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REVIEW: Unique Melody Merlin - hybrid dynamic/balanced armature custom IEM

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  1. PsiCore
    Lol, just realized that there weren't a lot of IEMs, more headphones ( but as I mostly listen in the office, I skipped them).
    As of IEMs, there were only two which I actually bought:
    - Earsonics Velvet - great bass, but highs boosted too much and the mids are kinda strange (don't know how to describe it - something's off in the upper mids region)
    - Aurisonics ASG-2.5 - fantastic subbass (that power!), but less clarity and separation than Merlins, some slight sibilance (I'm quite sensitive to that), slightly more dark
  2. Gosod
    you listened to um mentor?
  3. uli87
    I read great things about the Velvet at the time they came out. How does their soundstage compare to the Merlins? I am all about soundstage :p
    I don't have too much to spend on gear at the moment, and the last headphones I bought were Vsonic VSD5 which were around $60 and they have an incredible soundstage and great seperation. What they lack is a more realistic sounding treble.
    I should have the fairly new ATH-E40 begining of next week. Heard great things about them and wanted to try the push-pull DD tech since the AT CKR series came out.
  4. PsiCore
    Unfortunately not.
    It's been a while since I had them, but I don't recall being amazed. From what I remember, the sound seems to be a bit distant (due to the slightly recessed mids, at least in comparison to bass and treble), hence the soundstage can seem to be quite big. But it's definitely not bigger than Merlins, although they have a more intimate sound (at least to my ears, but I'm not all about soundstage, as long as it's not too narrow).
  5. Gosod
    I listened to them and can advise you um merlin.
  6. uli87
    I was just curious because I heard they have a nice soundstage. I have the Merlins just like PsiCore, just to get an idea.
  7. Gosod
    Merlin is a very good headphone, perhaps they are just tired.
  8. ostewart
  9. Gosod
    it's not interesting, it would be interesting 50% off! ag.gif
  10. rq1111

    Like to have some opinions. Currently, i have UM Martian and i was thinking of getting another UM custom as Martian cannot be reshall to custom. I am thinking of UM Merlin V2 or Miracle V2. Which one is close to Martian?

  11. shamrock134
  12. kelske
    I've replaced my cable a couple of times, they use the same 2-pin connector that's common on UE/Westone/loads of others :)
  13. shamrock134
  14. kelske
    RIght, yea you need the exposed pin type... I got a Norne Audio cable that eventually died too, now I've got one of these Westone ones and I'm very happy with it:

    Nice flexibility, lightweight, quality and robust, good strain relief on the connections, sounds great! the connectors are sliiiiightly looser than the cable that ships with the Merlins, but I've never had them disconnect from mine when in use.
  15. shamrock134
    Perfect, thanks!
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