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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. sunneebear
    To my understanding only the front end of the amp needs the shield (input signals).  Not necessary on the power out side like headphones and speakers.  Unless you own a $12k garden hose speaker cable suspended in snake oil an terminated with unobtainium spades.
  2. skeptic
    I agree that it is unnecessary in most applications, but I have heard EMI that was picked up by an unshielded headphone cable, albeit only on one or two occasions.  Zu mobius and cardas evidently shield their headphone cables.  Sennheiser does as well.  And lots and lots of diy'ers make upgraded cables from canare or mogami (as compared to something like the super thin stock enammelled copper cable Beyer uses for dt880's).  Aside from weight and/or the aesthetic appeal of unshielded and unsheathed wire, I don't know of any upside to moving from shielded -> unshielded?  
  3. reddog
    Thanks for the information on shielded vs unbridled wire. I am thinking about getting a Norne Vanquish cable for my Alpha dogs, and the cable can come with no sheath or skin. I might go without any sleeve if it will not hurt the quality of the sound . I would like a cable, that is light, for I have been spending time in waiting rooms.
  4. olegausany
    I have Vanquish cable but for HD800/HE-560/LCD/zmf and very light even with sleve and wooden spliter
  5. reddog
    Sweet, the vanquish cable is sounding better and better.
  6. Phearzmeh
    Can anyone give me a comparison of the alpha dogs to the beyerdynamic T1p? I tried both of them at the LA meet this weekend and I liked both of them but I was unable to give either one of them enough time to really solidify how they are different. Besides pricing and open/closed of course.
  7. torta
    Hi, How is comfort/seal for those who wear glasses?
  8. Wildcatsare1

    I wear glasses and the Alpha Dogs, they are extremely comfortable and there is not a problem with seal. Enjoy the music!
  9. swspiers
    No problem with glasses for me, either.
  10. Byronb
    I find that they seal perfectly with my glasses. The comfort is also quite nice. 
    reddog likes this.
  11. reddog
    +1 Yes the few times I have worn glasses with the Alpha dogs, the cans would seal perfectly and sounded great.
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  12. aamefford
    I mostly agree with the above posts regarding glasses.  Still, at some point, I end up putting the ear pieces on top of the cushions, rather than have them smashed by the pads.  It just works out better and more comfortable for me.  That said, they are pretty comfortable even smashed against my head.  The alpha pad is like a giant pillow / seal.  Greatly comfortable headphones.
    Drazalas likes this.
  13. iceman16221
    +1  When I wear my glasses I put the ear pieces over the pads as well.
    Drazalas likes this.
  14. Drazalas

    Lifehack, you guys just made my life that much better ahah.
  15. reddog
    Well all I shall go put on my alpha dogs and go watch "Good Morning Vietnam" in remembrance of Robin Williams, who has died. Please take care.
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