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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. M3NTAL
    Does anyone have a suggestion for an aftermarket balanced (dual XLR) cable that is 10' and not cost as much as a Mad Dog?
  2. reddog
    The Norne Vanquish cable, 10 foot, dual xlr cable, for about 260, depending upon what xlr connection you choose.
  3. imackler
    There is an ebay seller who does custom cables that are reasonable. He's got good reviews though I haven't purchased from him. Just search for Alpha Dog Headphone Cable. 
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  4. Sonicmasala
    Recieved my upgraded Maddog>Alpha cans from Mr Speakers yesterday. Open up the box and was smitten by the jewel that I was holding in my hands. The fit and finish was impeccable! Fired up my Olive one with Woo Audio WA-6SE amplifier,and glories music pour forth. Love the way the bass is played out by the Alpha cans. Tight and fast with a nice reverberation. The mids was nice,very nice. Just the way I like it,transparent with a hint of dark flavor. The highs has no sibilance whatsoever,It was smooth. What can I say,I'm loving my dogs very much. Looks like my idea of getting the LCD - X will be put on hold indefinitely. 

    Thank you Dan and team for speeding up the upgrade and shipping it fast. Thank you and keep up the good work. You bring a lot of pleasure to our stressful human lives..
  5. wahsmoh
    If you are purchasing a cable for comfort reasons alone and not for any technical improvements I could see a braided cable being much more comfortable than the stock cable. There are higher end cable manufacturers who use material in the copper that is purer with less grain boundaries that theoretically proves to have better conductivity. With a higher grade cable you will for sure get improved sound but not by the changes people exaggerate them to be. They are still worth it IMO
    EDIT: I think it would be neat if Mr. Speakers teamed up with a cable manufacturer to provide options besides the current stock cable. I think the idea would catch on pretty quickly and my reason being is that braided cables are much more comfortable and flexible and the idea of purer grade copper would spawn more peoples interest. I don't want to get anyone involved in the old "cables don't make a difference debate" because my ears hear what they hear but the option for purer copper or silver combination would be nice with comfort being my main reason to have a cable upgrade.
  6. youkeum
    yeah.. It's summer. It's too hot, but... I can't take off- [​IMG]
    Cowon P1 and the AD. What a nice pair!
  7. hans030390
    The AD is fairly neutral. Bass is a bit elevated below 100Hz, but with fairly low harmonic distortion and overall done tastefully. This is adjustable anyway with the port screw, though best done if you are careful and know what you're doing.
    Even with dots and the felt, there there can still be a bit of elevation and/or unevenness in the 6-10KHz area, though rarely a problem since you can tweak the sound with the dots and felt discs. I think most users can find a balance they really like. In the grand scheme of things, it's hard to find a perfect headphone here...I think there may be better near this price range, but the AD sounds good and is a good value nonetheless. I think one might be able to make it better or close to perfect-ish with further, front tweaks and mods (I will experiment with this soon). Not to mention, there is bound to be some level of variation from unit to unit due to the T50RP drivers. Dan gets it pretty close, though.
    I plan on doing a full review, with extensive measurements, in the near future. I'll also post any good or interesting results I find through front damping experiments, and I plan to keep it all reversible. Maybe I won't find anything, though. :p
  8. Clemmaster
    Looking forward to testing the Alpha Dogs with Hugo this weekend.
  9. AnakChan Moderator
    I'd be interested to hear your impressions. I tried the ADs with the Hugo when the Hugo was launched in Japan in Feb earlier this year. But I'll hold my -very brief- thoughts until after you've tried and shared it here.
  10. Tony1110
    Anyone know where you can buy the Alpha Dogs in the UK?
  11. skeptic
    There are certainly times I'd enjoy a lighter cable, but removing the shielding does have potential downsides in terms of noise.  If memory serves, Dan is using the same canare star quad (i.e. high quality braided then shielded pure copper cable) that many top flight studios use for the sensitive mics that record the music we are all playing back.  Not sure how much purer you can really get.  
    If you dig deep enough in the diy forum, you will find threads where people actually express preferences for canare and/or mogami (pro cables) over the uber expensive cardas audiophile stuff.  YMMV of course.
  12. Clemmaster
    Mission aborted: I sold the Hugo.
    Still looking forward to testing the ADs on the Cavalli amp, though.
  13. Wildcatsare1
    ^I would absolutely hear about the Alpha Dogs and the Cavalli, I am lusting from afar:heart_eyes_cat:!
  14. mrspeakers Contributor
    Will you be at the LA meet tomorrow?
    Dan Clark Audio Make every day a fun day filled with music and friendship! Stay updated on Dan Clark Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    @funCANS MrSpeakers https://danclarkaudio.com info@danclarkaudio.com
  15. Clemmaster
    I'll be in the Woodland Hills room with some gears but I will stop by.
    I need a closed back headphones for the hot summer / noisy fans ^^
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