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Sony EX1000 Review and Impressions Thread (with comparisons to FX700, GR10 and e-Q5)

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  1. kms108
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  2. mochifi
  3. kms108
    You are covered by paypal and credit cards.
  4. matias271983
    Hola a todos, les cuento un poco que perdí mi ibasso it03, que me gustó mucho, y comencé a buscar en Internet y encontré un par de ex1000 a 150 dólares por el precio que pensé que no podía perder, espero que me gusten ya te diré
  5. mochifi
    True, but didn't hurt to ask! They responded - they don't have it :triportsad: And naturally they've removed the item listing from their store now.

    The search continues...
  6. Tawek
    ex1000 was very underestimated, many people preferred to buy 3-4 x times more expensive iems and the truth is you have to find perfect synergy
    for me, the connection with 1z (1.02 software) + cabel forza "pyre" 4.4mm creates the perfect synergy
    for comparison for obravo eamt 2c I paid 10x as much as for ex1000 and Sony sounds more coherent obravo eamt2c I paid 10x as much as ex1000 and so ex1000 sounds more coherent, more naturally , better bass and better scene to a depth, instruments spreads better way .
    I'm just saying... 20180919_151641.jpg 20180728_225616.jpg
  7. Tawek
    only one thing in obravo is better high's. ..
  8. kms108
    I dont know whether to buy another pair, I have the ex600, ex800 and ex1000, they will probably last me for another 10 year, at least, even my ex600 survive 8 years, and Its like new after all this time, and I,'m thinking of getting the JE MH2.

    I could get the ex1000 for approximate USD 380 from taobao, its readlly available, but never like risking this amount of money at taobao, or retail price at the Sony center in Hong Kong for USD 510.

    Every thing Is money, and I'm tempting to get another, knowing Its a IEM that is hard to beat in many way, even many up to date IEM doesn't compare, along with knowing the price can double and even triple or more.
  9. mochifi
    Did Sony Centre have a lot of stock? I won't be in HK until November so fingers crossed I'm hoping I can still find one by then. I feel the same way about taobao, not that comfortable with paying that much for an item on there.
  10. kms108
    If i'm located in China and if my Chinese is better, I will probably buy from Taobao, but if a problem arises, it's hard to deal with it from Hong Kong, so I only buy cheap things from there.
    Any way Sony Center at TST and Sony Center MK has a few in stock, don't worry, since they are selling at HKD 3998 or approximate USD510, they won't sell fast.
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  11. Colors
    Has anyone else tried watching TV shows/movies with this?

    I did briefly for 10 minutes and the realism/intensity of the details was too much for me to take haha.
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  12. kms108
    The EX1000 was made for music only.
  13. Marvellous_DAP
    Any recommendations of premium cables with EX1000 plug and 4.4mm pentaconn connector?
  14. PCWar
    I'm using the null audio Arete MKIII and am very happy with the performance.
  15. kms108
    Just reterminate the stock.
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