1. fluffyberry

    normal or custom?

    hi guys im kind of knew to the IEM market but i do own a pair of westone um1s, thing is, im looking to upgrade that in the next few years and can't decide if i should get normal IEMs or custom made ones. i've been looking mainly at things like the westone um3x, 4r, or es3, either that or the...
  2. Rebel908

    Preparing for the the jump: Universal to Custom help

    So I'm really considering the jump from Westone 3 to at least using the UM56 with them, if not jumping ship to the ES3X or the UE 7 or UE10. However, seeing as how head-fi has such a diverse community of audiophiles, I'd like to ask: In your opinion, what company produces the best Custom...
  3. rubytuesday007

    Deciding on a custom IEM

    Hey all. I am in the market again for a new custom IEM. Back in the day, I had a pair of Westone ES3X phones. How does one decide these days? So many options! I am looking at JH, Westone, and UE. Looking to spend about $1k-ish. Since you really can't listen to them, I'd love to hear opinions. I...
  4. knopi

    Which universal model is the most similar to Westone ES50?

    I have always wanted ES3X then ES5 and now ES50 but from my experience with JH13 I do not want customs again due to the possible sale in future.   They have new models W40, W50, UM Pro 50...   Thanks for help
  5. AyeVeeN

    Headphones with Westone-like house signature

    Hello. I've been on this forum for awhile and have been through quite an amount of headphones considering my age aka the amount, or lack thereof, of money I have. I've found what I presume to be my perfect portable CIEM, the Westone ES3X (and the ES5 I presume due to it technically being an...
  6. Fungus

    Are the Westone epic cables identical to the one that originally came with the UM2/3X?

    Asking because the sound coming from the left side of the um3x rc is cutting in and out near the jack.  I really like the quality of the cable.  Looking to order the exact same cable but Westone don't seem to sell it anymore.   
  7. kimvictor

    High End CIEM/IEM Thread!

    OK. I think it's about time iems and ciems get their own thread on summit-fi section. With the new flagships like SE846, K3003, and IE800, it makes sense that there is a summit-fi thread for them.   As for iems and ciems, lets only discuss about $600+ iems.(I know that some iems under $600...
  8. FenderP

    Wow! The Final Audio Design FI-DC1601SB (also known as "Don't go to Yodobashi" lol)

    So if you've seen some of my other posts, I'm here in Tokyo on vacation and was going to audition the Ortofon e-Q7 if I could among others. I like the IE8 I use with my Sony NW-X1060/BI, but they aren't the most comfortable IEMs. I did the turning upside down thing and switched the cable sides...
  9. MaoDi

    Review: JHAudio JH|10X3PRO VS Westone ES3X (FINISHED)

    Hello Everyone! Sorry about the delay, but as i'm sure many are like me and are busy in life making money to live. So my apologies for the delay, i have finally finished writing the review. More pictures will be up soon, but hope you all get reading first! WESTONE ES3X Westone, Pioneers...
  10. Sasaki

    Japan made custom IEM, SUYAMA Private 333 impressions (w/pics)

    SUYAMA Private 333 is a 3way custom IEM that is made in Japan. SUYAMA fit-ear is primary a hearing-aid manufacture and all of my ear-impressions for my custom IEMs are molded by Suyama. Click picture to see larger.       Suyama Private 333 is their latest product and mainly focused on...
  11. pila405

    Ultimate Ears UE-10 vs. Westone ES3X

    Hey, i have big problem, i dont know at which IEM to choose. i mostly listen to classical music [orchestral, piano solos, chamber]. i like natural, neutral, transperent, cohesive and well balanced sound with no colouration. i also care about the soundstage - i like it realistic [not too big but...
  12. justin w.

    Westone ES3X custom IEMs for reshelling

    pair of Westone ES3X custom IEMs, for you to reshell.  see photos.     Cash/Check/Money order only, no paypal.     price is firm, please do not send other offers
  13. S

    FS/FT China made ES3x for ue 4pro

    Up for sale is a pair of china made es3x. Just bought that for two weeks, works fine but not my cup of tea. Comes with a original es3 cable and a pouch. But buyers need to remould as usual. Ask for $290+shipping. Or you can trade your UE 4pro for my es3x
  14. theoaklandraider

    Westone ES3X - Custom Monitors

    Up for sale are my year and a half old ES3X's from Westone. If you're looking at this post, you probably already know how amazing these sound. However I'm ready for the ES5's! I waited long enough and I'm going to make the switch.   I'm posting this at work, so I don't have any pics with my...
  15. S

    FS/FT: Westone ES3x (aus+worldwide) OR JH11/JH13/UE11($reduced)

    Original es3x, got it from my friend, he has used it for like 50hrs, I'm the 2nd owner, like new, not more than 200hrs. Comes with a pouch and original es3 cable as in the picture. Remould is needed, can do it through Fisher Audio for US buyer / UM for worldwide...
  16. Mr Incredible

    Westone ES3X Re-mould will be necessary.

    I'm the original owner of these custom Westone ES3X's. These IEM's were born in June of 2009. They will need refitted to work for you. You can get them refitted from Fisher Hearing.   The included user replaceable cable has been damaged(not pictured), they still work but I would go into the...
  17. majurglery

    IC: Westone ES3x

    Throwing around the idea of selling my es3x to someone (obviously for remolding). Looking to get around $500, if you have any interest, pm me or post here BTW this does include the case they came in along with whatever accessories i have left
  18. Matez

    Westone ES3X

    Westone ES3X bought about 1,5 year ago from Variphone. They are in very good condition - i babied them and cleaned after every usage. Obviously the buyer needs to reshell them. Pelican case and original accessories included.   Price - 360$ with worldwide insured and registered shipping.  ...
  19. danska

    WTB: Westone ES5 or ES3X

    I'm looking to try out a set of customs and would like to see if I could save some $ by picking up a used set and getting them reshelled. I really like my UM3Xs but they start to hurt my ears a little bit after lots of repeated use. I'd prefer US sellers for ease of shipping, but will keep the...
  20. majurglery

    FS/FT: Westone ES3x custom monitors

    I am looking to let go of my Westone ES3x monitors. I have had them for ~2 years, and they have severed me well! The original low end drivers did have a malfunction early on, but Westone replaced them and they have been working perfect ever since. I would like to get $500 for them, but I am also...
  21. slowdown5646

    FS: Westone ES3X IEMs

    Payment pending.   I purchased these ES3Xs from a local audiologist about 2 years ago. Isn't too much to say about them - the cable is a little discolored but that happened soon after I received the IEMs and is only a cosmetic issue that happens to Westone's cables. Everything is in perfect...
  22. slowdown5646

    Headphone Amplifier for Westone ES3X IEMs?

    I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone by buying a headphone amplifier that I can use for both the desktop with an external DAC and my iPhone with my Westone ES3Xs. Would adding an amp to my iPhone make a significant improvement? Also I've read about some portable amps that work well with...
  23. slowdown5646

    Possibly looking for new custom IEM to replace Westone ES3X

    I was wondering if any of head-fi's more experienced users might help me determine a good upgrade if I would decide to sell my Westone ES3X's and buy a new custom IEM. I'd like to stay within $1200 if possible. A couple notes: - I like the comfort of my Westone's and I feel like I would have a...
  24. music_4321

    Westone ES3X (Customs) — Europe

    Please note: price is in Euros not in USD. Apart from the +18 feedback you can see on this listing, you can check my archived Head-fi feedback where I've sold 19 other items. NO trades please.   Up for sale is my three-year-old custom Westone ES3X — includes all original accessories. A new...
  25. HiFlight

    F.S. Westone ES3X Custom IEM's

    I have for sale my custom Westone ES3X IEM's. They are in excellent condition both cosmetically and functionally. As the tips are soft silicone that seals well by body heat, it is likely that they may fit a new user without the need for reshelling. The color of both phones and cable is flesh...