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Sony EX1000 Review and Impressions Thread (with comparisons to FX700, GR10 and e-Q5)

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  1. Marvellous_DAP
    Thought so too, but just feeling a little wasteful to reterminate the brand new stock cable.


  2. kms108
    Not really, I have 3 stock cables, re-terminated 2 with the Right angle Pentaconn, yes it cost a lot for these plugs, but you can used cheaper ones, you can't really tell the SQ from the cheap or expensive plug, I have about 6 of these 4.4 plug purchased them from china for about USD 1.5 each, and I can't tell the differences in SQ, and quality seem good.
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  3. Colors
    Just got my 7550. They actually compliment the EX1000 well. More musical and less critical. Easier on the ears with a warmer sound and more forward vocals.

    Sony did a good job on this series :)
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  4. kms108
    What DAP are you using, I notice it does not go well with the ZX300, I have the EX800, they should be the same, Japanese vs international model.
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  5. Colors
    Cayin N5ii. Minimum background hiss and also sounds kind of neutral warm-ish.

    Btw, does your EX800 come with the “fuzzy balls” in the nozzle like the EX1000?
  6. kms108
    You mean where you put silcone tip, I have something like a washer ring with a sponge inside.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
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  7. Colors
    Yeah the sponge. The person who sold me mine seem to have removed the sponge. I wonder if that affects the sound?
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  8. kms108
    No you don't, it help keep the nozzles clean, especially ear wax.
  9. Colors
    Hm, seems like I’ll have to wear mine with Comply waxguard tips then. Mine were removed =P
  10. kms108
    They were put there for a reason.:blush:
  11. WCDchee
    Lol don’t remove the foam buddy it’s part of the tuning
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  12. jonathane40
    What don’t you like about the synergy between the ex1000 and the zx300? To my ears they both pair very nice using the balanced output of the zx300.
  13. kms108
    sound hollow, too much bass, vocal not clear, someone on this forum also agreed that EX800 does not work well with ZX300.
  14. wolfxomg
    Hello guys, I was looking to find a new IEM as well always wanted to get the EX1000, due to beating a lot of IEMs with single DD with their clarity, bass, massive soundstage and fantastic build. I was looking at ES Velvet V2 / IE800 ( the semi in ear design is off putting and the cable), Dunu's flagship multi driver sets like 3001 (Massive size causing discomfort), SE846 also was an option, but blisteringly expensive. CA Vega is a good one but very expensive again for me. FLC8S also has same Bass/Sub Bass perhaps a touch less vs the DN1K, DN2K loses the 1K's visceral sub bass, tried IE80 they can't touch the DN1K. And I always referred to Joker's list, somehow his reviews always were great the DN1K rivals the AKG multidriver K3003i flagship as well according to his pov. I also tried the GR07 BE and loved them but sadly no bass. So yeah currently using the DN1K they are really good, I wrote my analysis of them at the DN1K thread if anyone is interested.

    I waited like 5 years for the funds, looks like now I can afford these but Sony discontinues them. And releases a uber expensive IEM which is fancy. Real shame. Plus I also feel the coherence issues, maybe very little but it's there with Multi driver setups, the XBA Z5 says no but I don't think it's great choice over EX1000 either, adding the Velvet V2 loses to clarity vs Z5 with max Bass setting which is disappointing as Z5 fails with clarity over its boomy bass like IE80 I believe. Also the BA's Bass can never be on the class of DD's I believe which includes the 846/Velvet.

    So I'm looking at Audiocubes they still have it in stock, so are they worth the cash that they are asking for at $550 incl. shipping from Japan ? plus reliable ? I would like to get these legendary IEMs before they vanish, I hope my iPod 5.5G can power them up, I also have an SGS i9000 with 200GB SD and can take any sd you throw at it and uses full custom HW driver hack with Voodoo sound allowing for Bass control and analog volume control. Anyways I have my HD6XX for which I should buy a DAC/AMP combo, I will pick with can power both these up..Any suggestions are much appreciated and welcomed.

    Thank you for your time.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2018
  15. WCDchee
    Quite frankly if youre looking for just 1, the EX1000 would not be my choice of IEM. And yes I do think it is great, and i love mine, but I would not choose them if I were to only have 1. Could I ask what your budget is?

    Despite its strengths as everyone has listed, the EX1000 has major flaws. The lack of isolation, poor fit in general, wind noise, are the main practical flaws. In terms of the sound, its not all roses either. It has a few large weaknesses, possibly crippling to some users. The top end is a little peaky and messy to start. For the most part it sounds wonderful, but then please keep in mind, that despite the picture painted here, the EX1000 is no longer playing at the top of the game in terms of its technical prowess. Sure, its got a massive open soundstage, wonderful air, and neutral, balanced tone, but the first two really come from its semi open design. In terms of finesse, fine resolution, texturing, and refinement, the EX1000 has been handily taken over by many earphones.

    Don't get me wrong. I love my EX1000, but due to the above, using it is really more of a fun thing that I do from time to time, but it could never be my main driver.
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