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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. shamrock134
    The isolation isn't a weakness at all IMO. I use them on the tube, trains, buses and walking around the noisy London streets and I'm in my own little world with the Merlins in my ears. For reference, I find the isolation superior to these IEMs: IE8, Westone 3, Monster Turbine Pro Copper, Monster Miles Davis Tributes, SM3, FX700, Atrio MG7.
  2. wahu
    Isolation isn't a problem at all, probably because of the new drivers [​IMG]. They isolate about the same as my ear impressions did. I think 88king was worried about sound leaking out for others to hear though. They do let out some sound but it's a tiny amount and would be inaudible in say a library or quiet environment like that. You have to put your ear right near the port to hear any sound leak.
  3. AnakChan Moderator
    @88king, if you really wanted, UM can acrylic coat it to "pad" it out to improve isolation. Bear in mind this is probably more of a band-aid job but I have no idea if it affects the durability of the IEM or not.
  4. 88King
    Thanks for the help guys; my worry was sound leak due to the vent and possible isolation issues, as I will use them in the library.
    Now you have eased my mind, just have to patiently wait for UM to do their magic.
  5. ikitub
    my UM Merlins with iBasoo DX100
  6. maguire
    Merlins with iBasso DX100 - Looks Like anice combo.....Any thoughts on their synergy.
    I know my Merlins have a wonderful synergy when paired with the Crispy sounding Studio V, from Hissound Audio.
  7. AnakChan Moderator
    I think you'll find more opinions about the DX100/Merlin's combo in the DX100 thread.

    But I've been running that setup for a few months now & absolutely love it. @Sorenslim also has that combo (whenever his Merlin's aren't away on repair).

    You're right that it's got great synergy but to be honest the DX100 is quite a remarkable DAP that a lot of ear/headphones sound good on it - at least to me, the only exception is the Ultrasone Edition 8's (but that's OT).
  8. Sorensiim
    DX100 + Merlins is a brilliant combo, but as AnakChan says - the DX100 sounds good with just about anything you throw at it. Merlins, SE Ref 5, US Pro 900, HE-500, MS-2, T1, HD650... Anything seems to sound good from it. Some of the big boys obviously improve if you add a high-end amp like the L3 or the Rx3 but for IEMs there's no need to do that. 
  9. Misoo9005
    I have to complain about the behaviour of the UK department of Unique Melody. AmpCity employees do not respond to my emails at all. I was convinced that all global Unique Melody customers have the same customer service quality. For a bonus, all UM UK servers (AmpCity and official UM site) are down now. It's a shame, really. Definitely worst customer service ever.[​IMG]
  10. pdiddypdler
    Whenever I've contacted Unique Melody Aus they've had great customer service.
  11. PsiCore
    Yeah, that's really a shame. I try to contact them via email since 5 weeks and still didn't get any answer. After six months I finally got the AmpCity silver cable, but the rest of the promo bundle is still missing. Guess they don't care anymore...
  12. Sorensiim
    Read back a few pages in this thread, you're not the only one unhappy about the service from UM UK...
    Mine went back for a second time and were received at UM UK on monday the 21st of may. I really didn't want to send them back a second time for more waiting and hassle, but I was promised a turnaround time of two weeks max, or my money back on that very day the two weeks were up. That day was yesterday and I've tried getting in contact with UM UK since thursday, to no avail. I've sent several e-mails and left a ton of phone messages.
    Dear UM, if you're reading this: Get in touch with me, you have my info.
  13. AnakChan Moderator
    Woah wait...@Soren, why did they go back again? I may have missed your earlier post but I didn't realise you sent them back.
  14. Sorensiim
    Channel imbalance - right side was 5-8% lower volume than the left. Just enough to drive you bat**** insane with all imaging shifted to the left.
  15. AnakChan Moderator
    Phew...ok I'm lucky my Merlins were fine off the press. It's my SE530x8 that was dodgy.

    Wish you luck mate.
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