles and frictions on the glues-film will cure it almost in second....depends on the glues used.

    -let dry for about couple minutes. Then try pulling with tweezers on the foam to make sure that it is not fixed securely

    Voila, you have upgraded your M9 signatures
    BB573116-6069-4731-B681-571B5F0011C3.jpeg 0C11E180-32D7-420D-825D-6EE3F33D41B7.jpeg 95F9E45B-97C7-46DC-88B9-FFD3058017BC.jpeg 45A0D23A-4FA4-489A-B300-42E62B9A66BF.jpeg 05BEBB7E-9B37-4B0D-93CB-858928E3022E.jpeg 5C8E3FBC-2A63-4866-A509-6EFE05FAA57F.jpeg 3876FA42-3987-4F91-9B3B-8593845B6008.jpeg BC9D4F49-704F-4098-852B-83BDEABE245D.jpeg
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  9. Redcarmoose
    Not just for custom but used with universal IEMs in addition to the crossover to adjust complete tone.
  10. Whitigir
    I understand, but Sony BA isn’t engineered that way

    In order to use those resistors as linked above, the BA have to be designed with a “necK” like this.

    The reason why I said it is more like a custom BA tuning is because only Sony...engineered and made their own BA where as Custom IEMS and even other manufacturers....are buying off the shelves such as Knowles
    F5C6B58E-A533-4279-AC0A-1DAA8EDDFC68.jpeg E4CAEBA0-B7C4-46C2-8239-D5C8B2980B23.jpeg
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2019
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  11. gerelmx1986
    IER-Z1R nozzle measurements. I've taken my time to do.so
    Left height measures
    Right diameters
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  12. gerelmx1986
    Hi guys anyone selling his/her IER-M7?
  13. gerelmx1986
    Ordered a M7 (495€ + 22€ shipping) for on the go. The Z1R will.be the critical quiet environment listening iem

    Bwt I saw.many fit issues, I've ordered some custom silicone tips from the custom art. They're waiting for my impressions, which I already sent via dhl
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2019
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  14. stenog
    Accessoryjack? They sell the Sony's at a very good price and import tax is minimum :)

    Can't imagine you will have any fit issues with the M7 or M9 for that matter. They are very ergonomic and easy to get a good fit with.
  15. buonassi
    M7 hurts my left concha. I too am going to find custom tips as I did for my Rai Penta. Pentas are comfy but for SQ reasons I got the custom tips from advanced sound.
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