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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Raptor34
    Could some one please explain  how to use two amps together?   Say HA-1 xlr outs connected to my Mjolnir xlr inputs.  Won't that necessitate using both units volume controls?   That' something I don't really want to do.    I really love my present set up but having one unit to control/power all is very appealing to me.  Any thoughts?
  2. naimless
    Use the home cinema bypass on the HA-1,set the XLR outs to output a fixed level signal.
  3. Raptor34

    Thank you!  
  4. aamefford
    I'm pretty sure this sets you up with line level output from the HA-1, necessitating the Mjolnir volume control.
    Another possible option, is to NOT use the home theater bypass, set the Mjolnir volume at max (or other appropriate level) and then use the HA-1 volume for both the HA-1 when you use it, and the Mjolnir.  The downside is that the Mjolnir volume pot stays in the signal path, especially if it is not set at wide open.  Purists will have issue with this.  I personally do this with a lowly Schiit Vali.  Vali volume pot set at 12:00, control the listening volume from the HA-1.  It works a charm, and has the added benefit of not having to touch the volume know on the Vali, which sets the tubes ringing for a minute or two every time.
    It's kinda like the old joke about the mathematician and the engineer.  Both are placed on one side of a room, with a beautiful woman (substitute adjective and subject gender as appropriate for your individual taste and lifestyle preference).  They are both told they can go half the remaining distance between themselves and the girl.  They get within a foot of the girl, and the mathematician breaks down in tears, knowing he will never be able to close the distance.  The ever pragmatic engineer says "close enough" and grabs the girl…..
  5. craftyhack
    Yep, that is what I normally do as well when I am experimenting, select one particular device to control volume and set the others to 100%.  I borrowed this practice from devices that do the same for you (e.g. the AK240 goes to 100% Vol when you select line output mode) under the assumption that this choice by AK engineers indicates that this practice at least minimizes the impact of the unnecessary attenuators.  I try to use the HA-1 as volume control when possible because of its remote :).
    I know that there are now unnecessary circuits in the signal path, but it still sounds good enough, at least enough to know if the changes in componentry I made had a positive or negative impact.  There are options to avoid this when going from experimenting with signal chains to selecting a permanent one, for example the RWAK'ing includes bypassing the volume controls for line outputs to get a true line output from an AK DAP, which I have on the list to do for certain components once (if) I get to that point.  In the case of the home theater bypass on the HA-1, I believe that this is an implementation of this kind of measure, but I haven't confirmed that components are truly electrically removed from the path vs. doing what the AK does and setting vol attenuator to 100% output, I am sure it is either documented somewhere or someone has confirmed this, I just don't remember given all of the different gear I have been reading about, tough to keep straight who does what and how...
  6. HiFiAudio
    Oppo HA-1 Headphone Amp & DAC Review - Computer Audiophile - by Brian - 6/30/2014
  7. Maxx134
    I have to also say that the remote control volume is soo handy it really spoils you...

    I recently was able to retrieve what I believe was some extra micro level or extra low-level clarity by upgrading my plain cheapo power strip with a "Furman power station (PST 8D) which I must assume actually does what it states about cleaning the AC power...

    Side note:
    Also noticed on the meters that their is already a "red dot",
    So I think it would be sooo cool to have that tiny dot blink when needle passes that point (!)
  8. Maxx134
    Don't get a life because then U will have less time to enjoy (!)
  9. craftyhack
    Speaking of red dots and enhancement requests, I wonder when/if the next (first production?) firmware upgrade is coming out.  I love firmware upgrades that make more cool stuff happen, and with the display there are certainly possibilities.  How was this during beta for anyone that participated?  Were firmware updates common?
  10. bfreedma
    If they handle firmware the same way they have for years on their various disk spinners, the timing of firmware is going to depend on whether a significant flaw is discovered that impacts a significant part of the user base.  In those cases, expect a firmware update quickly targeting the issue.  That seems somewhat unlikely since nothing of that scope has been reported to date.
    For feature upgrades, the pace is slower because Oppo does both private alpha and public beta testing.  The beta upgrades have been made available on the web site for download via browser, but the player won't upgrade via the built in process until the firmware goes into public release.  The pacing and testing have, at least for me, produced flawless upgrades that don't introduce new problems while solving old ones.
    Again, that's how the BR players have been handled.  The HA-1 will hopefully use the same process.
  11. sbgunn

    This is really random but I just bought a PST8D and an Elite 15i mostly to protect my AV gear since during the summer we get thunderstorms and odd power problems. I wasn't really hoping for much in the way of sonic improvement (although Furman says it makes a difference) but its good to know that it may help in that department as well.
  12. Raptor34

    Many thanks, it's much appreciated.  
  13. Raptor34

    Thanks for the input.   I'm beginning to think that these two babies should not be in the same crib. 
  14. craftyhack
    Thanks, I have never had the pleasure of owning an Oppo anything (yet, a 95/105(to d or not to d?) is on the list, just need to make up my mind), sounds like they are one of the better companies at actually using the ability to update firmware to give their customers new stuff.
  15. bfreedma

    Glad to help. They also seem to provide firmware updates for longer than most. My BDP-93 had new firmware made available within the last month or so.

    Edit. Don't know why Tapatalk included my original quote. Unlike Oppo, every Tapatalk update seems to make the app worse.
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