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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. AnakChan Moderator
    I've finally put my HA-1 review up. I didn't go through every aspect of it. Admittedly (aside from moderating this thread), I purposefully stopped reading after the first 20 pages and did my review without getting any subtle/subliminal "influences" from other posters here. Overall I think it's actually very good value for money. If I had only $1200 to spend on a desktop DAC/Amp, this would be it - probably even over the HP-A8 which I had owned for 9 months. However between the HA-1 & my current Invicta v1.0, I would say I'd still lean towards the Invicta. Is it worth 2.5x more than than the  HA-1? Probably not but as expected the Invicta is more involving & more spacious, than the HA-1.
    I must say for a $1200 DAC/Amp it's hard to fault it.
  2. Shaker
    Thanks.  I am considering the Oppo HA-1, especially if I go with the LCD-X since it is easier to drive vs. the LCD-3, but the Master 9 has caught my eye and based on it's price and reviews I'm leaning toward picking this up instead.
    Do you have any thoughts about the Master 9 vs. HA-1, understanding that they occupy different price points and one is an amp/pre while the other also offers the DAC (among other differences)? I already have the 105D so not rushing to buy another DAC at this stage. My thought is that I may pair the Master 9 with the 105D at least initially to see how it sounds and to use with CDs until I have time to rip them all. If there is a significantly better DAC to pair it with as far as SQ, then I could consider picking that up at a later date. I had been also looking at the Hugo given it's reviews and size, but am unsure it's worth adding a DAC to the 105D. 
  3. AnakChan Moderator
    A person to ask about Audio GD (although I don't know if he had experienced the Master 9 specifically) is @Currawong. He also has (had?) the LCD-X so he can comment more.
    As for the 105D, I bought that to replace my aging Marantz DV9500 (and my Accuphase E-407 too since the 105D can act as a pre-amp). It's used almost exclusively in my speaker setup and is an improvement over my DV9500. Having said that, I didn't feel the headphone out of the 105D to be so impressive - but then again, most of these SACD players haven't thrilled me with their headphone outs (including my DV9500).
  4. Shaker
    Thanks. I agree on the 105D headphone out which is why I was looking at the HA-1 and also the Master 9, and am considering connecting one of those to the 105D so the 105D would only serve as a transporter for the HA-1 or a DAC/player for the Master 9. Either way I would think the combo would improve the SQ.
    I'm also looking to use the 105D as a pre and avoid the extra cost of a traditional pre (had been looking at the AV7701).
    Thanks for the contact, too -- will see what he has to say
  5. x RELIC x Contributor

    For my 522nd post I'm sitting here after dragging my family 1200 Km for a short visit with Mom and Pop and I gotta say......... I'm jonsing for my HA-1 and XCs!!! :blink:

    One more day. One more day. One more day.

  6. Maxx134
    Yeah it was super subtle but I checked 4 times and came with same positive impression..
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    Aaaaaahhhhhh......... There it is. :cool:
  8. Jimmyf1312
    Anyone with an LCD-3 and an HA-1 getting a good pairing?
  9. craftyhack
    I am, and absolutely, it is on par with the MJOLNIR/GUNGNIR.  I can usually get away with low gain, but depending on the source material and my mood (how loud do I want it?) sometimes I go to high gain.  When in high gain, I cannot make it to "11", but when I try to get close... the sound is absolutely crystal clear with no distortion with an unbelievable punch; it sounds incredible, only problem is my ears start to bleed.
    Jimmyf1312 likes this.
  10. jonstatt
    Just to add, for the original poster you were replying to...do make sure you are using the XLR balanced connection with an LCD-3. The power output through the 1/4 inch jack is marginal for this headphone (unlike something like the Burson Soloist which does output enough power through the 1/4 inch jack).
  11. craftyhack
    Oh yep, always do for every pair of HP that I have with balanced cables, I haven't even used the LCD3 SE cable :).  There is more power from the Mjolnir... I think... based on vol knob position relative to volume, but in either case it doesn't matter, the LCD3's are opened up well and can get loud enough to blow your ear drums with either amp.
  12. Uniquexme
    Guys I wonder y after reading this forum, whenever there is a positive feedback I tend to like that particular amp more. There are so many amps to consider and yet so little cash available. Or can it be I have been reading too much that I confused myself? I know I should audit before buying but I am not in the states so not all amps are available in Singapore or Malaysia. So I tend to read up, then hunt for supplier for the prices n stock. I think I need to stop this as I can't decide which one to get. Help! It's even harder than buying my car. :p
  13. Maxx134
    I tried similar with my hd800 balanced. .
    I just barely made past halfway on knob before reaching ear bleed level..
    Absolutely crystal clear sound.
    This will be a very hard combo to beat.

    Funny thing about owning tubes before.
    I kind of like to wait until the ha-1 gets hot..
    I never herd a difference but like that it is nice and warm when I use it lol
  14. jt25741
    On the HA-1 waiting until hot.  For me, I do think the unit sounds significantly better after reaching a temperature equilibrium. The HA-1 it takes a while before this happen as the top of the unit goes from cold to nearly hot.    So I am finding myself just leaving it on....vs putting it in standby so it is always sounding its best.    
  15. Maxx134
    This is interesting as I I never bothered to try to hear any differences from cold to hot,
    But I too like to leave it on when I can..
    Anyway I will be trying that tonight.
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