Fostex TH909 Announcement
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Mar 28, 2018
Looks like Fostex is announcing a new flagship at the Hong Kong A/V Show:

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I’m a big fan of the TH900 sound, Will be interested to learn more about how these sound.
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The pdf file you can find when following the link in the first post states the TH-909 is an open back. Though I guess you could call it semi-open. The grill design seems to focus on having a sufficient amount of sound reflection, probably to keep the bass levels up.
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Where is the preorder link :ksc75smile:
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To be honest, Th900 weren't really that "closed" to begin with, due to this gap between the cup and the plastic part. Bigger soundstage sounds like an obvious assumption, but I wonder what will happen to the legendary bass?
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So, wasup with these thangs. Q4 2018, be back.
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Heard them at the show today. I think they sounded better than the TH900, sound was nice and smooth. It was plugged into their new A8C (Forgot the name) DAC/Amp. Don't have much other comments since it was extremely noisy there. Didn't ask the price.

The closed-back ones looks much better imo :frowning2:

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