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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. kameenadesi
    SQ wise

    Westone UM1 (amped through pc only - very analytical iem) >

    Favorite* RE0 (never tried with a good amp, boostaroo instead) Re0 is amazing unamped through iphone 2g and better than UM1 unamped) >

    Klipsch S4 (took very long to burn in) >

    Auvio Armatures = Vmoda Bass Freq (really good fun bass all around genre iem) >

    Vmoda Faze = Skullcandy Smokin Buds
  2. kameenadesi
    and a question for those who rated RE0 above other top tier iems.... does the RE0 have to be amped to get that higher rank??
  3. Deebo
    From best to worst:

    Sennheiser IE8

    Klipsch X10i

    Westone 3

    Shure SE530

    Sennheiser IE7

    UE Super.Fi 5 EB

    UE Super.Fi 4vi

    NuForce NE-7M

    I think that covers all of the IEM's I've heard but I could be missing one or two. I'll edit this later if I can think of any others.
  4. ericp10
    Sound Qualtiy (best to worst - but not saying the worst is bad for some).

    1a. E-Q7
    1b. Miles Davis
    2. Copper
    3. IE8
    4. HF5
    5a. IE7
    5b. Rain
    6. N3>N1>Sonias
    7. ES530
    8. TF10
    9. Xears
  5. MightyFine Shindig
    IE8 > RE0 > M11 > UE MF.170 > UE MF.150 > CK100 (CK's really were not my cup of tea...)
  6. 2rooi123
    Xears TM1pro
    Sony ex700
    Playaz n3
    Playaz Sonia II
    Monster Turbine
    Rockford punch plugs
    bose ie
    Lil Jamz
  7. pinkmoon1972
    Radius DDM
    Ortofon EQ7
    Shure se530
    Playaz N1
    Lear LE01
    Metrofi 220
    Creative ep830
  8. Bennyboy71
    Gotta love all those manly codes. If women were into iems, they'd all be called Puppyz, Rainbowz, Flowerz and Luvz.
  9. patate
    Superb:  RE0 >= Very Good:  RE-ZERO > TF10 > RE252 > Good:  Atrio M5 >= RE2 >= Eterna v1 > Average:  NE-7M > AH-C700 > Poor:  E2C > EP-630
  10. pinkmoon1972


    No surprise seeing those SMThreez at the top of the list there Bennyboy.Im currently really digging those male er female, um male er female um male harmonies most with the DDM's so I reckon the SM3's can wait a while longer.
  11. Tidus
    JH13 Pro>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Westone UM3x>Triple.fi 10 Pro>Westone 3
  12. Microcuts
    Klipsch S4i > ADDIEM > CX500
    And maybe soon I can add the Audéo EFP's to the top of the list.
  13. kmhaynes
    Updated list (IEMs only):
    RE0 >> SCL4 > S4 = CK7 > M9 > NE-7M > SCL3 > CX300II > CX300
  14. kmhaynes


    Yes & No. 
    Yes, because any IEM will sound better if the amp cleans/refines/strengthens/boosts/etc the signal of the source.
    No, because even without an amp, the strength of the RE0 can be heard, and that is it's ability to give incredible details very smoothly.
  15. minjae0810
    Hmm so many more than I thought XD
    this is in my opinion
    Westone 3 > Sennheiser IE 8 > UE Triple Fi 10 > B&O A8 > Etymotic ER-4S > Jays q-Jays >  UE Super Fi 5 Studio  > New Apple in-ears > UE Super Fi 3 Studio > Apple earbuds > Bose triport in-ears
    Can a statistician in this forum turn all these data into a comprehensive ranking?
    That would be really cool.
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