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Airplane Mechanic, Life Guard, Basketball Coach.

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when a man says ma ting then him a ting. Jul 13, 2017

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    Airplane Mechanic, Life Guard, Basketball Coach.
    Is it true if you are with a girl and she keeps saying "its freezing" that she means she wants you on top of her at that exact moment?
    Headphone Inventory:
    HAVE - Aurisonics: Five 2.5s (Black) , Four 2.5s (Red) , 2.5 Nickel, Custom 2.5 , Harmony, Forte. Sony: 90EX, 90EX. Rhapsodio RD3. Future Sonics MG6P. Audio Technica: IM50, IM70. B&W P7 , P9 , Fostex TH900MK1, TH900MK2 , Lawton full mod TH900 , Beyerdynamic DT1779 PRO , Sony Z1. Denon AH-D7100.

    HAD - JH13, JH16, Roxanne, Layla. UE:5EB,Custom 5,Custom 7 ,Custom 11,Custom 18, 900. Spiral Ears 5 Way, Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro., Noble 5, UK10. Hidition NT6 Pro. Shure 530, 535 846. Westone:2, 3,4,5,6.Earsonics 3,6. Sony: Z5,A3, A2, H3, MDR-7550, 1000ex, Sin IE800, Aurisonics 2.5 Gold, Aurisonics 2.5 Nickel, Dita Truth, Fitear : 334 , 335, and K3003.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Three Head Stage Arrows, Chord Mojo , vorguze Duo and Pure +, iFi iDAC Micro, Chord Hugo, Chord TT,
    iFi iCan Micro , ifi itube micro, ifi ipower micro, Centrance HiFi M8 , Teac HA-P50, LH Labs Go2Pro.
    Source Inventory:
    Have: Cowon:D2, D2+,Plenue M, Pleneu P1, Pleneu D , Fiio X5III, Fiio X3. HAD: iBasso DX100,DX50, DX90. Hifiman: 601,602,802. Fiio: X3,X5. AK:100II, 120II, 240. Sony ZX100, ZX2 , Cowon J3, Cayin N6 , N5.
    Cable Inventory:
    I have seven good cables. I spent over $10,000 USD on IEM cables. Beat Audio Virginia, PW Audio 1964 4 wire.
    Music Preferences:
    A lot but not a woman singing in front or near a piano. I hate 95% of Acoustic music, Classical music is way over rated. I like: Metal, Metalcore, Electronic, Indie, Shoegaze, Screamo, Hardcore, Industrial, Classic Rock, Trance, Tecno, Minimal, Steely Dan , EDM, Breaks, Freestyle, and Punk Music.


    Fostex TH900 MK1 Stock, TH900 MK1(Lawton 1), TH900 MK1 (Lawton Level 3) , TH900 MK1 W/Silver Dragon upgrade cable , Sony MDR-Z1R (Sold) , TH900 MK2 (Lawton 1) Sold, Denon D7100 , Aurisonics 2.5 (sold) , Aurisonics 2.5 Custom , Cowon P1 , PM, PM2 , Fiio X5III, Arrow Amp , Geek Out 2Pro , ifi Black.
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