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Oppo HA-1 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by aamefford, May 7, 2014.
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  1. mike7898
  2. mike7898
    Sorry,I notice that,I hope they begin a new thread..
  3. konoyaro
    For users with the HA-1, how are you facilitating playback of DSD files?
    For example, if you are using a Mac as the source for DSD files, which app are you using so that the HA-1 can convert DSD to analogue?
  4. JML
    Audirvana Plus will send DSD to an external DSD-capable DAC  (but I don't have the HA-1 yet, as I'm waiting for the silver version).
  5. docBliny
    I'm using JRiver on Windows. Works great.
  6. HiFiAudio
    Either Audirvana Plus 1.5.12 ($74) or JRiver Media Player ($50) works the best playing back DSD files for the Mac IMHO.
  7. konoyaro
    Thanks for the replies. I asked oppo but their answer avoided the question - is third party software required.
    "You will want to use the Asynchronous USB from the Mac to the HA-1. This will give you the purest audio from your Mac to the HA-1 for converting to analog."
    I've been using BitPerfect but if I purchase the HA-1 I think I want to use a player that minimizes the number of conversions necessary to play back DSD files.
  8. HasturTheYellow
    Usually when paid-for third party software is required, we do not make recommendations as we do not want to be on the hook for software that you may ultimately not like.
  9. konoyaro
    Fair enough. And to the CSA's credit, they replied to my question right away.
    Just a suggestion, it might be helpful to folks who are relatively unfamiliar to mention that third party software is required for native DSD playback. There was no mention in the manual or on the product page (though I may have missed it) which prompted my initial query.
  10. HiFiAudio
    Although I like the concept of $10 BitPerfect 2.0, the author decided to require DSD playback via Apple Lossless file format to keep it visible within iTunes.   So you need to buy $30 DSD Master to convert DSD files to his unique hybrid file type.    
    Its better to deal with a audio media player that can readily play DSD either natively (need drivers) or using DOP 1.1 (DSD over PCM) to the HA-1.
    BTW all the programs we recommended come with a limited time demo, so no risk to try and see if it will work for you OK with the HA-1.
  11. JML
    Another Mac option for DSD playback with a DSD-capable DAC like the HA-1 is Pure Music.  All of these apps can be tried before you pay for them.  Some integrate with iTunes, others don't.  There are plenty of reviews out there! 
  12. HasturTheYellow
    Generally if you had responded back that you wanted specific applications to be recommended, rather than just what input on the HA-1 you should use, the CSR would fire back with recommendations.
  13. craftyhack
    Another vote for JRiver (although I haven't tried anything else so am not saying the other solutions aren't just as good, I just know that I am happy with JRiver :)).  You get a lot for your $ with JRiver, it is a great media management solution in addition to being great to incorporate in a signal chain including external DACs, AMPs, etc.  The demo is fully featured for 30 days as mentioned above, so nothing to lose in trying it (just ensure you have a backup of your system and/or have a system restore point before you install on that off chance that something gets munged up by the install).
  14. Jimmyf1312

    Is the JRiver software an annual fee or just a one time payment?
  15. HiFiAudio
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