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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. ValentinHogea
    Ordered a pair of Merlin after reading throroughly here on the forums. Thought I would join in on the talk.
    I'm expecting quite alot, upgrading from IE8's to the Merlins. Bought a Leckerton Audio UHA-4 and 8-wire hybrid TWag/TWcu too, now it's just the Merlins remaining...
    6 weeks and counting. :) Stephen has been great though. All kudos to him.
  2. shamrock134
    The Merlin is vastly superior to the IE8, enjoy!
  3. ProjectDenz
    The IE8's were lacking a lot in the mids department and to a lesser extent in the treble as well. Also, the bass wasn't all that good (it focused more on mid-bass than sub-bass, which is cheap of Sennheiser).
    I expect the Merlin to be much better across the board.
  4. Sorensiim
    Edit: Just got a call from UM Global. Nice to actually hear a human voice and to know that they're still live and kicking. 
  5. PsiCore
    I couldn't get the bass issue out of my head - everybody else was hearing much stronger (Atrio-like) bass than me. It had to be some seal issue, although my fit is great. I don't have the patience to send the customs back to UM UK and I didn't want to risk messing with the great fit. I decided to try out something like a wrap over the canal part - I used a drastically modified triple flange :wink: Yes, the seal is much better and... wow... BASS! Man, the Merlins can really pump out some visceral headshaking subbass!
  6. UniqueMelodyAus
    Send us mail - sales@uniquemelody.co and we'll send you some Comply Soft Wraps.
    We'd prefer to add a few layers of acrylic, but if you can't be bothered, these are the next best thing.
  7. piotrus-g
    Soo what? Does it mean I also have fit issues? I mean my Merlin can go really deep but they are definately not bass-oriented IEMs for my taste. They are far from being SF5eb or IE8 f.e.
  8. Poetik
    Does it feel like you get a proper seal with the iem? I'm sure you've used an iem before so you should have enough knowledge to know if it's sealing or not.  Also the Merlin doesn't have a ton of mid-bass like those iems you listed above so maybe that's why you feel like they are lacking with bass. 
  9. phntmsmshr
    If your Merlins aren't pumping out more bass than SF5EB, it is a fit issue or a defective pair because the difference between the two is blatant, especially in sub-bass rumble. SF5EB is all midbass bloat in comparison.
  10. Poetik
    Maybe he is mistaking an overly bloated mid-bass as more bass than the Merlin?
  11. piotrus-g
    Ok now guy serously I'm puzzled. I asked for "musician fit" so my Merlin fit really tight and I mean like really tight. First insert was PITA (or ear I should say), but now it's ideal. As for isolation - it's good. Better than most universals (excluding etys), similar to comply foams.
    Sound doesn't change when I push IEMs agains/further into my ear. Bass hasn't chnaged since the first listen (more or less that's what I feel).
    If we are discussing technical specs. SF5eb has ~10db@100Hz and +6dB@50Hz comapred to 1kHz, while Merlin has about +6dB@20-100Hz and compared to 1kHz.
    For bass I understand - 0-150Hz, mid bass 150-250 and general mids 250-1,5kHz
    Agian what I hear is that my Merlin don't have either bass or mid bass of SE5eb. I'm not saying it's bad though. I really like how my Melrin perform
  12. svyr

    inserting customs can be 'interesting'. e.g. it could feel odd and you'd tense your jaw muscles the first time - idk

    as per first post:

    pre-prod (5db? - I cbb counting the lines):


    what'd your chart say?
  13. phntmsmshr
    Or maybe because the SF5EB has really mediocre mid/treble clarity in comparison to the Merlin so the presentation doesn't come across as bass-dominant. Keeping in mind that Merlin has dual BAs for each, whereas SF5EB has a single BA for the lot.
    svyr likes this.
  14. piotrus-g
    Right, thanks for putting those up. My graph is similar to the second and after checking one more time from mine it seems that 20Hz is about 8dB louder than 1kHz
  15. ValentinHogea
    8 weeks aand counting. Not a word except "They're in the making" heard thrice in the last 3 weeks.
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