sony ier-z1r
  1. Intralaust

    Sony IER-Z1R mids? (not what you think)

    Hello, So recently, I got the chance to demo the Sony IER-Z1Rs. Shockingly, they actually fit my ear canals! As expected, the sound quality was out of this world. Having said that, there was one thing that bugged me about the overall sound signature: the mid-range. And not in the way you may...
  2. C

    Ways to improve sony IER-Z1r fit?

    Has anyone explored with improving SONY IER-Z1r fit? Looking for 1) Cable recommendation (I tried connecting to my existing MMCX cable, and upon trying separate it, it broke the cable :( 2) Any other fit adjustment recommendation.
  3. J

    Sony ZX507 sound impressions

    Dear Headfiers, Want to purchase the Sony zx507 dap and to use it with 64 Audio U12t. I'll mostly use Amazon Music HD along with stored flac files. How does it sound ? Does it matches good with U12t. I would really appreciate if you share your experiences.
  4. X

    Eartips for Sony IER-Z1R

    Hi, I am thinking of picking up the IER-Z1R, but I can't seem to find where to get more tips. What is the lifetime of the foam-type tips?
  5. leylandi