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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. Frank I
    The HA-1 has terrific  meters and built very well. A very nice piece for the price
  2. FxTkd
    Hi Frank,
    I recal you did a great review last summer on the Sennheiser HDVD800.
    I realize that the Senns' DAC only converts to192,96-24. A comparison to the HA-1 sound quality when using HD800s would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again
  3. Frank I
    I am sorry I dont have the amplifier to do that comparison and it is been way too long to do it from memory
  4. Maxx134
    The oppo HA-1 is an easy safe choice when moving up the ladder.

    The problem lies in where to go from here,
    Because from this point I only see $2k dacs and amps that would be an appreciable upgrade. .
    Just previous page posts mention possible upgrade paths are high up there.

    So this is a good "pit stop" for the "end game" search..
    Time to save up at least $5k(!),
    To get what I want after this..

    This Sweet Combo will be hard to give up.
    Edit: why?
    Because it is the best I tried so far for my hd800, which to me, is very picky.
  5. mrscotchguy

    Quit stoking the fire, I want one already!

    ... still waiting on three factors

    1) Silver HA-1
    2) Local availability (should be soon)
    3) Deposit check from old apartment (any day now)

    I should start buying balanced cables, huh?
  6. akhyar
    Well, I've placed a deposit for a silver HA-1 and already ordered a balanced cable for LCD-X and will be ordering a balanced cable for HD800 once the delivery date of the silver HA-1 is more or less firmed up :p
  7. craftyhack
    Definitely get balanced cables, For LCD-XC, LCD3, PM-1's where I have both I can definitely can tell a difference in a positive way, but I have no idea for HD650, Roxanne's, HE-500's until I get balanced cables for each of those to try, driving me nuts :).  My budget is a bit strained ATM given the investment in the "roundup", or the cables would already be on the way, so I am probably going to make my own.  It looks a lot cheaper(and fun) for the same quality if I get the right parts and follow the lead of many other nice head-fi'ers nice enough to post their knowledge on DIYing.
    P.S. The PM-1's just came in (w/ 3M balanced cable and HP stand), having a real hard time choosing my fav between these and the TOTL Audeze... another one of those not better or worse... but different... things.  And of course depending on what I am listening too one HP seems to be more suited than the other (rock vs. classical vs. female vocal stuff), but I can definitely say that regardless of the material or the HP's, the HA-1 is fantastic!!  Considering the features and the flexibility, I LOVE this thing :).
    For those on a budget looking for one piece of gear to fulfill several functions (especially the function as a 2 channel component in a home audio setup to be a 2 ch preamp/DAC, awesome!!!), I haven't found anywhere close to an equal to the HA-1 in the same price range while searching online when considering build quality, parts, and implementation, features, reputation of the maker (support, upgrades, warranty), and performance.  Unless there is a piece of gear that I am missing, the HA-1 fill a niche that no one else can touch with the combination they have delivered with the HA-1.
    It feels a little weird saying spending $1200 on a HP DAC/amp to be on the "on a budget" side of the fence as a noob to on the head hi-fi, especially when considering the costs for the source(s), HP's, etc. to exploit the HA-1, but whatever, it is all relative right :D?
  8. Maxx134
    Audio GD comes closest.

    Don't like their internal layout and use of those different transformers though.
    Just my preference though.

    This amp makes you want to rush home just to use it..

  9. aamefford
    What I find really funny - and I am not slamming the HA-1 here, it is well known I love the HA-1 - I use a $100 Schiit Vali from the DAC out of the HA-1 about half the time. The combo is really good!
  10. craftyhack
    Nothing wrong with that, at least I don't interpret that as a slam.  I am playing with both side of the HA-1; that is part of the fun with a piece of gear with multiple functions... the versatile options for integration.  I continue to play with it like that... DAC out to Mjolnir(Bal and SE), Valhalla 1(SE), analog in from Gungnir(Bal, SE), AK240(SE until Bal cable exists), ZX1(SE), etc.  Combine that with trying different cans and different types of music, and one can spend the rest of their lifetime experimenting with relatively few pieces of gear.  If you enjoy that sort of thing (I assume that is common here :D), then adding a piece of gear that has multiple functions like the HA-1 does adds many hours of new fun for this hobby.
  11. mrscotchguy
    Has anyone tried the HA-1 paired with the Phonitor or preferably the Phonitor2?

    I've gotta ask since this will be my likely end game setup...
  12. Frank I
    Oppo will be at the DC Capitol Audiofest CanMania show  on July25-27 in DC showing the HA-1 and the PM-1 and PM-2 headphones. Please join us in DC to hear the very best of what Oppo offers.
  13. zilch0md
    For which headphones are you using this chain?:   Oppo HA-1 Line Out > Schiit Vali
    Until further notice, I prefer to mix things up, as follows:
    Oppo HA-1 (DAC + amp) balanced out > Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 or Oppo PM-1
    FiiO X5 (PCM1792A DAC) Line Out > Oppo HA-1 balanced out > Sennheiser HD800   
    Resonessence Concero S/PDIF out > Beresford Bushmaster MkII Line Out > Oppo HA-1 balanced out > HD650 (and almost as good as the above chain, for HD800)
    For each of these chains, all of which require the HA-1, their respective headphones have never sounded better to my ears (at least within the scope of desktop gear I currently have or have had (including a Burson Soloist and DACmini CX).
    Again, I have to praise the HA-1's amp section, especially. It's just remarkable - providing a lot of neutral, transparent power via the 4-pin XLR jack, yielding excellent dynamics and bass control, with no harshness or graininess in the treble (as I have experienced when directly connecting my LCD-2 rev.1 to the speaker terminals of an Emotiva mini-X a-100, offering 8.0 Watts rms per channel into 50-Ohms).
  14. Maxx134
    I had the Vali and to me it was a "baby" wa7, as it's sonic signature was so similar.

    Sold my wa7&wa7tp combo once I had the ha-1, Because sonically it was a step up, but there is no knocking that beautiful sounding wa7 combo.

    I would be completely happy with it if I had a dac equivalent of the ha-1 Dac section. .
  15. aamefford

    PM-1 and Alpha Dogs.
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