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Cowon Plenue P1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by batteraziiz, Mar 8, 2014.
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  1. batteraziiz
  2. Mimouille
    I was expecting this for a while...can't wait. Will be a perfect transport for my Hugo if it has a line out.
  3. musicday
    Not bad at all,and Cowon is know for very good batery management in their players before.
  4. zachchen1996
    Looking forward to this for sure
  5. Levanter
    Yay another option for me to consider besides Calyx. Not sure when this will be out though, but will be anticipating the specs :)
  6. RAFA
    This will be a pure fan-boi purchase for me, exactly like the D3. Oh my god I am so happy about this!
  7. kkcc
    While it's in the Plenue line, any confirmation that it will sport Android and most importantly Play Store?  I would be interested for a DAP to run spotify and other streaming apps...
  8. AndrewH13
    Some patchy details:
  9. RAFA
    In the worst case: There will be people rooting this device, so most likely this will lead to being able to use the Play Store.
  10. Audiowood
    Hope it has a expandable storage and a pure line out.
  11. Heterodoxa
    Oh guys I'm so happy to read this post!!!!
    Maybe Cowon is back to give us a new stunning device?
    I hope so since my s9 broken...
    I was thinking Cowon was slightly dying and this is a great news!
    The last wish is an affordable price and of course a great sound quality... 
    I was about to buy a fiio x5 but now I MUST wait for this cowon device!
  12. Heterodoxa
    I think that with this device cowon can't make any mistake so I'm waiting for an anythingelsekiller device, with expandable storage, line out etc etc! :D
    Yesterday I just gifted an old (but brand new) cowon i10 to a friend because of the quality of those devices so guys i'm really happy!
    p.s. Cowon if you want I can test the device for you so eventually contact me via pm! :wink:
  13. danimoca
    It won't be cheap. 
    But then again, neither is a DX100 (same form factor), for example. 
    Cowon really isn't bringing anything new lately. I just hope they change that with this. 
  14. Ghisy
    This is what I'm afraid of... But I keep telling myself it might be released at $400 and I'll be happy! One can dream, right? :p
  15. roadrat
    When will we see this available
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