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Rank the IEM's you've heard

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  1. YGuyG
    Haven't heard much, but here goes, and I own or have owned all of them except for the skull candies
    Sennheiser IE8
    Shure E4g(threw out ;(, bad cable beyond repair in and out of warranty)
    Philips IDK's(as in I don't know, had noise cancellation, got broke on a plane anyways due to clumsy me)
    JVC Marshmallows(decent, stored)
    Various Skullcandy trash
    Shoppers Drug mart brand lol, maybe Centrios(gone)
    Terrible unknown brand, a very well known company but to bad recognize for audio(moms)
  2. cbeaumont001
    W3 with UM-56 tips > W3 > SE530 >> SE310 > Bass Freq (gym) >> Shure e2c (gym) > iPod earbuds
  3. lonereaction
    Start from less good, to best

    1. ibuds (after someone stole my ck7, had to use these) sounded like a ****ty speaker put into a cardboard box
    2. 30USD Cresyn in ears. My first in ears, my sister still uses these to jog. Showed me what a decent pair of earphones can do
    3.Mylar x3. 3rd earphone Great value. Bijou & shrooms offer similar value.
    4. ATH CK7. 2nd earphone Very solidly built, much nicer bass.
    5. Livewires (dual, 2007). 4th earphone The most realistic in-ears I've heard to date.
    5. TF 10. Bought as a gift. Really like the increased soundstage.

    Jh 16 is not on the list, because I have not heard it yet. But it better be No.6!
  4. feverfive
    1a. MTP Coppers
    1b. Ortofon e-Q7
    2. Shure SE530
    3. Westone UM3X
    4. Sennheiser IE8
    5. Klipsch X10

    Klipsch S4

    V Moda Vibes
  5. grokit

    Originally Posted by silverkaze /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    i see a lot of people rank re0 before other good iems, is this ranking based on re0 after amped? I have a pair of re0 and is not enjoying it as much as a lot of people here, wondering if re0 with amp would really make a difference?

    I'm with you there, FOTM IMHO not for everyone, I much preferred my RE1s to my RE0s [​IMG]
  6. Virgil

    The RE2/SE115v2/NE6 were a close race in total quality but very distinct sounding from each other. The Meelectronics M6 simply the best bang for the buck of all these, really impressive.
  7. candy287
    Monster Turbine > >Playaz N1 > > > > way way over there > maxell stereo earbud EB-125
  8. Azathoth
    Sennheiser IE8
    Westone UM3X
    Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10
    Klipsch Custom 3
    Klipsch Image X5
    Klipsch Image X10
    Sennheiser IE7
    Westone 3
    Monster Turbines
    Shure SE530
    Westone 1
    Klipsch Image S4
    Apple IEM
    Shure SE310
    Sennheiser CX500
    Shure SE420
    Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 200
    Soundmagic PL11
    Sennheiser CX400
    Sennheiser CX300-II
    Shure E3C
    Shure SE110
    Philips SHE9700
    Shure E2C
    JVC HA-FX33 Marshmallows
    Creative EP-630
  9. Godfsvor
    Westone 3 custom tips >> Westone 3 modded tri-flanges > Westone 3 complys > Phonak Audeo PFE >> Altec Lansing UHP306 > SoundMagicPL30 > Westone 3 single flange tips(Unberiable sibilance, headadge on midbass) >> stock ipod earbuds.

    I've put westone 3 multiple times cause it's extremely tip depended.
  10. Trysaeder
  11. Chamakazi
    UE Super.Fi 3 Studio >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Geniune Creative EP-630 > Apple iBuds > Fake Creative EP-630
  12. ajkda
    UM2>PX100>sf 3>ibud
  13. dlbernau
    Triple.fi 10>W2>CZ900>Denon 751>NE7m>ADDIEM>Vibes
  14. spider
    TF10 > RE0 > S4 > ADDIEM > UE SuperFi 4 > V-moda Vibes > Bose IE
  15. fL.
    MTPC>>>>MTP>UE 700>MLJ>>>>>>Sony MDP E828LP>Philipps ??>Apple
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