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  1. wazzupi
    I mean if i have one side not fully inserted it causes channel imbalance which pretty much messes everything up imo.
  2. PointyFox
    I owned both the Z1R and M9, just recently sold the Z1R. I was using the LL hybrid silicone tips.
  3. Redcarmoose
    I have gone around and tried out various TOTL IEMs, though I believe there is no complete comprehensive way to compare them to the IER-Z1R without actually owning them with extended time comparing.

    But in daily use I seem to simply notice more detail than anything I’ve heard before using my IER-Z1R. So it’s not like they are the most detailed due to a treble boost. But maybe due to imaging and separation........as things are extracted to a place and separated from the rest of the mix.

    For me anyway it’s this audio-microscope effect that ends up having me say “wow”. Mainly due to being able to simply understand the sounds I’m hearing. Old songs will reveal parts where I am surprised to at last get a glimpse of mystery sounds which were always in the background but very heard to discern as to what they were.

    What I thought was dogs barking is in actuality a guitar heavily put through effects. So it’s not maybe simply more detail but resolution?

    I’m using the new 3.02 firmware with the Walkman 1Z.

    But it’s hard to imagine Sony figuring out an improvement over time. I guess progress is inevitable but I’m pretty sure the IER-Z1R is not a sidestep from what they have made before? I would guess the Sony IER-Z1R MK2 would have two midrange BA drivers to try and bring out a fuller midrange....though I’m not so sure it’s needed. Meaning I actually find a completely integrated signature without any places where frequencies don’t blend together? Due to the cohesiveness it’s just an acceptable personality to have the IEM stay on the slightly dark side. Interestingly after using the more midcentric yet still V shaped Noble Encore there are not a bunch of missing midrange abilities lacking with the IER-Z1R.

    It’s just like always noted that there can be just a slight recession of vocal forwardness and times, where a vocal “could” seem lack being a hair more forward in the mix. And strangely this phenomenon is not all the time at all depending on the music you listen to it’s just this random thing. At times I may notice it one time in three days of listening which makes it a non-issue. So while no IEM is perfect this small artifact is fully out weighted by the overall performance taking place.

    Interesting too the new Walkman firmware is fully midcentric where the lower midrange has been sculpted back to now focus attention on the IER-Z1R mids. Also the new firmware offers the widest soundstage ever obtained with the Walkman, which helps the IER-Z1R get even a bigger soundstage.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  4. phonomat
    I think I get the point about "inccoherence" though. In the beginning, I would sometimes feel like I was listening to several IEMs playing at once, each of them doing something different. It sure felt incoherent sometimes, but not entirely unpleasant, just ... very different, strange, perhaps a bit artificial and a somewhat overwhelming, especially coming from the MDR-Z1R (to me, they couldn't be more different). Then with time, things settled, and I no longer feel this way. I'm not really a burn-in believer, so I guess I just got used to the sound. Going back to the MDR-Z1R now, it feels even more one-dimensional than before. Yeah, not a big fan of the big can; for me the IEM does everything better, and I wouldn't miss it for the world. Most definitely a keeper.

    Edit: Quoted wrong post
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  5. Dinrog
    Agree.. i had the MDR a year ago and i was shocked by how wonky that thing sounded.. got the IER couple months ago and to my big suprise it is better in almost evryway than the bigger brother lol!
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  6. nc8000 Contributor
    I still love the MDR but agree that the IER is probably better
  7. Malevolent
    Interesting. I've never once thought of the Solaris as "muddy", or any of the word's synonyms. I don't question what you hear; I believe it's the unit itself. The Solaris is notorious for varying QC standards across its myriad units. In any case, the Solaris, or at least the ones I have tried, including my own, are clear and detailed, with great instrument separation and imaging across the board.

    In comparison, the Z1R is a touch leaner in its midrange, but is equally as proficient at presenting a clean, crisp sound.
  8. PointyFox
    I don't think CA would use a poor one as a demo sample.
  9. candlejack
    Changed the normalization setting in Crin's graph tool and I think this is now a better representation of the effect of removing the filter.

  10. hshock76
    I have been using both MDR and IER for some time now and the most distinct difference to me is the the IER is a detail and resolution monstor while the MDR is smoother and more musical to me.

    I personally do not feel one is better than the other so I use them according to my moods and music played.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  11. candlejack
    So I'm not the only one who settled on the SS.
    Peter Ruby likes this.
  12. Peter Ruby
    Plain S tips can do the job if needed, but not as well as SS.

    Im going to order extras soon along with a replacement Sony 4.4 balanced cable. It’s like an insurance policy.
  13. Redcarmoose
    I get confused going back to the MDR-Z1R after the IER-Z1R. But maybe the IER is more direct.......like the MDR is more subtle?

    They really are different (the two) but it’s that they work with opposite methods maybe? One is injections of sound like a syringe, the other is more of outside of your head experience.

    It’s so confusing I stay away from contemplating it. :)
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  14. petezjunior
    What are peoples favorite tips for the z1r
  15. bibit69
    Sony hybrid from M9/M7/N1AP/...
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