1. Dragon Leader

    Portable Tube Amp Recommendations

    Hello, my dear Head-Fiers, I am on the hunt for a portable (not transportable) headamp that can drive the IER-Z1R, EE Odins, and the Meze Elite. As a stationary amp, I use a Mal Valve Headamp 3 and my current DAP is an SP2000 (Copper) which is resolving and analytical yet something smoother for...
  2. Sony Audiophile

    Sony Audiophile

  3. X

    Eartips for Sony IER-Z1R

    Where can we buy eartips for the IER-Z1R in the United States? I have two concerns 1) ear wax may enter the enclosure - it doesn't look like IER-Z1R has filters like the Etymotic ER4XRs 2) I swap eartips out often to keep them fresh and get good seals, but I can't find any waxguard type eartips...
  4. V

    about ier-z1r

    just tried it in shop, it's so good,but it's too big and heavy, is there any similar model sounds like z1r but smaller


    We designed the drivers in the IER-Z1R headphones from the ground up, to work in total harmony together. The consistent sound signature carried out across each driver works as if they were a perfect single driver. Hear everything with a frequency response to 100kHz The super tweeter in the...
  6. monini13

    Three Brand New Earphones: Sony IER-Z1R, IER-M9 and IER-M7

    Hey everyone! Joseph over here and to be succinct, I've been working with @thatonenoob to provide tech/audio reviews and updates for the last year and a half. I'm an audio enthusiast myself, and about a month back, I received an invitation by the Sony Singapore Team to join a Sony Experience...
  7. leylandi